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Chapter 820: Back at the Apartment (2)

The faint voice from the other end was filled with oppression. a.s.sistant Lin shuddered. He was completely shaken awake from his sleepiness.

In a quick precision, he mentioned the full address requested by Gu Yu. As for the key, Gu Yu always had it with him, he had no idea where did Gu Yu left the key as well.

And he had no duplicate key to the apartment. He frowned and gave it a serious thought. He recalled something out of a sudden, “The key to the apartment. You might have it in your office.”

Gu Yu turned the steering wheel and asked casually, “Where did I put the keys in the office?”

“You didn’t put it there. Miss Xu returned you the things you gave her when you got divorced. The key was among the things she returned. I recalled you put them all in a bag and kept them in the bottom of the left drawer by the side of your desk.”

a.s.sistant Lin’s voice pause, the sound of rustling clothes came from the other end. “CEO Gu, I’ll go to the office right now to get the apartment keys for you.”

“No need, I’ll go get them. You can continue sleeping.”

Gu Yu hung up right after. He took off the bluetooth headset from his head and drove toward Gu Corporation building.

It was late into the night, and the traffic was smooth. Gu Yu soon arrived at the Gu Corporation building car park. He walked into the building and headed towards his office in an elevator.

He opened the drawer that a.s.sistant Lin mentioned earlier. Indeed, there was a paper bag in the bottom drawer. He took it out.

There were several jewelry boxes in the paper bag. Gu Yu took them out one by one and opened them. There was a diamond ring in each jewelry box, and each of them looked fancy.

He was very familiar with one of them because it was his mother’s ring and was also an inheritance from his mother. It was a ring that he was supposed to give to his future wife.

Although he had never seen the other two, he did not feel unfamiliar towards them when he looked at them.

There was a black card in the bag as well, a card he was extremely familiar with, because it was the card he had been using since he was eighteen.

According to a.s.sistant Lin, he had gifted these three rings to Xu Weilai. He even gave her his card. He must be really in love with Xu Weilai then? Else, he wouldn’t haven given her three rings.

Gu Yu still couldn’t remember anything. He put the jewelry box back into the bag and took out the keys to the apartment. Then, he left the office and drove to the apartment.

Even though he had no memory, Gu Yu easily made his way to the door of the apartment like a habit and opened the door with the keys.

The apartment had likely been empty for a long time, as it was covered in dust. Although Gu Yu was a bit of a neat freak, but he did not feel uncomfortable being in the dusty apartment and walked into the apartment with no hesitation.

It was deja vu.

Although his mind was blank, he did not feel strange being in the apartment that he had no memory of. There was even a faint sense of comfort and belonging.

However, he saw nothing in the apartment that had any relation to Xu Weilai, as if the trace of a woman once lived here had been completely wiped out.

He was told that he lived here with Xu Weilai after they got married. Did Xu Weilai moved out and left nothing behind after the divorce?

In the study, he found wine bottles being placed on the floor instead of in the wine cooler. The wine bottles were arranged neatly on the floor, as if they were placed there on purpose.

The empty wine bottles were not thrown away after they were finished, but were placed neatly on the floor instead, as if they had been placed there in memory of someone, as if they were missing someone.

Gu Yu’s body shook violently, as if current ran through his body, when this thought struck his mind.

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My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 820 - Back at the Apartment (2) summary

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