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Chapter 369: The Big Boss is Here

Mingyu State.

Sunlight permeated the canopy of the primeval forest. There was the faint sound of blowing wind. It was so quiet and there was no sign of anyone around.

There were a few simple wooden huts spa.r.s.ely dotting the wilderness. The roofs and surroundings of the wooden huts were all covered with camouflage netting, almost becoming one with the forest. At first glance the base was easy to miss. Under the primeval forest was a huge underground organization.

Red Scorpion.

These mere words were enough to strike fear into countries.

At this moment in the open s.p.a.ce in front of the wooden hut.

Ten young men and women dressed in special camouflage attire in groups of two to three sat on the rocks. They surrounded a fire as they roasted lambs on wooden stands. The group watched as the oil fizzled and the smell of meat permeated the air.

One of them couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. The group was about to go for training.

In front of the fire stood a man of about thirty years old who was tough-looking with a deep scar on his eyebrows. He seemed like a disagreeable person and wore a camouflage baseball cap. He sprinkled the c.u.min onto the lamb.

The man was the person in charge of arranging the training. His name was Xing Zhi, the leader of the Enforcement Hall.

Xing Zhi sprinkled a handful of chili powder, roasted the whole lamb at 180 degrees, and sprinkled again. In a resonant voice, he said, “Silence is coming tomorrow so I’ll make you guys a good meal today.”

The ten people were quiet. They overcame many obstacles to come to join Red Scorpion. Why did it seem as though they had found their way to h.e.l.l instead? Could they start speaking words meant for the living?

A long-haired girl stared at the roasted whole lamb and licked her lips. “Brother Xing, can you tell us about Silence? He has a great reputation, but we’re afraid of making him angry during training.”

Everyone who had gone through training with Silence experienced some trauma.

The others nodded vigorously together.

“Yes, Brother Xing, tell us more.”

“I heard…” A man suddenly spoke and everyone looked over. He choked up and coughed before continuing, “It was just something I heard. He’s twisted!”

“Hehe, who doesn’t know that.”

“Do you think he could be a normal person if he is responsible for producing twisted trainees?”

“Brother Xing, tell us more?”

The group glanced at the roasted whole lamb and stared at Xing Zhi curiously.

Xing Zhi cut a slice of lamb with a dagger and tasted it. It was a bit hot and he mumbled, “He’s about the same age as you, in his twenties. I met him three times and he was still growing.”

Still growing…..

The corner of everyone’s mouth twitched. They were about the same age and he was so sick already?

“You can eat it now. It tastes pretty good.” Xing Zhi sucked his fingers. It was spicy.

The ten went over and drew daggers from their waists and eagerly cut themselves slices to eat.

A girl with a round face and short hair swallowed the meat. “What else, Brother Xing?”

Xing Zhi cut another slice of meat, glanced at them, and snorted, “The rest you have to experience it for yourself.”

At his mocking, the group felt a chill down their spines and numbness on their scalp. Would the Top be compa.s.sionate?

They gulped down their saliva and continued eating in unsettling silence, stuffing their mouths as if this meal would be their last. They unexpectedly finished eating the whole roasted lamb.


The helicopter landed in a clearing. The door opened, and a slim figure appeared. The trainees clasped their hands behind them as they stood in a row to the side of the clearing.

Silence stepped out from the cabin. The group watched with eyes wide open. The big boss was here.

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