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Chapter 466: Plans Within Plans

Qin Yufan understood Zhai Yunsheng because they were the same kind of people.

Then, Qin Yufan continued to mock Shan Yurou: “Also, you’re doing this in Master Sheng’s territory. Do you want Master Sheng to be worried about her or something? Or do you want to give this girl the chance to be pampered?”

“No, Sister Fan. We have her brother in our hands. She will have to cooperate with us in recording the video later. Once we’ve recorded the video, we will release it onto the Internet. We will ruin all of her reputation! Even if Master Sheng doesn’t dislike her by then, she won’t be able to hold her head up in the capital!”

Shan Yurou explained the situation to Qin Yufan very patiently.

Upon hearing this, Qin Yufan frowned. At first, she thought Jian Yiling was stupid for foolishly following Shan Yurou into the KTV by herself.

However, it turned out that she had gotten blackmailed.

“Aren’t you guys afraid of Master Sheng?” Qin Yufan asked. She was a little amused.

“Sister Fan, you don’t need to worry. I’ve planned this matter out thoroughly. There wouldn’t be any problems.”

Shan Yurou said this with conviction. It was as though she had really planned everything out.

Qin Yufan took another look at Jian Yiling who was seated on the sofa. A frown appeared on her face again.

The little girl’s face was rather calm. Her eyes were not frightened or scared. In fact, she was way too calm.

Qin Yufan had seen Jian Yiling’s matches. She knew that this girl who looked weak and soft was not defenseless at all.

The fact that she was so calm was not something that a young girl of her age could do.

After pondering for quite some time, Qin Yufan chose to take a seat. She wanted to see what Shan Yurou planned to do to Jian Yiling.

She also wanted to see how Jian Yiling would react in the face of their bullying.

When it went too far, she would ask them to stop.

Although she did not like Jian Yiling, she still would not go as far as to blame Jian Yiling for disappointments in her love life.

Shan Yurou was relieved when she saw Qin Yufan sit down.

Was Shan Yurou stupid? No, she wasn’t. She knew very well that by making a move against Jian Yiling, she was very likely going to provoke Zhai Yunsheng.

However, she wanted to provoke Zhai Yunsheng!

Her real goal was not Jian Yiling. Rather, it was Qin Yufan!

Jian Yiling was just a p.a.w.n she was using. A p.a.w.n that she would destroy.

Qin Yufan would have never imagined that she was the one who was getting trapped.

It was likely that Qin Yufan was still laughing at their stupidity.

However, she didn’t know that she was the one who was the most stupid.

Shan Yurou had repeatedly tried to take advantage of Qin Yufan’s feelings for Zhai Yunsheng. She wanted to use a woman’s jealousy to convince Qin Yufan to make a move against Jian Yiling.

And thus, she had made preparations before she invited Qin Yufan to come over.

It didn’t matter whether Qin Yufan was directly involved in her plans or not. As long as she was present, she would not be able to deny her involvement.

She believed that as long as Qin Yufan had Zhai Yunsheng in her heart, the ugly part of the human heart would drive her to hate Jian Yiling. And thus, she would want to watch Jian Yiling fall into a deep abyss.

Shan Yurou’s stupid and clumsy appearance was merely a pretense on her part.

She hated Qin Yufan.

She had been living as a shadow for twenty years because of Qin Yufan!

She hated Qin Yufan so much that she was willing to make Qin Yufan suffer even at the cost of herself!

Then, Shan Yurou took a look at Jian Yiling. She was such an ordinary and simple-minded girl. However, she could provoke a conflict between the Qin family and the Zhai family. As a result, she was worth her weight in gold.

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