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Chapter 2064: The Little Stoic’s Brainless Fan

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Qiao Mu silently grabbed Feng Chen’s sleeve and wiped her paws.

Yet Feng Chen pulled it back in both amus.e.m.e.nt and exasperation: Thanks, but this isn’t a napkin!

“Savior, I will not be at peace in this lifetime if I cannot return your favor!” Fairy Huanghe bit her handkerchief, and her tears were about to fall!

“Huanghe!!!” Fairy Lingfei was probably exploding from anger by this brainless fan of the little stoic’s. She walked up and kicked Fairy Huanghe’s b.u.t.t…




“Oh my goodness, soup, soup, soup. It all spilled, spill…”

“We’re leaving!!” This dunce was simplify disgracing Pa.s.sionless Palace and the Shuntian Prefecture!

Fairy Lingfei grabbed Huanghe’s arm and walked out with large strides.

“Don’t think that you can approach our Pa.s.sionless Palace because of Huanghe’s connection! Are you fantasizing about reaching the heavens with a meteoric rise? You can forget about it!” Fairy Lingfei turned around and shouted at Qiao Mu just as she walked out the door.

The little stoic looked at her blankly. How come she felt like this senior sister of Huanghe’s was a patient with dementia…?

“How about I help you examine your pulse…” The little stoic stretched out a pet.i.te hand, but Lingfei rolled her eyes at her before she could finish speaking.

“Treating dementia in the early stages only requires half a month’s remedy for full recovery. You will only need to pay attention to controlling your emotions, diet, and copulation… mhfm? hmfph??” The little fellow looked confusedly at Crown Prince Mo, who had suddenly covered her mouth.

She turned around and saw everyone in the lobby with extremely weird expressions. The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal had even faceplamed in exasperation.

What did she say?

How come that Fairy Lingfei looked so flushed, with flaring nostrils? She looked even more ballistic than earlier…

She had only explained medical knowledge to her, advising Lingfei to get treated the earlier the better. It was unsuitable to drag it out!

Could there be some problem? Shouldn’t people get treated as soon as possible if they were ill? What if the illness spread and it became too late?

“Pfft! Hahahaha!” The Gingko Immortal couldn’t hold it in, and she started pounding the table with her fist, doubling up in laughter. She really couldn’t resist!

She felt like this Fairy Lingfei and the little stoic were simply not conversing at the same wavelength!

She was dying from laughter! Could she not be so funny! The Gingko Immortal dabbed at her tears that had welled up from laughter. She felt like she had laughed so hard she had ab muscles now…

“What is there to laugh at. You think that there’s nothing wrong with you?” The stoic face pointed at a middle-aged man sitting at a nearby table who was laughing heartily. “I see that you have sunken eye sockets and a dull complexion, which are signs of low vitality, thus causing your complexion to suffer. Overindulgence every day renders damage in the kidney and to sperm. If this continues, your yang blood will be deficient in less than half a year, leading to kidney failure and death…”

Mo Lian, Feng Chen, the Little Despot, and company all twitched their mouths.

The Gingko Immortal’s table-pounding and uproarious laughter was particularly loud inside the lobby.

The teahouse, which had entered a moment of silence, was also filled with explosive laughter.

That middle-aged man pulled a long face. He stood up in a fl.u.s.ter and pointed at Qiao Mu. “You, you!! You young lady! Speaking these words, you!! Do you still know shame?”

“There is no distinction between male and female in the eyes of a physician. How do I not know shame?” Qiao Mu swept an irritated look at the people in the lobby who were splitting their sides in laughter.

Were these people loony?

Did she say a joke?

Why was the whole crowd laughing at her when she was diagnosing another person’s illness?

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