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Chapter 721: Eerie! What Happened To Her?

Meng Jinyang faintly heard the sound of breaking jade. She grabbed the hands of the two roommates who were holding her and struggled to open her eyes.

Despite her efforts her roommates brought her out of the dormitory. It was night time. Many people had just returned to their dormitories and there were quite a number of students in the dorm hallway.

When they saw the blood flowing down from the corner of Meng Jinyang’s forehead, they were all shocked.

“What happened?” a cla.s.smate walked over and asked in concern.

For a moment, everyone in the hallway looked over.

The palm mark on Meng Jinyang’s face was very obvious. Clearly, she had been slapped by someone.

The two roommates opened their mouths but they did not know how to explain. One of them bit her lip and said, “Let us take Jinyang to the first-aid room first.”

Everyone made way for them immediately. “Sure, hurry.”

Everyone watched them as they left. Some turned around and walked towards Meng Jinyang’s dormitory. When they pa.s.sed Meng Jinyang’s dormitory, they saw the door wide open and glanced inside.

The inside was chaos and their eyes widened in shock. One of the students tugged at the person beside her and pointed into the dormitory.

The person looked at where she was pointing. “F*ck! They fought in the dormitory?”

Everyone in the law school knew how strong Sang Xue was. She had ranked second among the girls during military training.

On the first floor.

The dormitory affairs officer sat by her duty table.

“Jinyang, be careful with the steps. Can you see?” The roommates were still wearing their pajamas. They did not have tissue paper with them so blood was continuously dripping down Meng Jinyang’s face and onto the ground.

The Dormitory Affairs officer heard the noise and looked over. When she saw Meng Jinyang, she sprang up from her seat and rushed over.

“What happened?” The dormitory affairs officer looked at the blood oozing out from her wound. “How did she get so badly injured?”

The students who were just returning to their dormitories slowed down and looked at them.

Meng Jinyang’s roommates couldn’t be bothered to care about the onlookers. She looked at the dormitory affairs officer and asked hurriedly, “Ma’am, do you have tissues?”

The Dormitory Affairs officer went to her duty table immediately and took out a pack of tissues. She took a tissue out and pa.s.sed it to them. The roommate helped to wipe Meng Jinyang’s face and did not dare to press the tissue paper on her wound.

“Did she into something?” the Dormitory Affairs officer asked, frowning.

The roommate threw the blood-stained tissue papers into the wastebasket and did not answer her question. She said, “Ma’am, we are taking her to the nurse’s office. We might not return to the dormitory tonight.”

The Dormitory Affairs officer had watched Meng Jinyang’s interview on national TV before so she knew her story. She also knew that she was a top student at the law school.

Seeing the wound on her head, she did not dare to disrupt them any further. She said quickly, “Alright, alright. Call me immediately if you need anything.”

The two roommates nodded and helped Meng Jinyang out of the dormitory building.

The sun had gone down. There were warm, yellow lights on both sides of the road. Gu Mang stood under the tree in front of the dormitory building with one leg bent casually. She replied to messages on her mobile phone. She had almost replied to all of the unread messages and yet Meng Jinyang had yet to come down.

She raised her delicate eyebrows slightly and looked over at the brightly lit dormitory. No one was coming out.

Just when she was about to withdraw her gaze, there was sudden movement at the entrance of the building. Meng Jinyang was being carried out by two girls in pajamas. Gu Mang noticed that there was a wound on Meng Jinyang’s head. One of the girls helping carry her was pressing a tissue on the bottom of her wound. The white paper was soaked with blood.

Gu Mang’s aura intensified immediately. There was a cold and intimidating look in her eyes.

She put away her phone and strode over. “What happened to her?”

Her tone was cold like broken ice and heavy. It was eerie.

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