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Chapter 973: Small Villa. A Visit From Lan Sha.

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qin Fang was already curious about why Lu Chengzhou would return to Mingyu Island at such a time.

Now that he heard him say that, he was even more curious. “What is it?”

What else can you retrieve from the Intercontinental Bank other than money?

It’s not like they would ever deposit their things there.

Lu Chengzhou sent three messages to Gu Mang and he did not receive a single reply. He thought that she might be at the research lab so he put away his phone.

He leaned back slightly. “Gu Mang’s.”

Qin Fang and He Yidu exchanged glances. They understood very well. After all, no one else could make the big boss take a special trip down personally.

They just didn’t get it, why would Gu Mang’s things be kept at the Intercontinental Bank?

Half an hour later.

Lu Chengzhou and the group arrived at the Intercontinental Bank.

Lu Er was the overall-in-charge here. Just like Lu Qi, he was considered to be one who were at the frontier.

But Lu Qi was now following Gu Mang.

The treatment he received now was way better than his big brother’s, Lu Yī.

Lu Er spent years guarding the bank and he could not even get to see Lu Chengzhou.

It was such that when he suddenly received a notice that Lu Chengzhou was going to come over today, he doubted if he had done something wrong that alarmed their master.

The Intercontinental Bank had made a lot of money under him and it seemed like he had not done anything wrong.

He welcomed Lu Chengzhou nervously.

The black SUV slowly stopped in front of the bank, and several men got out of the car.

Lu Er walked quickly towards the group of people over there, and greeted them respectfully. “Young Master Lu, Young Master He, Young Master Qin.”

Lu Chengzhou put his hand in his pocket and went up the steps. The corners of his black coat fluttered in the wind and snow, “Go to the safe.”

Lu Er was stunned for a second when he heard him. Then he responded and immediately bowed, “Got it.”

The Intercontinental Bank vault was of the same level as the internal one at Red Flame. The level of security was extremely high.

The group of people pa.s.sed various levels of security measures and various authentications.

When they arrived at the underground vault, twenty minutes had pa.s.sed.

The entire vault was made of special materials. It had a three-meter-thick wall, so its defensive ability was great.

The last security door opened and everyone saw the three walls full of small lattice safes.

Lu Chengzhou walked straight in one direction.

The pa.s.sword left by Gu Mang’s parents could be translated into a string of letters and numbers.


L was the bank code of Intercontinental Bank, and “201” was the safe number chosen by the account holder.

The “2000G” at the back had too few characters, so it could not be the pa.s.sword.

Lu Chengzhou stood in front of Safe No. 201. There was an electronic touch keyboard for pa.s.sword input on the door of the safe.

He thought for a while, then he keyed in nine alphanumeric characters.


The safe door popped open, and there was only a black metal box about the size of two hands inside it.

Qin Fang and the others were surprised as they watched Lu Chengzhou take out the box carefully.

This was the first time they had ever seen this man treating something with so much care.

There was a pa.s.scode lock on the box.

Lu Chengzhou did not look at it. He put the box into a silver briefcase and locked it. Then, he carried it and turned to leave.

Qin Fang glanced at the box. “Brother Cheng, what’s this?”

“I don’t know.” Lu Chengzhou sent Gu Mang a text to inform her that he had retrieved the item. Then, he answered casually, “Gu Mang’s parents left it for her.”

Qin Fang and He Yidu exchanged glances.

Gu Mang’s parents had pa.s.sed away a while ago.

Yet, they only came to retrieve this item now. What’s more, their Brother Cheng was the one who came personally to do it. They probably only found out about it recently.

The annual fee of the Intercontinental Bank Vault was sky-high, and the things that could be kept here were surely not ordinary.

Why did Gu Mang’s parents have to use such a method to leave something for her?

Qin Fang said, “Brother Cheng, so are you returning to Jijing Island right away?”

Lu Chengzhou nodded. “On the day of Lan Sha’s auction…” he paused, “bring enough men. Just in case.”

Qin Fang and He Yidu understood. They responded, “Got it.”

At worst, they would just have to fight.

At the same time.

On Gu Mang’s side.

In the dark, an ordinary black sedan slowly stopped at the entrance of the small villa.

The deputy in black uniform got down from the pa.s.senger seat and he opened the back door. Then, he bowed respectfully, “Mr. Lan, we’re here.”

A middle-aged man dressed in a tunic suit stepped out of the car. He had a buzz cut and he looked half-white.

He was big and tall, and he had his hands on his back as he looked at the villa in front of him which did not seem to have a small floor area.

They had the most advanced security identification system at the entrance gate, and the structure of the building was built like a safe house in times of war.

Lan Sha stood there for a few seconds, then he raised his foot and walked towards the door.

Once he got near, the subordinate who was patrolling the villa immediately strode over and stared at Lan Sha expressionlessly. With a cold voice, he asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Lan Sha’s deputy answered politely. “My master is looking for Ms.. Gu Mang.”

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