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Chapter 467: Boss’s Lackeys

Then, Shan Yurou ordered Jian Yiling: “Do you see the man and woman beside you right now? Do what they do. If you don’t do it, you will never see your brother again.”

Following this, Jian Yiling saw a man sitting on the sofa. The woman next to him took the initiative to come up to him. Then, she put her hands around the man’s neck.

As she watched, an ordinary-looking man sat down on the seat next to Jian Yiling.

Shan Yurou wanted Jian Yiling to do the same thing. She wanted to record everything on video as well.

However, Jian Yiling looked at Shan Yurou rather indifferently. It seemed as though she had no intention of doing as she was told.

“Are you deaf? Or can you not understand human words?” Shan Yurou asked. Her voice was filled with contempt and it appeared as though she was looking down on Jian Yiling.

Although she had done this for the sake of dealing with Qin Yufan, she disliked Jian Yiling from the bottom of her heart as well.

“Are you doing this for Qin Yufan, or are you doing this for yourself?” Jian Yiling asked in a calm voice.

“Do you have the right to ask me that question?”

Shan Yurou did not have the patience to speak to Jian Yiling about this. Given her current predicament, she didn’t think Jian Yiling had the right to ask her such a question either.

“Or do you think you’re special because Master Sheng was nice to you at the Qin family banquet? Well, I’m telling you right now that only Sister Fan deserves to stand next to Master Sheng.”

Then, Shan Yurou continued to threaten Jian Yiling.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she needed to record the scene of Jian Yiling taking the initiative to throw herself at a man, she wouldn’t have been speaking to her in the first place.

Jian Yiling glanced at the clock in the room before she said: “It’s about time.”

“It’s about time? What do you mean? Hurry up and follow my instructions. Do you hear me?” Shan Yurou said impatiently.

She knew that she only had this one chance.

However, Jian Yiling did not look at Shan Yurou. Instead, she spoke in the direction of the door: “Come in.”

Although her voice was naturally soft, it was somehow quite imposing as well.

Her words confused the people in the room.

Who was Jian Yiling telling to come in?

Qin Yufan looked at Jian Yiling with curiosity.

However, Shan Yurou was becoming angry: “I don’t have that much time for you to waste! Do you hear me?! Do as you’re told right now!”


The door of the KTY compartment was violently kicked open from the outside.

The person who kicked the door open was a man. Although he was quite handsome, he had a wild and unrefined expression on his face.

The person who kicked open the door was no other than Jian Yiling’s lackey, An Yang.

“Brother Yang… The door is open already. There’s no need to kick the door open,” a lackey whispered to An Yang.

“It’s cooler to kick the door open.”

He needed to look cool and scary when he entered the room.

Then, An Yang walked into the compartment.

His eyes swept over everyone before they finally stopped on Jian Yiling.

He smiled before he said to Jian Yiling: “Boss, should we call the police to arrest these people? Or should we do something else? We have gathered all the evidence.”

“Illegal detention and restricting the personal freedom of citizens is a criminal case. Report this to the police.”

Everyone in the compartment was stunned. Shan Yurou was especially shocked.

Why were these people calling Jian Yiling ‘Boss’?

The scene in front of them was rather strange.

Jian Yiling did not seem to look like a ‘Boss’.

However, the man was very serious when he greeted Jian Yiling. His att.i.tude was respectful and not perfunctory at all.

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