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Chapter 906: Would I Be Rough If You Didn’t Protest?

The police officers:…

The police officer quickly took the call and laughed awkwardly. “Haha. h.e.l.lo, Commissioner…”

The police commissioner’s loud chiding on the other end came quickly. “Where did all of you go? Who lent you the guts to go and stop him? Do you know who you were all trying to stop? Oh my gosh. That was the son of our Mayor. He is the youngest and most capable Major General in the army, and no one can compare to him. You all actually went over to stop him? Are you guys all searching for death or what? You all are really unafraid of finding trouble!”

The police officers were in a blur as they listened to him. The officer answering the call was in shock as he looked at the shut door in front of him. What? Just now…the man in the black robe was…was…the legendary…Major General Zhou?!

d.a.m.n it, who’s playing a joke on me?

This joke is way too overboard!

Inside the room

Zhou Yao was still standing by the door. He turned his head back to glance at the woman behind him before he curled the corners of his lips up. He had a forced smile on his face as he asked, “I brought you here against your will?”

Leng Zhiyuan knew that she was at a disadvantage. At first, she was just angry and wanted to play a prank on him, but as she looked into his dangerous squinted eyes right now, she was frightened. She stood up straight and said, “No! How could you have? Haha.”

“I forced you to come into this room with me?” he asked her again.

Leng Zhiyuan opened her small hands up as she tried to defend herself. She was ready to admit to her mistakes and said, “I was willing! I…couldn’t wait to do so!”

Zhou Yao had just taken a cold shower, and he was just wearing a black robe. The belt of the robe was loosely done, and it exposed a huge piece of his bronze chest. His short dark hair was all wet. It was limp on his forehead. After he showered, he never used a dry towel to wipe, and his hair was still dripping with water. His entire body exhibited a wild and attractive aura to it.

He had a glance at the woman, looked towards the bathroom, and said, “What are you still waiting for then?”

“Oh, I will go and shower right now.” Leng Zhiyuan obediently headed over to the washroom.

“Come back!’ At this moment, he shouted, “Did you forget something?”

Forget what?

What could she have forgotten? He was definitely referring to that red nightgown.

She turned her gaze over to the side to look at him and was unwilling as she said, “I will not wear it.”

She would admit to her mistake if she did something wrong, but she did not want to wear this nightgown. She was a person with her own principles and limits. Ever since those police officers disappeared, he had become arrogant, and she did not want to listen to what he said.

As he looked at the woman protesting, Zhou Yao’s tall figure did not move. He raised his eyebrows and lowered his volume as he asked, “If you are not going to wear your pyjamas, then what are you going to wear?”

“I…” This was really a problem. She did not have any other pajamas to wear here.

“I will wear the bath robe!” She remembered it. The hotel had men’s bath robes. They must also have prepared women’s bath robes. She had to praise herself for being so intelligent.

“I threw the female robe away,” Zhou Yao said slowly as he looked at her delighted expression.

Leng Zhiyuan: s.h.i.+t!


“I will give you two choices now; you can wear the nightgown, or you can just walk out naked. Go and shower quickly. Don’t test my patience any longer!”

“Zhou Yao!” She stomped her feet on the spot.

“You are not going? Okay, then let’s start right now. You can bathe after we are done!” As he spoke, Zhou Yao parted his long legs and immediately went over. As he walked, he quickly tugged the belt of the robe.

“Ah!” Leng Zhiyuan was frightneed and screamed out loud. She took the nightgown from the bed and hurriedly ran into the bathroom.

The door shut with a bang, then it was locked from the inside. Leng Zhiyuan cursed him a thousand times in her head. b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He just came out of the shower and used all the tricks that he could to make her happy, then made her wear the nightgown. Everything was good now. His patience was all gone, and he was threatening her directly.

Was she so weak that she would just listen to him?

Where were her principles, her bottom line?

That tiger. She did not want to tease him anymore in the future!

After her shower, Leng Zhiyuan dragged out donning the red nightgown. She stood in front of the sink to look at her reflection in the mirror.

Her long black hair was damp as it sat on her shoulders. The woman in the mirror had fair skin. Her cheeks were flushed. The hot vapour steamed her cheeks pink, and she was just roses in full bloom in March. She was tender and transparent, and as she went downwards, her small red lips were even more attractive and supple.

She never paid much attention to her own beauty before, and now when she had a careful look, she was very beautiful and exquisite.

She wore the fiery red nightgown. The material was scant and thin, and it showed off her figure, the curves, her beautiful collarbones, and her snow-white skin. The strong contrast was provocative.

Leng Zhiyuan’s face was a little red. She’d never worn such clothing before. She felt shy, especially when the man was outside. She’d never worn such a nightgown to please a man before.

She was unwilling to go out.

Knock, knock. The sound of someone knocking could be heard. The man’s deep voice rang out from outside as he hurried her. “Are you done bathing?”

Leng Zhiyuan was fl.u.s.tered, and she said, “Not yet..”

Boom! The door was pushed open. Zhou Yao stood tall next to the door.

She was frightened and used both hands to cover her chest up as she said, “I locked the door from the inside, Zhou Yao!”

This door was not a problem at all for Zhou Yao. He could open a complex safe deposit box. His dark gaze was fixed on the woman’s body, and his gaze instantly became hot and fiery.

“You are not allowed to look!” Leng Zhiyuan was displeased as she shouted at him, and she ducked towards the frosted gla.s.s door.

Zhou Yao’s gaze was dark and boiling as he stared at the woman. He walked over with his long legs, and he closed the door with his leg.

Leng Zhiyuan was shocked. He wanted…to do it here again?

He was strong, and he lasted a long time. In the past they’d done it once or twice in the bathroom. Although it was very thrilling, it was very tiring. Her entire body was squeezed dry by him, and it would feel as if it was broken all over.

Zhou Yao came close to her step by step. The man was tall and immediately enveloped her into darkness. She was forced to retreat until her beautiful back was against the gla.s.s door.

“Don’t come over,” she softly protested.

“You really don’t want me to come over? Wifey, it is our wedding night.” The man’s voice was already all hoa.r.s.e. His large, rough palm caressed her face.

Leng Zhiyuan thought about the time they’d entered the fake marriage. Actually, they did not truly have a newly wedded night.

Tonight was the real one.

She did not say anything.

“Let go of your hand. Let me have a look!” he demanded.

Leng Zhiyuan heard what he said and covered herself up even tighter.

A large, defined palm came over and tugged her small hand directly. He lowered his voice and sounded all s.e.xy as he said, “Let me have a look, Wifey.”

“Don’t!” She wanted to stretch her hand out to push him.

She tried to push him, but Zhou Yao timed her response accurately. He was quick like a bolt of lightning as he held her small hands behind her back. He was vague as he pressed his heavy body against her, and both of them crashed against the gla.s.s door.

“Zhou Yao, why are you always so rough?” She was furious and anxious and raised her gaze to stare at him.

The man’s handsome and perfect face was enlarged in her eyes. Together with that strong and pure mascucline energy on his body, he stared at her and said, “Nonsense! Would I be rough if you didn’t protest?”

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