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1503 Chapter 1504 Shengs.h.i.+ Wedding (2)

Under the warm applause, s.h.i.+ Nuannuan held s.h.i.+ Le’s hand and walked towards Xiang Yi step by step. Xiang Jinghan walked in front of her with a flower basket in his hand. s.h.i.+ Mo and s.h.i.+ Lian also followed behind Xiang Jinghan with the flower basket in their hands, the scene was so harmonious and beautiful.

The pure white wedding dress was like the twinkling stars, gathering the focus of all the guests present. The six-meter-long veil was like a peac.o.c.k spreading its tail. It was beautifully scattered behind her and lazily dragged on the ground, showing its unique beauty.

However, the two little fellows were smiling very happily. Only s.h.i.+ Mo, however, had a solemn expression after picking up the flower basket.

Not far away, seeing his son’s expressionless expression, Zuo Weiyi was puzzled.

Aunt is getting married. Why does he always have such a straight face?

Until s.h.i.+ Nuannuan stood in front of Xiang Yi, s.h.i.+ Le handed her hand to him, then stared at him, and said in a deep voice, “In a person’s life, it is rare to have a partner. From today onwards, her future will be taken care of by you.”

Meeting s.h.i.+ Le’s reluctant gaze, Xiang Yi took over s.h.i.+ Nuannuan’s hand and nodded slightly. “Don’t worry.”

Holding her hand, the two of them stood in the middle of the stage.

The emcee smiled at the two of them and the ceremony began.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as the saying goes, ‘holding the hand of the son and growing old together’, let us first give a warm applause to give the most sincere blessing to this couple!”

Soon, the hall was filled with warm applause.

“Mr. Xiang Yi, the person beside you is about to become your bride. May I ask if you are willing to protect her for the rest of your life, to ensure her safety, to be loyal to her and to respect her for the rest of your life. Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, whether you are healthy or not, are you willing to accompany and guard her?”

After hearing the host’s words, Xiang Yi turned his head slightly and looked at the person beside him. “Yes.”

“Miss s.h.i.+ Nuannuan, the person by your side is about to become your groom. In the years to come, will you be willing to keep him safe and sound for the rest of your life? Will you be loyal to him and respect him for the rest of your life? Will you be willing to follow him and never abandon him, regardless of whether he is rich or poor?”

s.h.i.+ Nuannuan’s gaze had never left his face since the beginning, but she heard what the emcee said clearly.

“I’m very willing!”

“Then now, please exchange your rings.”

The Little Fellow, Xiang Jinghan, walked over and presented the exquisite ring.

Under everyone’s gaze, the two of them put on each other’s ring rings.

Perhaps it was because the scene was too beautiful, the emcee was stunned and forgot about the upcoming ceremony.

Xiang Yi seemed to be impatient and turned to look at the emcee.

“May I ask, can I Kiss My Bride Now?”

Hearing him say this, the emcee came back to her senses. “AH, yes, yes! Now let’s witness the two newlyweds’Kiss of Love!”

As soon as the emcee finished speaking, Xiang Yi couldn’t wait to kiss her.

“Mommy, I want it too, I want it too, I want a kiss too!”

Xiang Jinghan stood in front of them, looking up at his father and mommy who were kissing him. He wanted a kiss too.

Under the warm applause, the deep kiss finally came to an end.

Xiang Yi turned his gaze to the pet.i.te figure in front of him. “No.”

“Why?”Xiang Jinghan didn’t understand. His mommy used to kiss him all the time.

“There are differences between men and women.”


Xiang Jinghan was still confused. The next moment, his pet.i.te figure was picked up by s.h.i.+ Nuannuan. Then, he pouted and kissed his son’s lips.

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