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Chapter 747: A Strange Car Accident

The rainy season seemed to have pa.s.sed. Before this, the avenue had been rather quiet as the street performers and the hawkers were absent for a few days.

However, there were more people around today. Some food stalls had been set up and there were a few trishaws running around.

The food stalls were selling all sorts of snacks like squid b.a.l.l.s, fried dough sticks, fish b.a.l.l.s and a variety of other street food. There were plenty of customers huddling around the stalls for a bite to eat. In fact, River Xun was a decent place to hang out as long as one was loaded with money.

For instance, someone like Sun Yuhan who used to not even be able to take care of her own basic needs, would definitely not have the leisure.

The busy ones would always remain busy, while the carefree ones continued to be carefree.

That was why people said that life was always unfair. All we had to do was to find the balance amidst the inequality and find our place to survive.

Yan Huan halted her bicycle. She felt somewhat sorry for herself as she joined the elderly ladies at the square everyday for the aerobic dances. However, she had also figured out why the women enjoyed the aerobic dances. It was rather enjoyable to have a group of friends moving to the same melody.

Moreover, the aerobic dance was not restricted to only elderly ladies. Yan Huan could definitely join as she liked.

She mingled within the crowd and no one would notice her ident.i.ty. They would think of her as Yan Huan’s doppelganger instead of the real Yan Huan. Furthermore, it was almost impossible for a well-known actress like her to visit a small town like this and dance with the other women everyday.

“Let’s go,” said Sun Yuhan, thinking that she had spent enough time here and it was about time to leave. Thus, they left the square and took a stroll nearby, trying to strengthen their relations.h.i.+p. However, Jiu Yue had never been a talkative person. Most of the time, Sun Yuhan was the one who was asking questions while Jiu Yue answered them pa.s.sively.

There were awkward moments occasionally, but she had adapted to their way of interaction.

As she raised her head, intending to say something to Jiu Yue, she saw a car running toward their direction. Instinctively, she pushed Jiu Yue away. Followed by that, a deafening thump echoed throughout the air and she was thrown into the air while Jiu Yue was shoved to the side of the road. His head hit the floor hard and he lost his consciousness consequently.

The car did not stop but sped off even after it knocked down two people. Yan Huan halted her bicycle right before she saw the car coming at her direction. She abandoned her bicycle hastily and threw herself backward. The car made an abrupt turn and avoided her, but hit another person. However, a stranger accidentally pushed the bicycle, causing it to fall on top of Yan Huan. Immediately, she was overwhelmed by the excruciating pain that originated from her leg.

After hitting several poles, the car finally stopped. However, the driver never showed himself. Before long, ambulance and police sirens reverberated around the entire town.

“What’s wrong?” the nurse asked as she helped Yan Huan up. Yan Huan pointed at her leg as she grunted, “My leg hurts.”

For now, she could not walk. It was also obvious that half of her leg was terribly swollen.

The nurse called out for the doctor. The doctor quickly rushed over to check on Yan Huan’s leg.

The doctor examined Yan Huan’s leg as he inquired about the details of the accident. Meanwhile, Yan Huan was very compliant and answered every question he posed. Yan Huan was still sober and sensible. She understood that whining about the pain was not helpful at all and the most important thing now was for the doctor to diagnose her.

“Hmm. You seem to be fine. I don’t think there’s a bone fracture,” the doctor said to Yan Huan after he wrapped up his inspection. Yan Huan heaved a sigh of relief. Indeed, she was very fortunate, unlike the others.

Once she got onto the ambulance, she looked out of the window and saw that the reporters had arrived. She sighed, reluctant to be on tomorrow’s headlines that would definitely be about a severe multiple-vehicle collision that involved Yan Huan, the famous actress. In fact, she was more worried that the reporters would fake her death.

Without any delay, the ambulance sent the victims to the hospital for emergency treatment. From the ambulance, Yan Huan witnessed the scene of a woman being brought out of the car that was at fault for causing all of this. She appeared mentally unsound and was apparently driving under the influence of alcohol.

Yan Huan lowered her head to look at her bandaged leg, feeling like she was a magnet for misfortune. She knew that she had to undergo another medical evaluation after she arrived at the hospital later, to check if she was suffering from other injuries. It was possible that she was having a bad year because of her Chinese zodiac. Maybe, she should leave this place as soon as possible as she probably did not belong here.

She had not disclosed to anyone regarding her involvement in the car accident.

“What’s your name?”

The nurse asked her.

“Hmm…” Yan Huan blinked before she fixed her

“Luo Lin.”

Without much hesitation, she blurted Luo Lin’s name. But, she quickly felt guilty about it. Sorry, Luo Lin. I’m not using your name for any misdemeanour.

“Where are you from?” the nurse continued asking.

“Sea City.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 26 years old.”

She rested her face on the gla.s.s and exhaled gently. Her leg was still painful, while her chest felt heavy. She was feeling so depressed and was on the brink of tears.

Before long, they arrived at the hospital. Yan Huan was in the best condition among all the victims, as the rest of them, who were covered in blood, were wounded beyond recognition. One of the men came in with his head soaked in blood. Feeling spooked, Yan Huan grabbed the corner of her s.h.i.+rt as she wondered about the prognosis of this poor man. Another woman was carried into the hospital and Yan Huan was taken aback when she saw the face of the woman who was strangely familiar.

She could recall the one time she met this woman, when they fought over a dress in the boutique. Yan Huan was not proud of her memory skills. But, she remembered the significant event when the salesperson forwent her conscience and complimented the dark-skinned, skinny and ugly lady after she put on the blue dress.

Nonetheless, she bought the dress.

She reckoned that a fool would always have more money than an average person.

However, this woman was now badly injured. Yan Huan prayed for her speedy recovery.

Yan Huan waited for her turn to be examined. All this while, she was avoiding the reporters.

She got the diagnosis very soon. It was fortunate that she was not suffering from any major injury, and her bones were not fractured. There were only some minor bruises and cuts which the doctor at the scene had already attended to. She did not require intravenous therapy at all. She only felt the soreness of her leg muscles when she walked. She covered her face with her scarf and lowered her head. She appeared as though she was being burdened by something depressing, to the extent that she felt almost suffocated.

“Why? Are our blood reserves insufficient?”

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