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Chapter 688: My Husband Is In There

Li Beinian immediately perked up when she heard Mu Xichen’s voice.

She looked at the time. It was already afternoon.

She was a little hungry and yawned. “Qing Shui Fu, are you off work?”

“Just.” Mu Xichen had already stood up and walked out. “Are you hungry?”

Li Beinian laid on the pillow and pouted. “I’m hungry. I want to eat meat. Let’s go to Food Color.”

Food Color was a restaurant owned by Mu Xichen, but she had only been there once.

The chef’s culinary skills were indeed impressive. Li Beinian found the food there rather unforgettable.

“Ok,” Mu Xichen replied. “I’ll go back and pick you up.”


After hanging up, Li Beinian did a lazy stretch and felt much more comfortable after that.

She had been really busy recently.

Since her debut, she had never been so exhausted.

In the last month, she had spent less than 48 hours with Mu Xichen. One could imagine how angry he would be.

The next two days were a break that Li Beinian had to fight Bo Chengcheng for. After negotiating long and hard, she managed to let go of a small advertis.e.m.e.nt for a two-day break before she goes back to filming “Stinging Vine”.

She was scheduled to film Man vs. Wild two months ago, and the program team had looked for her several times. However, Bo Chengcheng had postponed it.

According to Bo Chengcheng, if such a variety show were to be released just before the screening of “Stinging Vine”, it would gain more audience and popularity.

The production team felt that it made sense and went along with Bo Chengcheng’s suggestion. However, in order to prevent them from going back on their word, they signed another agreement – that the variety show had to be broadcast before next June.

Li Beinian was tickled when she heard this.

She was so popular now that even the production team was becoming anxious.

Li Beinian’s commanding price was no longer what it was two months ago. If they did not make an agreement now, they would not be able to afford her at the latest current fees.

No one was a fool, but Sheng An was facing the loss, so Bo Chengcheng went along and maintained their fees.

Besides that, it was worth mentioning that after Li Xueqing was sentenced to ten years in jail, the drama team of Legend Of The Dragon Pearl were prepared for the viewers.h.i.+p ratings to plummet.

However, to everyone’s surprise, not only did the viewers.h.i.+p ratings not drop, it actually soared!

Now, online broadcasting channels of “Legend Of The Dragon Pearl” were inundated with comments:

“The northern pirates are here!”

“I’m here for Li Beinian, I’m crazily making calls for her.”

“The northern pirates pa.s.sed by and took our Nian Nian away ~”

“Li Xueqing is a pig. Her acting sucks and her personality sucks. Why should she be the female lead?”

“Raise our northern pirates flag!”

After Li Beinian was done familiarizing herself, she picked a set of clothes and changed into them.

She was wearing a red turtleneck sweater and a pair of black wide-legged trousers. After slipping on a pair of black boots, she sat on the sofa, scrolling through her phone while waiting for someone.

Naturally, the shades and face mask were the standard. They were already prepared and waiting to go.

However, after waiting for some time, Mu Xichen was nowhere to be seen.

Almost an hour had pa.s.sed since their call.

It shouldn’t have taken so long to get here from Shangzhi.

Li Beinian called Mu Xichen. The call went through, but no one answered.


Mu Xichen was rarely like this.

Could something have happened?

After a month of separation, he could finally go home to hug his wife!

Mu Xichen’s felt a mix of emotions.

Although he was usually busy with work, and had three companies to mange, it wasn’t to say that he couldn’t afford to take some timeout if he wanted.

However, this woman was away all the time. Mu Xichen felt like he was living like a widower!

It was fine even if he had to live like a widower, but they should see each other, even if it were only once, every day!

At this thought, Mu Xichen felt that it was time to have a child so that she could focus.

Mu Xichen drove towards Qing Shui Fu at the highest speed possible.

However, very unexpectedly, the usually smooth traffic on this road was not so today. It was badly jammed.

There was a serious car accident and it appeared that there had been a death.

Mu Xichen waited for a while and realized that something was wrong.

There was traffic all around, but it was all around his car.

Mu Xichen’s expression did not change. He narrowed his eyes and looked around.

Then calmly, he unlocked his phone and dialed Gu Mingye’s number.

The call was quickly connected and Gu Mingye’s voice was heard. “Boss ~”

“I’m at the Qinggang Bridge…”


There was a loud sound and the car shook violently.

Mu Xichen frowned and his heart sank somewhat.

He had been ambushed.

Li Beinian waited for a long time.

She was starving, but Mu Xichen’s phone went unanswered.

Out of boredom, she turned on the television and took the remote control to look for a satellite channel that was playing “Legend Of The Dragon Pearl.”

Coincidentally, “Legend Of The Dragon Pearl” had just finished airing. By the time she found the channel, the ending soundtrack had just played.

Then, it was time for advertis.e.m.e.nts.

“Ah!” Li Beinian leaned back in her chair and picked up her phone to ask Gu Mingye if he knew Mu Xichen’s whereabouts.

She had just dialed Gu Mingye’s number when a row of words appeared on the bottom of the television screen: A series of car accidents happened at Qinggang Bridge, and thousands of luxury cars were crushed…

Li Beinian’s heart sank.

Qinggang Bridge was the only way from Shangzhi to Qing Shui Fu!

Sure enough, Gu Mingye’s phone went unanswered as well.

An ominous feeling hit her and her heart started pounding.

Li Beinian couldn’t sit still anymore. She immediately picked up her bag, got up, and drove towards the Qinggang Bridge.

However, just as she approached the intersection, she saw a group of traffic police trying to maintain order.

Besides the traffic police, there were also many SWAT team members filtrating the crowd.

Li Beinian hurriedly unbuckled her seat belt and ran out of the car. She grabbed a policeman and asked, “Who was in the car accident? Is it serious?”

Li Beinian left home in a hurry and had not put on any gear to hide her ident.i.ty.

The policeman glanced at her and seemed to recognize her. There was a look of amazement in his eyes, but he quickly said, “Five people died, and 12 of them are injured. They are still being rescued…”

Li Beinian’s hands trembled and her breathing quickened as she looked in that direction.

In the distance, Li Beinian saw a streak of silver that was obviously shorter than the other cars.

In the dim light, the streak of silver was clean and gleaming, reflecting the ambient light.

A chill ran down her spine. Li Beinian’s eyes turned red and she let go of the policeman. She quickly stepped forward, lifted the cordon, and prepared to rush in.

The policeman inside immediately exclaimed, “What are you doing? You can’t go in!”

Li Beinian was held back and her eyes were bloodshot. Her voice was hoa.r.s.e and dry and she almost cried. She shouted, “My husband is in there, get out of my way!”

The policeman was cold and impartial. “No, no. It’s very chaotic inside. You’ll only cause trouble if you go in!”

Someone recognized her and asked, “You already have a husband? What’s his name?”

Li Beinian shouted with bloodshot eyes, “Mu Xichen! He’s Mu Xichen!”

He is Mu Xichen, and not that his name is Mu Xichen.

The policeman’s eyebrows twitched. “You are Leader Mu’s wife?”

“No, not even Leader Mu’s wife is allowed in!”

“You can’t go in now. I’ll update you with any news.”

Some of the onlookers couldn’t take it anymore. They came forward and whispered, “They won’t let you in. There’s someone with a gun inside. It might be a terrorist, so no one can go in except the police.”

Li Beinian’s heart sank. She turned to look at the middle-aged man and said, “Holding a gun? Did he open fire? Did you hear it?”

Li Beinian’s eyes were red and she spoke loudly. The middle-aged man was rather sympathetic and said, “I heard it, and it wasn’t just once. There were several gunshots before the police came. I don’t know what happened to the people inside, but someone jumped into the river and left. Here.”

As she spoke, she pointed at the river on both sides of the bridge.

The sky was already dark, and both of the river were dark.

On the river surface, apart from the small cruise s.h.i.+p, there were a few other small boats that were obviously not supposed to be here.

The boats were loaded full with policemen!

Li Beinian’s hair stood on end and she suddenly had an ominous feeling.

Her heart pounding, she clasped her hands together and took a deep breath.

It will be fine, it will…

Li Beinian stood rooted to the ground, her ears ringing. The people around her were bustling as Li Beinian stared at the silver Spyker.

She turned to the policeman and asked, “You know Mu Xichen, right? How is he now?”

The policeman looked a little troubled and said, “You may have to wait for a while. There are still people in the cars. I’m not sure either.”

“When can they come out?”

The young policeman said vaguely, “After the coast is cleared.”

Li Beinian pursed her lips and fell silent.

Her nose was a little sore and there was a dull ache in her eyes.

A minute felt like eternity her right now.

Eventually, she couldn’t wait any longer.

She rushed forward with bloodshot eyes and shouted, “I want to go in and take a look!”

The policemen hurriedly caught her and shouted, “You can’t go in!”

“Why not? My husband is in there. I want to go in!” Li Beinian was speaking in a raised voice and it attracted the attention of the reporters who were squatting there, waiting to catch some juicy news.

This was an intersection, and the reporters had been herded off to the side by the police.

Now that they had heard such sensational news, how would they let it go easily?

At once, five or six reporters swarmed forward and took pictures of Li Beinian. There were also reporters who were obsessed with their professional performance. They asked Li Beinian, “Miss Li, what do you mean when you said your husband is in there?”

“When did Miss Li get married?”

“There are casualties at the accident scene and Miss Li is so agitated. Could it be that…”

Li Beinian was still in a daze from the first few questions. When she heard the male reporter say the word “casualty”, she immediately snapped inside.

Turning around, she glared at the man with her bloodshot eyes. Her breathing was obviously rapid and irregular. She bit her lower lip and tried to rein in her fury, but she was already on the verge of going crazy.

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