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Chapter 2189: Marriage Ceremony

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

That bald female monster had found a red bridal kerchief to cover her head, and then she reached out to grab Mo Lian’s hand.

Mo Lian dodged her, yet he was restricted within the s.p.a.ce between four small vortexes.

No matter where he dodged, there was the possibility of getting sucked in.

Qiao Mu: !

On the other hand, Feng Chen couldn’t resist cracking up. “Oh my heavens, this zombie has dressed like this to hold a marriage ceremony with Mo Lian?”


Qiao Mu quickly strode toward her Hubby. She wanted to evade those s.p.a.ce vortexes to get to her hubby, but it was not possible.

Upon getting close to those s.p.a.ce vortexes, a boundless sucking force would try to pull her inside.

Qiao Mu was incensed. She gazed icily at the bald female zombie that was wearing the red bridal kerchief over her head and doing her all to get close to Mo Lian.

She was simply courting death!

Qiao Mu gazed icily at the female zombie’s back and rapidly shot out water spiritual energy.

Once in the air, the water spirit instantly trans.m.u.ted into tens of millions of ice shards, which then shot toward the bald female zombie’s head.

This sudden attack forced the female zombie to give up on holding Mo Lian’s hand. She could only first turn around to fight Qiao Mu.

Qiao Mu naturally was not going to hold back against this monster. After this first round of ice shards, there was a second round…

Qiao Mu had basically achieved the acme of perfection in utilizing the water spirit and the wood spirit, so instant and consecutive strikes were a piece of cake for her.

“Roaaar!!” After getting beset by three rounds of ice shards, this superior-level zombie fell backwards from the disorientation.

Qiao Mu waved her pet.i.te hand, and a row of earthen spikes popped up beneath the superior-level zombie’s feet. They abruptly trans.m.u.ted into several hundred binding vines that firmly locked the zombie’s legs in place.

“Ah! Ah.” This zombie could actually let out screams that resembled a human’s.

Qiao Mu couldn’t help but examine her again.

Compared to any of the zombies she had encountered in the past, this one evidently had complete consciousness.

Her eyes were even filled with hatred when she was looking at her.

However, a zombie was still a zombie.

The existence of something that died and then resurrected was very, very lowly.

“Roar!” The superior-level zombie tore off the red bridal kerchief from her head and glared resentfully at Qiao Mu.

It seemed that she was resenting Qiao Mu for chasing over at this moment.

This woman had ruined her marriage ceremony.

This vile woman. It was her who put her in this inhuman state!

It was her!

It was her who ordered people to push her down the city gate tower to feed those zombies. She suffered unimaginable pain and torment before death.

Yet this vile woman had actually obtained Crown Prince Mo’s deep affection. He held her in the palm of his hand.

On what basis?

How did she not compare to this arrogant, insolent, and unruly woman?

She, Wei Mingli, could not accept it!

With a single thought of Qiao Mu’s mind, the Startled Swan Dagger abruptly appeared and pierced through the superior-level zombie’s left shoulder blade.

As a zombie, she naturally did not feel pain, but the Startled Swan Dagger was not an ordinary item.

Therefore, after getting pierced by the Startled Swan Dagger, the bald woman suddenly found her left arm stiff and unable to move.

It had to be known that ever since she advanced to become a superior-level zombie, her body had turned as nimble as a human’s.

Yet now…

The bald woman became furious.

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