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Chapter 501: Army Stopped

The unaffiliated players gathering near Mount Fulong saw Xuanyuan Qi and his group teleport out from the Eight Front Formation and then start discussing something.

But they all knew that this was just the silence before the storm. They felt that a war was coming.

A female reporter activated her recording and streaming functions and then began to report sweetly, “The battle for Zhuge Liang was extremely fierce! But now, it seems that only the s.h.i.+fter Emperor has pa.s.sed through the test. I guess that the other four nations will not give up so easily, and it seems like there is going to be a great war!”

Her peer standing next to the female reporter then said, “Just as we expected. We have just received news that everyone from the four nations has come out, and they have scattered about and prepared in formations so that they can attack the s.h.i.+fter Emperor when he comes out of the Eight Front Formation!”

Jiang Feng and Zhuge Liang stood side by side on the edge of the Eight Front Formation. He frowned when he saw that the armies from the other four nations were ready for him.

Originally, he was going to move the Floating Island over. Unfortunately, the Floating Island was at the s.h.i.+fter Emperor’s Planet. It would take at least one to two hours to arrive.

“Tell me the power and number of those from the s.h.i.+fters Nation. I will prepare my strategy to allow us to break through this siege when an opportunity presents itself. Once I leave the Eight Front Formation, it will automatically return to my hand. If we do not prepare a strategy, it will be difficult for us to leave then,” Zhuge Liang said as he fanned his feather fan gently.

“Only around 10,000, but they are all elites!” Jiang Feng said to Zhuge Liang.

In truth, the s.h.i.+fters Nation had plenty of people to call upon. Around 800,000.

However, he only had around 10,000 of those that were actually skilled. Those who were less powerful could only employ guerilla warfare away from the main battlefield. They could not join any battle at this level yet because if they did, there would be no difference in committing suicide.

Zhuge Liang nodded and took out a pouch of golden beans and gave it to Jiang Feng, and said, “This is less than what is ideal, but this should just be enough. Take this pouch of golden beans. When you leave, find a way to quietly spread the beans around us.”

Looking at the pouch of beans, Jiang Feng narrowed his eyes as he remembered Zhuge Liang’s ability to create soldiers from the beans, and understood what Zhuge Liang wanted to do.

“I will go now!” Jiang Feng said to Zhuge Liang, and then used his Sacred Stealth skill to leave the Eight Front Formation.

Once he left the Eight Front Formation, he looked at his surroundings.

He saw that all four directions, East, South, West, and North, were being guarded by those from the Four Nations.

There was a large group of players and NPCs arriving from the sky. It seemed that the men from the four nations were starting to gather.

He counted the people from the four nations. Just like those from the s.h.i.+fters Nation, they had all sent out their elites. All the weaker ones had been left outside of the main battlefield.

He left the Eight Front Formation while invisible, then carefully took a step in front of him. After taking every step, he would place a golden bean under his feet and stomp it into the soil or into the stone cracks.

Other than Great Saints, his Sacred Stealth skill could not be discovered by anyone. He was working very smoothly.

After a while, there were only around several dozen golden beans left in the pouch.


But just as he was going to finish what Zhuge Liang asked him to do, a pink rabbit came close to him and began sniffing him.

Jiang Feng frowned as he looked at the pink rabbit, and remained immobile.

If he was touched by the rabbit, his invisibility would be broken and he would fall into danger.

Qingqing saw that her pet was acting somewhat weird, and so she came next to her pet.

The rank of Qingqing’s pet was quite high. As there was a special way for pets and masters to communicate, the pink rabbit seemed to have told Qingqing something as he looked at Jiang Feng’s location.

She then smiled, ran toward Qing Xun, pointed at Jiang Feng’s location, and quietly said to her, “Big Sis, Little Duoduo found the s.h.i.+fter Emperor. He’s over there!”

When Qing Xun heard what Qingqing had said, she curiously looked in the direction where Jiang Feng was.

Ding. System Prompt: s.h.i.+fter Emperor Jiang Feng has added you as a friend. Will you accept?

Just as Qing Xun was looking at where Jiang Feng was, he suddenly accepted a friend request. She was so happy when she heard that it was Jiang Feng.


Next, she received Jiang Feng’s message.

Jiang Feng, “Have your sister put away that rabbit.”

Qing Xun raised her eyebrow and smiled, then replied to him, “Okay. But you have to promise me one thing. As long as you promise me, I can help you with a lot of things.”

Jiang Feng, “What is it?”

Qing Xun, “Very simple. After this is over, make a cameo in my movie. Only for 5 minutes. You will also get paid.”

Jiang Feng, “Alright. I will put a pouch on the ground later. There are some gold beans in the pouch. Help me place them where I tell you to.”

Qing Xun, “May our cooperation be a fruitful one!”

After the two had finished their discussion, Qing Xun then had Qingqing put away her pink rabbit.

When Jiang Feng saw that the rabbit had been put away, he let out a long sigh.

It would not be as problematic if the rabbit had discovered him some other time. But today’s timing was just plain bad.

If his invisibility were broken and his figure revealed, he would be immediately surrounded and attacked. It would be difficult for him to become invisible again.

Not only that. If he was killed, Zhuge Liang that he had just recruited would be gone.

Zhuge Liang said that the final test was to survive!

Not only did that included Zhuge Liang, but it also included him.

If he wanted to become Zhuge Liang’s master, he would not believe in him if he had died before leaving Mount Fulong.

When he saw Qing Xun and Qingqing walking toward his location as they were chatting, he then left the pouch of golden beans next to his feet. He then turned and walked toward the Eight Front Formation.

Qing Xun then quickly picked up the pouch of golden beans using her inventory when no one was looking.

Next, she received a message that Jiang Feng had sent out. She looked at Jiang Feng’s message, and she was momentarily surprised before riding her white peac.o.c.k and placing the golden beans around the Eight Front Formation.

All the locations where she had to place the golden beans were in large crowds. If Jiang Feng were to do it himself, there would be a great chance of him getting exposed. That was why he had agreed to Qing Xun’s request.

Once he had returned to the Eight Front Formation, he then heaved a long sigh of relief and said to Zhuge Liang, “Whew~ We’re done!”

Zhuge Liang fanned his feather fan and said with full confidence, “Everything is ready, except for an opportune moment!”


As soon as Zhuge Liang had finished his sentence, a loud explosion could be heard from afar.


When the sound reached them, Jiang Feng’s face had become pale.

He had just received Ling Feiyu’s message, saying that they had been surrounded by elites from the other four nations at the foot of Mount Fulong and they could not come to a.s.sist him!

Xuanyuan Qi flew up into the sky and then glanced at the foot of Mount Fulong, and then said towards the Eight Front Formation sneeringly, “s.h.i.+fter Emperor, the s.h.i.+fters Nation army has been stopped at the foot of Mount Fulong! I advise you to give up Zhuge Liang quietly, or be a coward and look on as we ma.s.sacre the entire s.h.i.+fters Nation! Hahaha!”

“d.a.m.n it!” Jiang Feng gritted his teeth in anger, and then turned and said to Zhuge Liang, “Master Kongming, wait in the Eight Front Formation and don’t leave!”

After finis.h.i.+ng what he had to say, he then turned into his silver-hair red-eyes form and rushed out as he stepped on the Somersault Cloud with Deicide in his hand.

“Even if I die, I will not let you four nations have it easy!”

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