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Chapter 662: You Haven’t Told the Others About You and Captain Tang?

Mama Ye took out her handkerchief and covered her mouth. After taking a few steps away from Mu Qiqi, she said, “I know you have always been at odds with your sister. Your sister has caused you so much trouble, you must want to see her living in misery. Now that the s.l.u.t wants to get engaged to my son, she might live a life better than you. Can you really accept this? I came here today just to ask you if you are willing to work with me and send your sister abroad so that she will be out of our sights entirely and won’t disgust us anymore forever.”

Mu Qiqi looked into Mama Ye’s eyes seriously and said, “You used to be very close to the Mu family and treated Mu Tangxue as your daughter-in-law. Your att.i.tude toward her has changed so drastically in such a short time.”

“You can say whatever you want. I just wanted her to get out of my sight now. I want her to get lost, and it’d be best if she dies.”

Thinking back on how Mama Ye once loved and doted on Mu Tangxue and the words she used to describe Mu Tangxue today, Mu Qiqi felt that the world was simply too realistic and full of mockery.

“First of all, she won’t live a better life than me. Because the Ye family is only a small family. Even with your best efforts, you can barely make it into the list of the one hundred most influential families in Jianchuan. Although you have the chance to talk to me, it doesn’t mean that we are people on the same level. Secondly, Mu why should I get involved with the fight between Mu Tangxue and your family? I’m even wis.h.i.+ng that she will cause a stir in your family. Mrs. Ye, don’t forget how your son treated me when we were young. Lastly, don’t come to the police station next time. This is the place to punish criminals. It’s not a marketplace. Moreover, I’m not someone who you can see whenever you pleased. Aren’t you clear with my ident.i.ty? Alright, I still have work to do. Please show yourself out.”

Having said that, Mu Qiqi walked away. She felt very irritated that her time was wasted on all these unrelated people. No, disgusting people, she should put it.

“You are the same as your sister. You will die an awful death one day. This is my curse on you and your sister!”

When Mama Ye left, she shouted at Mu Qiqi, so loud that the policemen in the lobby heard her, and they thought that Mama Ye was a vicious woman.

“I can’t understand the world of the rich people.”

“But, no matter what, I will be on Xiao Qi’s side. We all know what kind of person Xiao Qi is.”

When Mu Qiqi pa.s.sed by and heard the whispers of her seniors, she smiled. “I really have to thank you all.”

It was out of Mama Ye’s expectation that she would return without success. There’s no doubt that Mu Qiqi hated Mu Tangxue. But why wouldn’t she work with her? This was clearly a good chance to get rid of Mu Tangxue.

Even if there was a deep grudge between Mu Qiqi and Mu Tangxue, she wouldn’t have helped an outsider to harm her sister. Especially when the Ye family was not a good and innocent family.

Soon, Mu Qiqi returned to the forensics laboratory. A few people were working hard on the autopsy.

“Four victims, one died of pota.s.sium cyanide poisoning, one was stabbed to death, one was electrocuted, and the other was hacked to death. They died in different ways, but according to our investigation and based on the characteristics of the corpses, we can conclude that they died almost at the same time.”

“What did you think of the primary crime scene when you were there?” The professor asked.

Mu Qiqi pondered for a bit before sharing her thoughts.

“It might seem like it was a horrendous murder when we found out that they died at the same time. But it might not be the case. They died differently. With this alone, it doesn’t look like a homicide. Wouldn’t it be too complex if there was only one murderer? Moreover, how can a person kill four people using four different methods at the same time? a.s.suming that there were two or more murderers, why didn’t we find any traces of anyone else apart from them? There was no clue that a fight had taken place. If there had been one, how was it possible for them to clean up the footprints, clothing fibers, and fingerprints so thoroughly when so many were involved in the case?

“More importantly, the murder weapons are found at the crime scene. Therefore, I have a bold speculation. I believe the answer is already in your heart. These four people either committed suicide together or they killed each other. According to the location of the corpses, the one who was stabbed to death and the one who was hacked to death should be facing each other when they died. As for the other two, the one who died of poisoning was on the sofa while the other one electrocuted was on the floor. They should have planned it together. A ma.s.s suicide.”

The professor nodded after hearing Mu Qiqi’s speculation. “You’re right. The DNA samples on the weapons have been sent to the laboratory for further tests. Whether or not it’s like what you said, we’ll get an answer soon.”

“What we need to do now is identify their ident.i.ties. Why would these seventeen- or eighteen-year-old teenagers kill themselves together?”

Well, the rest was Tang Yan’s job.

So, Tang Yan took off the gloves and left the autopsy room.

Seeing this, Feng Shanshan sighed. “They’re in the best years of their lives but they chose to end their lives in such an extreme way. What did they experience that gave them the courage to die, and in such a gruesome fas.h.i.+on?”

“Who knows.”

“The psychological endurance and anti-stress ability of young people is far inferior when compared to the elderly. No matter what, when you two feel unhappy, you must relieve it immediately. Especially you, Shanshan. I know that you and Tang Yan are neighbors. If you have problems, just go to Tang Yan. That kid is quite good at counselling.”

Feng Shanshan was surprised when the professor told her that. She couldn’t help laughing in her heart. ‘You don’t know your nephew at all.’

“Alright, let’s call it a day. Go and get changed.”

After that, Mu Qiqi and Feng Shanshan went into the locker room. Only then did Mu Qiqi smile playfully at Feng Shanshan. “You haven’t told the others about you and Captain Tang?”

“With his personality, he always rushes to the front line. Not even ten bulls can pull him back. It’s meaningless to tell other people about us,” Feng Shanshan said. “I won’t be surprised if he disappears one day. What can I do then? I still have to carry on with my life.”

“Won’t you be sad? Who was the one who couldn’t sleep when Captain Tang was not around because of Dai Xi?”

“Don’t ever mention that again. I’m still angry about it.”

Mu Qiqi chuckled. If she was Feng Shanshan, she would probably explode right there and then.

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