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Chapter 687: Purity and Promiscuity

Mo Shengyun was so frightened that she stopped crying and looked at him with widened eyes.

Noticing this, Gu Mingye calmed down and said, “Stop crying. Let’s go to the hospital.”

“Okay.” Mo Shengyun lowered her head in silence, in a rare display of good behaviour.

Gu Mingye then started the car and headed in the direction of the hospital.

On the other end.

In the old house, the old man had his back to the door. He looked at the calligraphy painting hanging in the middle of the hall and remained silent for a long time.

Mo Shengxing had no idea what the Old Master was thinking and did not dare to speak casually. He just waited quietly.

After a long time, Old Master Mo turned around. He sighed helplessly and remarked, “Forget it. The children will find their own blessings in life. Just let it be.”

Mo Shengxing was surprised and immediately straightened up. “Grandpa, are you… agreeing to their relations.h.i.+p?”

“If I don’t, the next thing, she might be blaming me for a miscarriage!” Old Master Mo humphed and his expression darkened. “I just didn’t expect Ah Ye to be in cahoots with her. I’d like to see what tricks they have up their sleeves next!”

Mo Shengxing looked at him in disbelief. “You too think that they’re lying to you?”

As soon as he said this, he caught Old Master Mo’s glare.

Very quickly, he realized that he had said something wrong and looked away guiltily.

“You knew that they were lying to me, and you went along with them?” Old Master Mo wished he had a walking stick in his hand to give the man a good beating. “You rascal!”

Feeling guilty, Mo Shengxing coughed lightly and said, “No, no, no, I’m just guessing. After all, Ah Ye knows his limits. I just think that he won’t mess around with Shengyun.”

“Hmph.” Old Master Mo turned around and walked up the stairs. As he walked, he said quietly, “I was responsible for Ah Ye’s education. Of course I know better than you what he’s like.”

Mo Shengxing quietly heaved a sigh of relief. He turned around and shut the door before he went upstairs, after the old man.

Old Master Li had already returned to his room. Clearly, he was tired.

He did not speak another word and returned to his room. He was eager to tell Shengyun and Mingye the good news.

However, just as he unlocked his phone, he heard Old Master Mo’s voice. “You too have to know your limits. As an elder brother, you can’t let your sister just do whatever she wants.”

Old Master Mo walked in as he spoke, so that his voice gradually became clearer. “You have to discipline her, not indulge her. Fortunately, it’s Ah Ye. Otherwise, how could other men tolerate someone like her?”

Mo Shengxing nodded in agreement.

Old Master Mo glanced at the phone in Mo Shengxing’s hand. Mo Shengxing was so frightened that he immediately put the phone away and said, “I’m not talking to her anymore.”

Old Master Mo looked at him deeply and said nothing. Then, he turned and left.

After sending Old Master Mo back to Tongzhou, Li Beinian finally took out the schedule that she had postponed for a few days.

Half a month had pa.s.sed without her realizing it.

During this time, Li Xueqing had been sentenced to ten years in jail for attempted murder, abduction, defamation and other acts. She also had to compensate the victim 200,000 yuan.

The defendant had now appealed to the Supreme People’s Court.

As soon as the verdict was out, it undoubtedly caused a sensation over the internet.

The netizens had different opinions and Li Beinian’s fans felt triumphant.

“How satisfying! This is called retribution! I didn’t expect someone so pretty to be doing such dirty things behind people’s backs!”

“The thread master is blind? You call that pretty?”

“Thread master is blind+1. I don’t get how she is good-looking, but looks come from the heart. This saying is true!”

“The thread master is blind +10086, our Nian Nian is the one who looks better the more you look at her. She’s beautiful from all angles [Kiss] [Flower]”

“Thread master is blind +ID number! The northern pirates say that none can compare to our Nian Nian’s looks. [Smile] Those who are not blind will know who’s prettier!”

Of course, among these were the many trollers and editorial writers that Fang Zhili had hired to take revenge on Li Beinian. There were all sorts of negative comments about her in the past, so naturally, they were brought up again.

Criticisms about her being a kept woman, being dirty, having a lowly background, and being a prost.i.tute.

However, news like this soon couldn’t get through on Weibo.

Fang Zhili was furious and had no choice but to manipulate things behind the scenes.

She started to invite people to post everywhere, creating a flurry of scandals.

Initially, everyone was just observing. But now, almost everyone was criticizing Li Beinian for all sorts of shortcomings and acting like a big shot on the set.

While everyone was criticizing her, superstar Qin Liangzhi suddenly spoke up and praised Li Beinian for being kind, humble, and good at acting; that it was usual for her to pa.s.s on the first take, but she was never arrogant about it.

Once such a comment had been made, Qin Liangzhi’s brainless fans naturally supported her and expressed that whatever he said was true. Whatever their husband said must be gospel truth.

However, Qin Liangzhi was a popular young actor and the male lead of “Legend Of The Dragon Pearl”. Of course there were people claiming that he only came out to speak because of the drama and the hype.

After all, two important characters in a single television drama were now plagued by negative news. This undoubtedly had a huge impact on Legend Of The Dragon Pearl.

Hence, apart from his girl fans and the audience who had seen Legend Of The Dragon Pearl, not many people believed his words.

At this point, someone in the television and film industry made a statement.

The television and film industry was different from the entertainment industry. Qin Liangzhi was from the entertainment industry, but he had been packaged as an idol all these years. Apart from attracting fans with his handsome appearance, his acting skills were only average.

This time round, the person who spoke up was a big shot. She posted a message:

[Liu Wei]: She didn’t respond because she knows she has done nothing wrong; it’s not a silent admission as some people claim.

After spending more than a month with Beinian, I’ve come to know many of her secrets. [Smile] I won’t say much else, but let me expose something sensational: Li Beinian and Li Xueqing both have the surname Li. They live in the same family, but the difference in the way they’re treated is huge. Some people are young, impetuous, delicate, pretentious, and arrogant, while Beinian is one of the finest young ladies I’ve met.

Young, tenacious, and steadfast. She came in top in almost every aspect of the military training we had. Even many of the men could not do it.

This silly girl never complained about being tired or having to work hard. And now she still believes in letting her innocence speak for itself in the midst of such criticisms from others!

If you feel aggrieved, let me know and I will be your supporter!

When Liu Wei’s message was posted, the entire internet was set ablaze!

Who was Liu Wei?

Big shot!

She was a big shot who was different from, and far surpa.s.sed, anyone else! She was the biggest shot among the big shots!

Liu Wei had been an actress since she was a child, and she was more skilled than anyone else!

Ever since she debuted at the age of five, she had been invited by the country to the Spring Festival Gala every year as a special guest!

She was invited to numerous national events, every invite list had her name on it. And she was even already famous internationally!

And such a person actually spoke up for Li Beinian!

Not only that, because of Liu Wei’s post, many celebrities reposted it.

Not to mention Guan Yueyun, Zhao You’er, Ma Zheng, and the others, even people like Jiang Chun, Feng Yiran, and Director Jin had reposted it. The audience and fans that they were targeting became even more widespread!

When Li Beinian saw this paragraph, she had just finished her photo shoot and was sitting down to rest.

After reading every word carefully, her heart warmed.

She “liked” it, typed out a comment, and reposted it. She added: Thank you, Sister [Flower].

With this, Li Beinian became even more well-known.

As though the sky was torn asunder and couldn’t hold it back!

However, Li Beinian wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to these things and was busy as a spinning top.

Thanks to Bo Chengcheng, Li Beinian was up to her neck filming advertis.e.m.e.nts. Basically, once she got home, she would fall asleep without even taking a shower.

Now that the shoot was over, under Bo Chengcheng’s arrangement, Li Beinian finally received the schedule for today’s portrait shoot.

It was said that the photographer was specially invited from France, and was professional and impressive beyond belief.

Li Beinian did not understand French, but he seemed to be rather satisfied with her.

The unbelievably professional photographer was indeed reliable.

The portrait shoot was settled in two days.

When she saw the photographs, even Li Beinian was surprised and exclaimed, “Is this me?”

Soon, Li Beinian received an accurate answer.

[Sheng An Entertainment (V)]: [Drool] [Dazzled] [Kiss] Where are the northern pirates…

There were nine pictures below this post, eight black ones surrounding a white one. The white one was particularly striking.

Mu Xichen opened it and was immediately stunned by the image of her.

The white gauze fluttered in the wind, partly obscuring the woman in white behind.

She was wearing a white mini-skirt that showed off her slender and long legs. The makeup set off her face exquisitely as she looked ahead with a pair of ethereal eyes. She was breathtakingly beautiful!

She caught his attention immediately, as the background and surroundings faded out of focus.

He eagerly swiped to the next image.

Mu Xichen’s heart skipped a beat.

Li Beinian was wearing a pair of fishnet stockings. She bit her lower lip and looked ahead with a sharp and charming gaze. Her snow-white thighs were particularly eye-catching in the black net. The cropped s.h.i.+rt and high-waisted pants she was wearing revealed a slender waist. Her beautiful vest was clearly visible and a sense of the contrast between purity and promiscuity.

He had never expected Li Beinian to portray such images.

As he looked through more of the photographs, he saw that there were costume changes. However, in every single one of them she was in black, looking pure and promiscuous all at once!

And each photograph outdid the last one.

The more Mu Xichen looked at those photographs, the more he couldn’t look away.

However, at the same time, his heart sank.

Even after he had slammed his phone down on the table, he still couldn’t look away.

After staring at it for a while, he couldn’t help but dial Li Beinian’s number.

Li Beinian was exhausted. She could finally rest for a while, but she didn’t dare to return to Tai Chen Prefecture. Instead, she hid herself in Qing Shui Fu so that she could get some sleep.

When the phone rang, she picked it up in a daze, without looking at who it was. “h.e.l.lo?”

“Are you sleeping?” Mu Xichen’s heart skipped a beat. The urge to question her immediately vanished and he asked instead, “Where are you?”

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