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Chapter 1433: Take Care of Yourself

“Zhihan, I’ll be waiting for you in the room. You have to come over quickly,” Ann rushed over and hugged Yin Zhihan’s muscular arm. She nuzzled against him, sporting a coy look. “I’ve been waiting outside for a really long time. My legs are sore.”

Lu Ning fidgeted awkwardly. Watching the sappy display of affection made her skin crawl.

Did all women lie so convincingly like Ann?

She couldn’t do it.

Even as a child, Lu Ning had always been headstrong and free-spirited – she bowed to no one. She could not bring herself to act in a manner like Ann.

While Ling’er shared certain similarities with Ann, she was not so wanton as to lavish her affections on just anyone. She only behaved coquettishly with Pingan. For them, it was a sort of interplay they both enjoyed. Every time Ling’er pouted or stamped her feet, Pingan would turn into a wobbling mess of jelly. It was something special they shared and bonded over. It was not the same with Ann.

Lu Ning’s complexion settled on a hazy pink. She felt like she had bitten into a lemon.

Was she… jealous?

When she thought of this possibility, Lu Ning’s expression turned ugly.

“Be good. I’ll be back soon. I’ll make it up to you tonight.” Yin Zhihan chuckled as he pinched Ann’s soft cheeks.

Lu Ning watched the scene unfold with conflicting emotions. Perhaps because she was there, Yin Zhihan’s actions were not as flirtatious as they could have been. For a second, Lu Ning thought Ann would take him there and then from the way she was attached to Zhihan’s arm. How could she not when everything about him screamed elegant perfection? It was almost as if Ann was a wild cat in heat.

Later that night…

What was he going to do with Ann?

Lu Ning’s imagination ran wild. There were only so many things they could be doing together in a room. She would be a fool not to read between the lines. There was no way they would spend the whole night drinking tea and chatting!

A luxurious sedan stopped in front of the hotel. Waving goodbye, Ann sashayed back to the comfort of her hotel room. Meanwhile, Yin Zhihan drove Lu Ning back to her apartment.

In the stillness of the car, only the sounds of Zhihan and Lu Ning’s breathing punctuated the silence.

“Are you really dating Zhu Yuchen?” Yin Zhihan suddenly asked.

Lu Ning looked at him but chose not to answer his question directly. “Is something the matter?”

“Zhu Yuchen’s personal life is clean. Among the rich second generation, he is young and shows a decent level of self-restraint. He is not a bad choice as your life’s partner. Yet, it does not look like he cares much for you. He threw you into the fire despite knowing you were the one in charge when this leak occurred. It’s evident he cares more about his career than he does you. I heard over the grapevine how he has broken into the European market recently. It seems his bid for success has borne fruit.”

“Lu Ning,” Yin Zhihan eyed her through the rearview mirror, “Have you thought this through? Zhu Yuchen isn’t a simple person. He might not be pursuing you for covert reasons. It’s very likely he already knows you are the heiress to the Lu family. You need not doubt my intentions. I’m merely cautioning you as a friend.”

Of course, Zhihan was worried for her. They were friends, after all. He was simply behaving in a manner any good friend would. He was offering her his objective a.n.a.lysis of the person she was going to date. What more could she ask for in a friend? Logic dictated that she ought to be glad for having such a thoughtful friend, but the heart is a curious creature unbound by reason, and here, it rebelled.

Rage thrummed in her chest. Zhihan had fallen out with her faster than flipping through a book. A month ago, he had said that he wanted to pursue her, but now no sign of his earlier pa.s.sion was apparent in his demeanour towards her. Zhihan changed too quickly. He was inconstant.

“I know!” After saying that, Lu Ning looked out of the window. It was clear she didn’t want to talk to him.

Yin Zhihan didn’t say anything else. Soon, the car stopped in front of the apartment.

“Please excuse me, President Yin. Thank you for driving me home.” Lu Ning opened the back door.

“Lu Ning.” Yin Zhihan turned around and looked at her. “Take care of yourself. I’ll probably be away for the next six months.”

Lu Ning’s little hand froze on the door handle as she stared blankly at Yin Zhihan.

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