Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 584 - Relinquishing the Country for a Beauty

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Chapter 584: Relinquis.h.i.+ng the Country for a Beauty

Zuo Weiyi was halfway into the living room when his question made her stop in her tracks. She suddenly wanted to know where she stood in his heart. Would it really be as s.h.i.+ Tiannan said?

Women were like a drug addiction in men’s hearts. Once they had a taste, they could not quit.

What s.h.i.+ Tiannan wanted to express was not that she was important in s.h.i.+ Yuting’s heart. Instead, he wanted to say that s.h.i.+ Yuting had not returned to the ancient mansion in the past few days because he had had a ‘taste’ of another woman.

So, where did he spend his nights during in the 26 nights he disappeared? Was he really with that Manli?

She still could not believe that s.h.i.+ Yuting would be sleeping next to another woman.

She knew that s.h.i.+ Yuting was always a little impatient and crazy when they got in bed together. But would he really do that with other women?

This question had been bothering her for the past few days.

She turned around and looked at s.h.i.+ Yuting seriously.

“Anything is fine?”

“Yes.” He looked back as resolutely and seriously.

Would he relinquish his country for a beauty?

“What if I told you to give up the position of president?” She asked calmly.

s.h.i.+ Yuting was taken aback.

Was she asking him to give up the country and for her?

He stared at her clear black eyes without answering for a long while.

But all Zuo Weiyi saw in his eyes was hesitation. She felt a little disappointed.

Why couldn’t he even coax her? She didn’t actually wanted him to do that, she just wanted to know how he would answer.

Since he remained silent, Zuo Weiyi turned back around and headed for the stairs.

s.h.i.+ Yuting suddenly reached out and wrapped his arms around her from the back as she heard his deep and hoa.r.s.e voice say, “Okay.”

The one simple word surprised Zuo Weiyi.

She came back to her senses and pushed him away. “I-I was just joking with you!”

After saying that, she ran to the second floor!

s.h.i.+ Yuting stood where he was and watched calmly as she disappeared.

A woman’s heart is truly a mystery. As expected, this person of his was no exception.

The corner of his mouth suddenly curved upwards.

He suddenly heard the sound of someone collapsing on the second floor.

The smile on s.h.i.+ Yuting’s face was instantly replaced by a look of fear!

He rushed to the second floor and saw Zuo Weiyi lying at the door of the bedroom.

“Weiyi?!” His heart stung as if it had been pierced by a sword.

He carried her down and rushed out of the villa immediately.

At the hospital.

Zhong Shenghao stood at front of the hospital bed and looked at a series of examination reports.

“It’s nothing serious. It’s just that her body is too weak. She just needs to replenish some nutrients.”

s.h.i.+ Yuting was worried as he stood by the bed.

“She fainted.”

Zhong Shenghao looked up and raised his straight eyebrows. “I know.”

“That’s it?” He frowned.

“What else do you want to hear? I can’t just prescribe her drugs casually when she’s pregnant. What if the baby is born with complications? I won’t be able to make up for it even if I exhaust my family fortune and life!” Zhong Shenghao’s tone carried a hint of mockery.

Anyway, it was better not to use any drugs for her condition due to her poor physique.

On the other hand, s.h.i.+ Yuting narrowed his eyes. “Are you worried about my child or are you questioning my genes?”

Hearing this, Zhong Shenghao immediately waved his hand. “Oh, of course no! Our president’s genes are absolutely unprecedented, the best in the world! I have absolutely no intention of questioning them!”

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 584 - Relinquishing the Country for a Beauty summary

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