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Chapter 755: Not A Ghost, But A Human.

Lu Yi let go of Ye Shuyun’s hands and walked back outside. He grasped the handles of the wheelchair and started to push it inside.

On the other hand, Sun Yuhan was feeling very embarra.s.sed, so much so that she was considering if she should pretend to pa.s.s out. Yes, it was true that an ugly daughter-in-law had to meet her parents-in-law sooner or later, but was there anyone who had to do so in circ.u.mstances like hers?

“h.e.l.lo… Aunt… Auntie…” she lowered her head and stuttered as she greeted.

Ye Shuyun only had eyes for her son and thus had failed to notice that there was another person at the door. In fact, it was a woman, a woman who was in a wheelchair. She wanted to ask her son about it, but it was probably not the right time.

So, she sat down and watched as her son wheeled the woman into the guest room.

Ye Shuyun turned around to glance at Madam Lei, who was wearing a similar expression as she did.

Out of nowhere, Madam Lei extended her arm and pinched Ye Shuyun’s waist forcefully.

It hurt so bad that the corner of Ye Shuyun’s eyes twitched. However, the manners instilled in her all her life stopped her from crying out in pain and frightening the others.

“Why did you pinch me?” she asked, gritting her teeth.

“Was that painful?” Madam Lei pulled her hand back at once, her voice weak and barely audible.

“Why don’t you pinch yourself and let me know if it’s painful?”

Ye Shuyun rubbed her waist, worried that it might start to bruise.

“It’s not a dream if it’s painful,” Madam Lei decided. She was still holding Little Lei in her arms, who looked confused at what was happening around him. Now, she could truly believe that Lu Yi came back. He’s actually back. Before this, she had even mentioned that she was planning to visit his tomb, but who knew what had happened to bring him back alive right now.

“You could always pinch yourself, right?” Ye Shuyun grumbled as she gnashed her teeth. The pain on her body was still stinging acutely.

“You know that I’m a wimp, right?”

Madam Lei’s face crumpled. She was very afraid of pain.

Ye Shuyun stared at the open door as she contemplated rus.h.i.+ng inside to see her son, but she resisted the urge.

Her son would be back in a while, which was what he said himself. There was no rush, yes, there was no rush. They had not seen each other for two years. Since she could accept his death, then was it not reasonable that she would accept the fact that he was alive?

After a short while, Lu Jin, the members of the Lei family and the Ye family all arrived at the same time. It had been a while since the Lu house was so lively.

“Good kid, it’s good to see that you’re alive.” Ye Chuji patted his nephew’s elbow.

Indeed, life is full of dramatic surprises. Good, very good, it is good to be alive, it is truly good to be alive.

“Uncle,” Lu Yi greeted. His uncle’s appearance did not change much, even though it has been a long time since he saw him. However, it seemed that his back had become more upright and he looked younger than before.

Maybe it was due to the fact that the Ye family was doing better and better. Therefore, when Ye Chuji walked around, the imposing aura he exuded was immediately noticeable.

Everyone performed the same actions. They had to touch him and feel if he was real or fake, warm or cold. They felt truly ease only after they confirmed that he was alive.

However, it was true that his appearance had given everyone a big shock. Coming back from the dead! Yes, he actually came back from the dead. No one had expected that to happen, even in their wildest dreams.

This man was standing in front of them, whole and alive. He was not missing any arms, his legs were intact, his appearance was the same as before and his personality remained the same as well. The only difference was he seemed a bit skinnier.

Yi Ling leaned against Lei Qingyi as she watched everyone fuss over Lu Yi. However, her face remain apathetic, devoid of any joy or happiness.

“Say, does he seem weird to you?” she asked Lei Qingyi.

“Not really.” Lei Qingyi had a big grin on his face as well. This development was enough to make him happy for a whole year. Finally, he felt that his life was complete, as there was no need to worry about his G.o.dparents being childless anymore. Although they had Yan Huan, but a daughter-in-law would never be the same a biological son. Even with their daughter-in-law by their side, it would never fill the void of losing a son.

Now, all of them, including Lu Yi’s parents, could finally sigh in relief. After all, Madam Lei and Yi Ling were part of the reason why the Lu Yi disappeared and was presumed dead back then. Now that he was alive and kicking, at least they could rid themselves of the guilt and burden that was weighing down their hearts.

“Are you listening to what I’m saying?” Yi Ling stepped on Lei Qingyi’s foot in irritation. Lei Qingyi suppressed the urge to scream in pain as he stared morosely at the footprint on his foot.

“What’s the matter?”

“What do you mean what’s the matter?” Yi Ling stepped on his foot once again. “He has been back for so long, but he didn’t ask about Huanhuan at all. Shouldn’t he be asking if she’s still alive?”

“Does he have to?” Lei Qingyi felt that Yi Ling was thinking too much about it. “Think about how famous she is! Yan Huan has starred in advertis.e.m.e.nts that were plastered all over the city. Wouldn’t it be obvious that she was well and alive?”

“Then why did he return only after two whole years have pa.s.sed?” Yi Ling asked Lei Qingyi again.

How could someone be alive, but return only after two years of allowing everyone to think that he was dead? By this time, a layer of dust had grime had already started to envelop his gravestone.

“Maybe he hit his head and just woke up.”

Lei Qingyi thought about it and came to this conclusion, which seemed the most convincing explanation to him thus far.

“He could not have hit his head so hard that he lost his memory, right?” Yi Ling rolled her eyes. That was such a typical and cliche plot point in all sorts of stories and movies. She had seen so much of it that it seemed way too far-fetched in real life.

“How could that be possible?” Lei Qingyi pouted. “But he recognized me.”

“Well, he didn’t recognise me.” Yi Ling thought of how Lu Yi sized her up a while ago, it felt like an unfamiliar gaze. She was not afraid of him forgetting about her, it was perfectly alright if he did. Instead, she was worried that he might have forgotten about Yan Huan.

“Relax, it’s impossible,” Lei Qingyi shot down that possibility as he patted Yi Ling’s shoulder. “There’s a tendency for people in the acting industry, like you, to have a colorful imagination. Look around and take a look at the amount of people here! How could he find the time to chit chat and ask questions?”

However, as he finished his sentence, he could not help but glance over to where Lu Yi was. It really felt like something was off with Lu Yi. Not only that, who was the lady that he brought back?

Anyway, he could not let Yi Ling know about this yet. With Yi Ling’s temperament, she would definitely stomp inside and start a fight. He could not risk that happening while everyone else was basking in the joy of Lu Yi being alive.

As night fell, everyone left reluctantly, except for the Lu family members. The rest of them would be back tomorrow. Since, Lu Yi had just returned, he needed to rest. Though they still had many unanswered questions, but there would be ample time for that later on.

“Why don’t you tell mommy what happened to you? Why did it take two years for you to come back? Do you know how much mommy missed you?”

Ye Shuyun grabbed ahold of her son’s arms. She cried so much that she might have gone blind. Tears fell when she was overjoyed and when she was devastated. She cried when her son died, and when her son returned, she cried again.

Two whole years, almost 700 days and nights. Was he really so cruel that he did not want to see his own mother?

“I…” Lu Yi was unsure how he could explain the situation.

“Mom, I forgot,” he explained as he rubbed his forehead. “The doctor said that I might have hit my head and messed up my memory.” In fact, the jumbled-up memories he had right now was but a slight issue, in reality he had amnesia back when he had just woken up. For the past two years, he did not even know who he was.

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