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Chapter 777: Hearted Merciless Scoundrel (1)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Xu Weilai had always trusted her sixth sense. Even though Gu Yu did not show up himself, she always knew it was him that came to save her or helped her out in the past. Even though she did not see him, she could still vaguely felt Gu Yu’s air of familiarity.

But at this very moment, his air of familiarity was non-existent. Perhaps he was too ill and too thin that she barely recognised him except for his facial features, or maybe it was her feeling towards him that had changed. She was looking at the same man, the same face, but her heart did not throb for him.

She even purposely held his hand, which had also gotten thinner. Not only his face had sunken, his body was a bag of bones. Even though she could feel his fingers were thinner that they used to be, she still could not find the familiarity in him.

Xu Weilai lips quivered a little as she unconsciously let go of his hand.

She actually had a lot to say and a lot of questions she wanted to ask him when she was on her way here. But at this very moment, she could only whisper, “How… is your injury?”

Even though he held her hand and stabbed himself with the dagger, even though he knew the depth to stop the dagger to avoid fatal injury, it was still an injury to his flesh, and to his heart. The injury, even though it wasn’t fatal, it was definitely not light.

“Much better.” Gu Yu replied weakly.

Xu Weilai bit her lower lip lightly and said, “Can… Can I look at your wound?”

Gu Yu started coughing heavily just as she finished her words.

“Are you okay?” Xu Weilai’s eyes blinked.

Gu Yu shook his head as continued coughing for a while. “Xu Weilai, help me call the nurse. It’s time for me to take my medicine.”

Xu Weilai’s hand clenched slightly, but loosened immediately. She nodded and said, “Sure, I’ll call for the nurse.”

She walked towards the door. The nurse was waiting at the door when she opened it. The nurse rushed in immediately after she briefed the nurse on what happened in the room. Then she prepared and fed him the medicine she got for him.

Xu Weilai stood nearby and waited if the nurse needed any help. But the nurse seemed to have taken care of Gu Yu for a while, Xu Weilai could tell from her familiar movement around him. Her help was not needed in caring for him.

Gu Yu did not take even one glance towards her when he was taking his medicines, as if she wasn’t even there.

He looked worse after taking his medicines. He lay back on the bed and closed his eyes, as if he was prepared to rest.

The nurse walked towards Xu Weilai and whispered, “Miss Xu, Mr. Gu’s body is in terrible shape right now. He won’t be able to stay awake for long. I don’t think he can continue talking to you today.”

Xu Weilai knew the nurse was chasing her off, even though she said it politely.

“Okay, I got it.” Xu Weilai nodded and pursed her lips, but her face was blank.

She took a last glance at Gu Yu, who was already asleep on the bed. She turned around and strode off the room.

Xu Weilai walked towards the study after seeking the direction from the maid.

Zuo Si was sitting on the sofa taking a call when she arrived at the entrance to the study. Xu Weilai knocked on the door before she entered. Zuo Si raised her eyes and took a glance at her before she tilted her chin, a gesture for her to enter.

Xu Weilai walked in and sat on the sofa opposite her. She said nothing and waited patiently for her to end the call.

Zuo Si ended the call and threw her phone on the coffee table after a minute or two. She crossed her long legs and lazily leaned back into the sofa as she smirked and asked, “How is it? Have you finished confessing your feelings to Gu Yu?”

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My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 777 - Hearted Merciless Scoundrel (1) summary

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