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Chapter 889: I’m Busy!

Zuo Weiyi could not help but sigh.

Halfway through a cup of tea, Cheng Huan suddenly said, “Are you going to show me around your house too?”

Hearing this, s.h.i.+ Nuannuan raised her head and looked at him suspiciously.

If he was going to leave after drinking, why would she be showing him around the house?

She had already made it so clear just now. Could it be that he still wanted to court her?

s.h.i.+ Nuannuan did not say anything. Shen Lanzhi could not help but say something. It seemed that she could tell that Cheng Huan was interested in her daughter. She could not help but look at s.h.i.+ Nuannuan and said softly, “Nuannuan, bring Mr. Cheng for a house tour.”

However, s.h.i.+ Nuannuan did not want to. If that happened, they would be alone together again.

“I’m busy!” She objected.

The obvious rejection once again made Cheng Huan feel a little heartbroken.

This s.h.i.+ Nuannuan was really different from all the girls he had met.

She was too straightforward. If she did not like it, she did not like it. Therefore, she did not want to drag things along and lead him on.

Indeed, it was precisely because of this that he was always deeply attracted to her.

Shen Lanzhi did not say anything else but smiled apologetically at Cheng Huan.

Cheng Huan was not embarra.s.sed by s.h.i.+ Nuannuan’s rejection.

He smiled and said, “It’s alright.”

Then, he picked up the teacup and finished the remaining tea. He was about to get up to leave.

At this time, the phone on the coffee table suddenly rang.

Shen Lanzhi was the closest to the coffee table, so she picked it up.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.” s.h.i.+ Le’s voice came from the phone, then he continued, “I’m coming over with Old Man Cheng in a while. You keep Cheng Huan there and have dinner at home tonight. Ask the chef to prepare some more dishes.”

Shen Lanzhi looked at Cheng Huan who was drinking tea and replied, “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Cheng Huan finished his tea.

He stood up and looked at s.h.i.+ Nuannuan and Weiyi Then, he looked at Shen Lanzhi who was an elder. He very politely said, “It’s getting late. I should go back too. Thank you for your hospitality, Auntie.”

He took one last look at s.h.i.+ Nuannuan before Cheng Huan turned around to leave.


Shen Lanzhi could not help but call out to him.

He stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at her in confusion.

“Your grandfather and the others are coming over later. They’re having dinner at our house tonight. There’s no need to leave.”

Hearing this, not only Cheng Huan but even Zuo Weiyi and s.h.i.+ Nuannuan could not help but look up in surprise.

It seemed that this grandfather was determined to become in-laws with the Cheng family.

Cheng Huan was also surprised. Since that was the case, he was naturally happy.

“Sorry to bother you then.”

After saying that, he sat down on the sofa again.

s.h.i.+ Nuannuan glanced at him. Although she did not hate Cheng Huan, when she thought of her grandfather’s goal, she was extremely irritated.

Soon s.h.i.+ Le and Old Man Cheng arrived at s.h.i.+ Mansion.

After handing the child to Zuo Weiyi, Shen Lanzhi quickly went to the kitchen to prepare the dishes. Although she didn’t have to do it herself, she still wanted to prepare the dishes herself.

In October, the night always came too fast.

By six o’clock in the evening, it was already dark outside the window.

“Master, it’s time for dinner,” said a maid as she walked over to s.h.i.+ Le, who was playing chess with Old Man Cheng.

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