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Chapter 675: Teasing Her

The engagement party progressed smoothly. The Zhai family was incredibly enthusiastic to the Jian family.

This sent a good signal to the Jian family.

In the future, if Jian Yiling married into the Zhai family, she would not be treated badly.

After the engagement party, Jian Yiling went home with Zhai Yunsheng.

When she entered the apartment, Jian Yiling saw Zhai Yunsheng smile.

His smile was rather good-looking.

“This time, you’re no longer entering my apartment as my primary care physician.”

Instead, she was entering as his fiancee.

Jian Yiling’s face blushed when she heard this. Her face was like a small apple that had just ripened.

Upon seeing the blush on Jian Yiling’s face, Zhai Yunsheng’s smile intensified: “We’re already engaged. Are you only becoming shy now? Aren’t your reactions a bit slow?”

Then, he continued to tease Jian Yiling: “You know, after we get engaged, our relations.h.i.+p is no longer the same as before? You’re my fiancee now. We can…”

“We can reproduce offspring?” Jian Yiling asked.

As a doctor who learned biology well, it was impossible for Jian Yiling to not know about this.

She had enough theoretical knowledge about human anatomy and the reproduction of offspring.

“Cough, cough… Cough cough…” Zhai Yunsheng choked.

Initially, he intended to tease his little rabbit. However, Jian Yiling’s words made him choke on his saliva instead!

It seemed as though his little rabbit knew quite a lot of things!

Zhai Yunsheng looked at Jian Yiling’s face. Her face was calm and her eyes were clear.

For a moment, Zhai Yunsheng wanted to put into practice Jian Yiling’s words.

However, that thought only lasted in his mind for a moment.

Zhai Yunsheng hurriedly said: “It’s quite late. Go and rest. Don’t stay up too late. Don’t make your body weak.”


Then, Jian Yiling turned around and headed into her room.

She did not notice that Zhai Yunsheng was staring at her with heated eyes.

Just now, he had controlled himself.

It was not the right time.

Although he used despicable means to make them engaged, he did not want to use the same methods to make her his.

He wanted to wait for her.

He wanted to wait for her feelings for him to become clearer.

He wanted to wait for her to understand a bit more.


The news of Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling’s engagement blew up the news circle in Beijing.

Most people’s first reaction was: Who is Jian Yiling?

Other than the people who hung out with Zhai Yunsheng, everyone else merely knew that Jian Yiling came from an ordinary family in Hengyuan City. They knew nothing else about her.

[Who is Jian Yiling? How did she become acquainted with Master Sheng?]

[Yeah, how did she manage that? People rarely get to see Zhai Yunsheng.]

[The sparrow became the phoenix. This woman we’ve never heard about suddenly became the matriarch of the Zhai family.]

Then, everyone’s second reaction was: How would Qin Yufan react?

Everyone a.s.sumed that Qin Yufan would not give up easily. They were waiting for Qin Yufan to give Jian Yiling a hard time.

After all, in Beijing, the only family that dared to mess with the Zhai family was the Qin family.

Although she was currently being discussed, Qin Yufan was staring at her phone.

She was staring at the chat logs between Jian Yichen and her.

The entire conversation was focused on their kidnapping.

Furthermore, their communication was only focused on business matters.

As he said so himself, he just wanted Qin Yufan to control Qin Chuan’s power.

However, even till now, she still did not know what Qin Chuan did to him.

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