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Chapter 637: Who Told You to Point the Gun

However, Murong Qingcang had only received one sentence in terms of text.

The Gatekeeper of the Yin Sect possesses this order tablet, if you see it you either treat him with respect or step aside!

All the large factions knew the terror of the Yin Sect.

They also did not expect that the Yin Sect would go through some changes and even had a new Gatekeeper.

The person that could become the Gatekeeper of the Yin Sect would he himself be equal to a super faction that no one could stand against!

It would be weird if he was not afraid of him.

‘Hm? Looks like I didn’t fail after all!’ Jiang Feng froze slightly as he looked at Murong Qingcang’s reaction, and it quickly turned into a smile.

When he saw that Murong Qingcang was still standing there, he then said in a soft voice as he swirled the wine in his gla.s.s, “Do I still need to say anything?”

Murong Qingcang quickly gestured toward Jiang Feng and apologized, saying, “My apologies for disturbing you.”

After that, he called his followers to move Murong Aosong’s body away and then left without saying anything.

After the people from the Murong family had left, Ling Chen and Su s.h.i.+ning both stared at Jiang Feng who was still tasting the wine in his hand with a smile, shock and awe on their faces.

They could not understand why Murong Qingcang would have such a change of tone after seeing the order tablet in Jiang Feng’s hand to the point of leaving with an apology and giving up avenging his own nephew.

No one would believe it if they were to tell anyone about it.


Li Chong was the police chief from a nearby police station that was going to retire soon.

When he received the call, he quickly led his underlings from the station and got to the crime scene as soon as possible.

When they got there, they then encountered Murong Qingcang leading a group of people in.

When he saw that, he quickly stopped his underlings.

“Sir, why are we not going in?” A beautiful policewoman asked Li Chong.

“No need to be so hasty. Wait.” Li Chong said as he waited at the lower floor of Club Lingxiao and lit up a cigarette.

Before he could even finish the cigarette, he then saw Murong Qingcang quickly leading a group of people leaving the place, carrying a man. They could not ascertain if that man was dead or alive.

After Murong Qingcan left, Li Chong was slightly stunned. Feeling curious, he threw away the cigarette and told his underlings behind him to follow up, saying, “Let’s go and take a look!”

He had been a cop for almost thirty years and had some understanding of the larger factions. He had also received the message about the changes to the Yin Sect. Therefore, it was a testament to how long he had been in this field, to the point where the Yin Sect would inform him.

And it was also because of his experience in this field that had led him to gain a great understanding of these big factions.

He could not understand why Murong Qingcang would go in with such fanfare, but nothing happened in the end.

He was also familiar with the person that was carried away and knew that he was from the Murong family. That meant that the criminal that fired the shot was still upstairs.

That was why he was going to take a look.

He led a group of his underlings and rushed in.

When they were still on their way, he then said to the beautiful policewoman next to him, “Zhou Wen, the murderer might still be upstairs. You have just joined us for a short while, be careful.”

“Alright,” Zhou Wen nodded with both her hands on the gun as she carefully rushed up.

Very quickly, the group had reached the ballroom.

“Police! Don’t move and put your hands on your head!”

A group of cops rushed in and dozens of guns were pointing at the three people that were waiting in the ballroom, including Jiang Feng.

When Li Chong saw that there were only three people and that they did not have guns in their hands, he put his gun away and then yelled out a.s.sertively, “Who dares to cause a mess in my turf? Do you want to go to jail? Don’t you know…”

It was also at this time that Li Chong saw the order tablet in Jiang Feng’s hand that he had yet put away. He froze, and then suddenly turned around and yelled at his underlings, “What are you all doing? Who told you to have your guns up?! How many times do I have to teach you that you must first learn from these three young prodigies about being calm and collected, being brave and cunning, being good with relations.h.i.+ps, being just and fair… Why are you still standing there? Go back and copy the quotations!” After he finished his speech, his feet even shook a bit. He then stood firm, and then slowly walked outside.

All the police with the guns were slightly stunned and exchanged glances with each other.

When they saw that Li Chong had left, they did not stay as well and quickly chased after Li Chong.

Zhou Wen quickly caught up with Li Chong and looked at the sweating and trembling Li Chong. She then asked, “Sir, what happened?”

Li Chong’s hands were trembling as he lit up a cigarette and gave it a good mouthful. Once he was emotionally more stabilized, he shook his head and said, “Nothing. Go back to the station.”

While Zhou Wen was not sure what happened, she obediently left together with her peers.

Li Chong left Club Lingxiao, got into his car, and then sighed as he muttered to himself, “d.a.m.n it. I’m about to retire. Can you please not involve me in something so exciting?”

When he saw that order tablet just now, he felt as if his heart had been hammered and stopped for two seconds.

It was not because he was afraid, but he remembered a terrifying experience in the past.

When he was just a low-ranked grunt, he had personally seen the terror of the Yin Sect. That was why a shadow remained at the back of his mind.

He was lucky enough to encounter the Yin Sect about thirty years ago and it had affected him greatly. He had never expected that when he was about to retire, he would meet them again. They were really testing his little heart.


Inside of Club Lingxiao. Ling Chen was just about to question Jiang Feng when suddenly a group of cops rushed in, and he could feel his heart skip a beat.

Just when he thought that it would be the end of him, the police entered for a short moment, left some weird words, and then left.

He guessed that them leaving had something to do with Jiang Feng.

“Who are you?” Ling Chen asked Jiang Feng with a cold voice.

“Watch your tone. Where are your manners?”

Jiang Feng scolded Ling Chen as the chi on his face slowly dissipated.


When Ling Chen saw Jiang Feng’s true face, he was stunned and called out to him. Next, tears quickly fell from his wide eyes despite his cold expression.

Jiang Feng smiled and put down the wine gla.s.s, and then tapped his shoulders. “It’s fine. Next time, don’t be so ras.h.!.+”

“In-law, I killed someone! I killed someone!” In the end, Ling Chen was still a seventeen-year-old young man. While it was quite common for him to hurt others, he had never thought of killing someone else.

Despite committing his first murder and presenting himself as cold and aloof, when he saw Jiang Feng, his family, his strength instantly gave way and he finally felt fear.

“Yes, murder is a crime. Even though I helped you deal with everything, you must still receive some punishment,” Jiang Feng said and turned to Su s.h.i.+ning, “You are also a conspirator, therefore you must also be punished!”

“I… I am willing,” Su s.h.i.+ning said despite the fear she had.

“In-law, this has nothing to do with her. If you must, punish me alone,” Ling Chen said to Jiang Feng as he raised his head.

“There is no room for negotiation. Come with me!” Jiang Feng put away the order tablet in his hand and then said to them both. He then brought them out of Club Lingxiao and into his car.

Before he left, he gave Ling Feiyu a call and had Club Lingxiao continue with their business as well as look for someone to clean up after them.

T/L Note: I know it’s too late at this point, but there’s something really wrong with this world.

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