Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 887 - You Don't Really Like Me, Do You?

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Chapter 887: You Don’t Really Like Me, Do You?

It was afternoon and she felt that it was quite ridiculous to ask them to take a walk at such an hour. Wasn’t this basically a blind date?

Nuannuan couldn’t wati to go back.

She had Xiangyi, so why would she need to go on a blind date?

“Grandfather, if you and Mr. Cheng really have so much to talk about, then I’ll go home first!”

By the time she was done speaking, she had already walked towards the door.


Seeing that she was about to leave, s.h.i.+ Le hurriedly stopped her and asked, “Why are you in such a hurry to go back?”

“Sister-in-law just called me, saying that she had something to ask me and wanted me to go back quickly.” She randomly found an excuse in order to escape her grandfather’s private arrangements.

Anyway, even if grandfather really asked about Sister-in-Law, Weiyi would definitely stand on her side!

When she said this, s.h.i.+ Le was at a loss.

“Then you…”

“In that case, let Cheng Huan send her back!” Old Man Cheng hurriedly chimed in. “This place is quite far from the city, so it’s very difficult to get a taxi.”

s.h.i.+ Nuannuan couldn’t help but look at Cheng Huan, who was looking at her with a smile.

She hoped to only get Cheng Huan to drop her off so she can get in a taxi.

Whatever, as long as she could leave this place, it would be fine. After all, it was only the last time she would have any contact with Cheng Huan!

She did not object. Instead, she turned around and walked towards the main entrance. Cheng Huan picked up the car keys and followed closely behind.

It was a forty-minute journey from the Cheng residence to s.h.i.+ Mansion.

On the way, Cheng Huan tried to make conversation with her.

“You don’t like my house?” He knew that she was in a hurry to leave, but not for the reason she mentioned earlier.

s.h.i.+ Nuannuan kept looking out of the car window. Actually, she did not hate Cheng Huan that much. This person was also quite straightforward. If they were friends, they would have definitely gotten along well.

She turned to him and replied, “No.”

“Then why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

“You should be able to tell that our grandfathers are trying to set us up.”

Cheng Huan could not help but laugh at her straightforwardness. His impression of her became even better.

“So, this can be considered as you rejecting me before it even starts?” He turned to look back at her. There was a smile at the corner of his mouth. He did not feel disappointed by her straightforwardness.

To him, the harder it was to get a girl, the more interested he would be.

“Didn’t I tell you that I have someone I like?”

“A secret crush?”

“It has nothing to do with you!”

“Then I’ll have the chance to woo you too?”

“No!” She immediately rejected him!

“It’s the first time I’ve been rejected by a girl, and it’s a girl that I saved too. This feeling is really uncomfortable…” Cheng Huan immediately pretended to be sad.

s.h.i.+ Nuannuan was surprised by what she heard and turned to look at his dejected face.

Could it be that she had said it too directly and hurt his feelings?

But he was a man. Wasn’t he a little too fragile?

But even so, when she thought about how she had been saved by him, s.h.i.+ Nuannuan naturally knew she should not have been too direct.

She became slightly more tactful. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Your rejection is more painful than hitting me.”

“You don’t really like me, do you?” It was only the third time they had met.

s.h.i.+ Nuannuan looked at him suspiciously.

At that moment, the traffic light was red. Cheng Huan suddenly turned to her seriously, looking at her with his dark eyes. “What if it’s true?”

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 887 - You Don't Really Like Me, Do You? summary

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