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Chapter 2044: Do You Want to Tame Them?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The G.o.dsend Academy students couldn’t be blamed for panicking.

This clearly wasn’t what Mentor He had said before they entered the testing environment?

How come the birds above were going to rush down now?

Everybody had no time to care about what the people from G.o.dsend Academy were thinking. They erected a thick defensive barrier above them with a wave of their hands.

By this time, several dozen birds had already dove down from the air.


Qiao Mu waved her fair hand, tossing a circle of ebony defensive talismans up into the air.

After a long series of thunderous explosions, with one bird detonating after another, the several hundred defensive talismans blocking before everybody all got blown to bits.

There was no one who witnessed this sight who was not fearful.

Yet the flock of birds were already diving down from the sky. Everybody had no time to think about anything else and were completely focused on how to stop the birds’ attack.

Qi Xuanxuan couldn’t help but smile bitterly: “I never thought that there would be a day that we would get attacked by these gaily-colored little fellows!”

And that they would end up in such a miserable and disheveled state.

“What the h.e.l.l are these things?”

“Masta, I have a way to subdue them!” Just as Qiao Mu was focused on fending off the birds, she suddenly heard Xiaoxiao’s joyful choice transmit to her through her conscious pool. “Masta, do you want to tame several explosion birds?”

On the other end, Duanmu Qing was calmly filling everybody in. “I once read that some unconventional clans are skilled at breeding poisonous bugs, creatures, as well as other low-leveled spiritual beasts that live in groups. Although these spiritual beasts do not have high levels, they have the advantage of moving in numbers, which is often disastrous for humans.”

“If there is no surprise, only Nether Province’s myriad poisons patrician family, the Li Clan, breeds such birds.” Duanmu Family declared solemnly, “Everyone, be careful! Although these little birds seem extremely harmless, they cause the human body great harm upon exploding. Additionally, they are in themselves highly corrosive.”

“Oh!” The little fatty suddenly exclaimed in realization. “That means that the reason the Celestial Light Academy student from earlier had his hand bones exposed was not entirely due to the explosion, but that his skin got corroded by the explosion bird?”

Duanmu Qing nodded, and then he turned to Qiao Mu. “Qiaoqiao, how much longer can your defensive talismans last us?”

Qiao Mu creased her brows and communicated with Xiaoxiao some more. “I can store them all away.”

“Ah? Then would they explode inside the storage talisman! And then charge out again?” Ma Ta asked worriedly. “That wouldn’t be too good!”

“In the worst case, we’ll continue holding out! Everybody keep your guards up.” Sunlight Academy’s Xu Liang a.s.serted gravely.

“Since she says she has a way to store them away, why aren’t you letting her do so?” Moonlight Academy’s Peng Guang screeched.

“Peng Guang!” Moonlight Academy’s captain glared at him. “You talk too much! Just do what you’re supposed to.”

Qiao Mu gave Duanmu Qing and them a rea.s.suring look. “It’s fine. I have a solution.”

Qi Xuanxuan quickly tugged on her sleeve and whispered, “You can’t take them in. These things are too formidable. What if they destroy… then the loss would outweigh the gain.”

“Don’t worry.” Qiao Mu patted her hand. “I know my limits.”

Qi Xuanxuan, the little fatty, and them all knew that Qiaoqiao wanted to take these explosion birds into Paradise Planet. That was why they were all extremely worried.

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