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Chapter 453: The Little Bro Who Shocked Everyone

The annual Red Flame training a.s.sessment would begin soon. It was very prestigious. Starting at 5am, the superiors of Red Flame would head to the surveillance room one by one.

The purpose of having such an a.s.sessment was to ensure that there would be no errors in the outcome of Silence’s training. This time, it was because of the huge sum paid for the training. They wanted to know how the training worked on the new batch. The past three times, the people that Silence trained had shocked them.

How they be even more skilled this time?

He Yidu and Lu Yi returned from Ming City again. Lu Wu from Red Scorpion and Lu Ba from No. 14 Research Center came with them. The Hall Master of the Enforcement Hall, Xing Zhi was at the a.s.sessment ground and the deputy hall master went to the surveillance room. The team leader of the technical team of the intelligence organization Missing Gateway was there too.

In total, there were 10 people in charge from the four organizations and six teams. All of them were seated in the surveillance room as they waited for the a.s.sessment to begin. Lu Yi and the others stood near the surveillance room.

“I heard that this year’s training is even more psychotic than previous training sessions. How many people are left?” Lu Wu looked at Lu Jiu and asked.

In the beginning, he had trained more than 1,000 people at Red Scorpion for three full months. In the end, ten people were left and he sent them to Red Flame. In the end, Young Master Qin had phoned him to scold him for sending a bunch of noobs.

These ten people were not noobs, however. The only possibility was that the training this time was really, really intensive.

“Excluding Gu Si, there are six left,” Lu Jiu said. After some thought, he added, “Honestly, I almost thought that all of them would be eliminated.”

Lu Wu was silent.

How cruel and ruthless was this training for Lu Jiu to say that?

Lu Ba’s lips twitched. “What’s the deal with Silence? Is it because this year’s students look so ugly that she went crazy on them?”

“Shut up!” Lu Yi lowered his voice and looked around carefully. “You should check who Silence is! If you continue talking c.r.a.p like that you won’t even see your death coming.”

Everyone who knew Silence’s ident.i.ty acted more respectful at the mention of Silence. Those who had no idea looked at Lu Yi in confusion.

Lu Yi cleared his throat and said in a concise manner, “Silence is a lady.”

Everyone widened their eyes in shock.

What the h.e.l.l?! She’s not a man?!

Lu Yi continued. “Ms. Gu Mang is Silence.”

Everyone gasped. Some people’s faces twitched slightly. Everyone had heard of Gu Mang. Previously, she was someone that their master had made them look for all over the globe.

There was an eerie silence.

Everyone’s expressions changed rapidly from shock to panic, to fear, and finally to numbness.

After a while, Lu Wu said with a shaky voice, “I just want to know if our Master doing fine now.”

Everyone came back to their senses and looked at Lu Yi.

Lu Yi answered, “He went into the Enforcement Hall and left. Now he’s in the medical room and can’t even get off the bed.”

Everyone was speechless.

Lu Yi continued. “The BESE was attacked some time ago. Ms. Gu took the initiative to recover the funds, tracked down the location of the hackers, and successfully cracked their online conversation.”

Everyone remained silent. They had all heard about this but they thought that their master had done it.

They did not think that it was Ms. Gu who…

Lu Yi’s short sentences made everyone finish the rest of the story in their head.

What the f…

Lu Wu asked, “Where is Ms. Gu now? At the a.s.sessment grounds?”

Although they had all heard Ms. Gu’s full name, other than Lu Yi and Lu San who often followed their master and Lu Qi from Country K, the others had never seen Ms. Gu in person.

Lu Yi nodded and looked at the time. He pointed his chin at the surveillance room. “Let’s go in.”

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