From Sidekick to Bigshot Chapter 800 - No Choice But to Take Off a Vest (2)

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Chapter 800: No Choice But to Take Off a Vest (2)

Starting from two years ago, Zhang Xuming began to transfer money to Jian Yiling. The amount that he transferred was rather large. It was at least a few million dollars every single time.

Furthermore, he typically transferred money every month.

In fact, there were months when he made two to three transactions.

The transactions continued until recently.

For some reason, the last transaction coincided with the date of Jian Yiling and Zhai Yunsheng’s engagement.

After that, Zhang Xuming no longer transferred money into Jian Yiling’s account.

Furthermore, there was also a list of items that Zhang Xuming purchased. Inside that list, there were jewels and accessories.

However, everyone knew that Zhang Xuming did not have children. As he was also unmarried, he had no one to gift these jewels and accessories to.

Some of the accessories seemed to be tailored towards young girls. Other than Jian Yiling, Wei Qirui had not seen another young girl appear beside Zhang Xuming.

An eighty-year-old man and an eighteen-year-old girl.

Why would there be so many transactions between them?

After Wei Qirui showed the files and records to Jian Yuncheng, he distributed the copies he made to the other guests that were present.

After the guests took a look at the information in their hands, they all turned around to look at Jian Yiling.

The faces of the brothers in the Jian family became particularly unpleasant.

Jian Yuncheng and Jian Yiheng appeared relatively calm. Their facial expression did not change significantly. However, their eyes clearly turned cold.

Jian Yujie was so angry that he wanted to fight Wei Qirui. However, he was stopped by Jian Yumin.

“Just wait for a bit. Let your cousins handle it.”

Jian Yumin was already much more mature than he was three years ago.

He was no longer as reckless as he was back then. He knew that impulsiveness in such a situation would not do much good.

Jian Yiheng’s fists were clenched up. His eyes were tinged with killing intent.

Anyone who wanted to harm his family would end up in h.e.l.l.

Wei Qirui was quite satisfied with everyone’s reactions. It was just as he expected.

Wei Qirui continued to speak: “If I hadn’t discovered these fishy transactions, I would never have believed that the Jian family climbed into the Beijing corporate circle using these methods.”

Then, Wei Qirui continued to mock Jian Yuncheng: “It seems as though the Jian family relies on selling their daughters and sisters to attain their status in society. Honestly, I’m impressed. Although I’m quite despicable, I would never stoop low enough to do such a nasty and disturbing thing.”

Previously, the Jian family was only a small family from Hengyuan City. However, in a short span of time, they already managed to establish a firm foothold in the Beijing circles.

Their rapid achievements made the crowd both envious and surprised.

As the transaction details were right in front of their faces, it was hard for everyone to not suspect a thing.

However, no one dared to make a sound right now. They all cautiously looked towards Zhai Yunsheng.

It seemed as though Master Sheng was wearing a s.h.i.+ny green hat[1] on his head.

Furthermore, this hat was placed on his head by an eighty-year-old man.

Could there be anything more disgusting than this?

Then, everyone took a good look at Jian Yiling. Jian Yiling appeared to be a quiet and well-behaved girl. However, it seemed like she could do disgusting things for the sake of her family’s interests.

These kinds of things were rather common in their circles.

Many of the swimsuit beauties at the birthday party today had a similar mentality.

As long as they got enough money, they did not care if the other person was sixty years old, seventy years old, or even eighty years old.

Furthermore, old men seemed to have a preference towards young girls that were seventeen or eighteen years old. It seemed as though their bodies could help them regain their virility.

It was not the first time that such a thing was heard in their circles.

However, most people hushed these incidents up. After all, speaking about these incidents in public would ruin people’s values.

[1] Translator Note: As mentioned previously, “green hat” is an expression that Chinese people use when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend. This dates back to the Yuan dynasty when the relatives of prost.i.tutes were forced to wear green hats.

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From Sidekick to Bigshot Chapter 800 - No Choice But to Take Off a Vest (2) summary

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