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Chapter 536: Sister Xi! Sister Xi!!

By the time Zhan Busi had finished his introduction, his list of academic qualifications had already surpa.s.sed everyone else’s present.

All the top students from Huaxia University and Huazhong University had dark expressions on their faces. When it was their turn to introduce themselves, they were too embarra.s.sed to say that they had partic.i.p.ated in the IMO. They only mentioned a few of their specialties, as well as their university experience.

The 36 people took their turns to introduce themselves. Xue Xi felt that time was very long, so she began to silently recall the words she had memorized today.

At the same time, the comments were also very lively.

Not only did Zhan Busi’s self-introduction attract the attention of the top students, but it also attracted a lot of criticism and envy.

“—Is this person here to cause trouble?”

“—Why would a Chinese show invite a foreign genius?”

[We’re doomed. Why do I feel like Huaxia University and Huazhong University are losing? I don’t want it to be like this! Crying!]

“What kind of thinking is that? Academics have no boundaries. Besides, no one said that the production team can’t invite foreigners, right? I’m with Xu Xinyao. I support Zhan Busi!”

Xu Xinyao came from a foreign group of female students. It was not surprising that she knew a top student from overseas. They supported Zhan Busi!

The comments were relatively peaceful.

When it was time for the next introduction, the person was from Huazhong University.

As soon as he started his self-introduction, the bullet screen was filled with messages.

“—Ah ah ah, my school. I’m from Huazhong University. I’m here to support him!”

“—Our cla.s.s will win! Go, Brainiac!”

“—Support, support!”

Unfortunately, the comments from the dozens of people in the same cla.s.s disappeared among the crowd.

After this person finished his self-introduction, it was time for the next person. The comments were the same. It could be seen that the people who supported Huazhong University were different.

Someone began to laugh.

“—So conflicted, so conflicted. Ten people are from our school. Who should I support? Or should I split the ten tickets in my hands?”

“—Hahaha, I’m dying of laughter. If there are ten people from Huazhong University, won’t they split the student voters from Huazhong University?”

“—With their strength divided, Huazhong University and Huaxia University are finished!”

“—Look at Zhan Busi. His cla.s.smates from overseas have all supported him by watching a Chinese show. Have you seen the comments in English yet?”


“—I don’t understand what the English comment above says.”

“Everyone from Scanford University supports Zhan Busi, but Huazhong and Huaxia are splitting their forces. Seriously, don’t blame us for having too many people!”

“—Ah ah, if these ten-plus people from Huazhong University had diluted the strength of their school, wouldn’t the twenty from Huaxia University dilute theirs even more? It felt like Huazhong University was going to lose this time!”

Huazhong University and Huaxia University were both century-old schools and ranked first and second in China. However, the two schools did not want to give in and kept arguing. The students of the two schools even fought with each other on the Internet.

This time, their top students were partic.i.p.ating in this kind of program. They would put in a lot of effort, and the best students would be the final winner.

Therefore, the students from Huazhong University were all supported by their cla.s.s and school!

After the students from Huazhong University finished their introductions, it was finally Huaxia University’s turn. On the bullet screen, the students from Huazhong University were ready to mock.

The first person from Huaxia University introduced himself as Li Lian. After the introduction, the people from Huazhong University were waiting to see a joke. They wanted to see how Huaxia University would split into different factions. However, they did not expect the comments that quickly popped up.

“Li Lian, you can’t! Come down!”

“Why isn’t Sister Xi being shown yet?”

“Huaxia University, we only support Sister Xi!”

“Sister Xi, Sister Xi!”

Everyone: “?”

The pa.s.sersby and the people from Huazhong University were puzzled and asked curiously:

“Who is Sister Xi?”

“—Don’t ask. If you ask, they’ll say it’s the G.o.ddess of Studying!”

[Is Sister Xi someone you can call? Are you from Huaxia University?]

“Don’t s.n.a.t.c.h Sister Xi from me! I only support Sister Xi!”

“Sister Xi is invincible. Li Lian, come down!”

After Li Lian finished introducing himself, he turned to look in a direction and smiled. “Although I’m here to partic.i.p.ate in the program team, I want to say that I personally support Sister Xi.”

These comments were all reflected in the eyes of the production team.

The a.s.sistant director was stunned. “Are these people from Huaxia University?”

The staff at the side nodded. “Yes. From the looks of it, they all registered their accounts today. Their names state that they’re all from Huaxia University, including from which department, which cla.s.s. Very orderly.”

The a.s.sistant director: “?”

He was stunned. “Is there anything special about this Sister Xi?”

The staff looked at the resume in his hands. “No!”

The production team had already investigated the people who came. They were just ordinary straight-A students!

The a.s.sistant director gulped. They had to watch carefully later and give this Sister Xi more screen time. Could she be some celebrity hidden in Huaxia University?

Huaxia University’s comments went crazy.

Unfortunately, the geniuses and trainees in the program team did not know that. After the Huaxia University people finished introducing themselves, it was finally Xue Xi and Qin Shuang’s turn.

Qin Shuang introduced herself first. “h.e.l.lo, everyone. I’m an independent trainee, Qin Shuang. The person beside me is my high school cla.s.smate.”

The camera was aimed at Xue Xi. She looked over with her big eyes and greeted the camera coldly. “h.e.l.lo, everyone. I’m Xue Xi.”


The bullet screen was filled with ellipses.

Then, there was a scene:

“—This young lady is so beautiful, I’m amazed!”

“—Ah ah ah, I’m dead! How can such a close-up shot be so beautiful? Who is she? A trainee?”

“No, Qin Shuang is the trainee. Who is this person?”

Just as everyone was exclaiming who it was, a large number of comments suddenly flooded the screen, drowning out everyone’s doubts.

“Sister Xi! Sister Xi! Sister Xi!”

“Sister Xi is so handsome!”

“Sister Xi, I’m here!”

“—Supporting Sister Xi!”

“The G.o.ddess of Studying will win!”

Everyone: “???”

Not everyone watching the show was from Huaxia University. At this moment, many question marks appeared above their heads.

Why did it feel like this person’s fanbase was even bigger than Xu Xinyao’s?!

What was going on!

The comments were filled with question marks, mixed with voices calling Sister Xi. It was a dazzling sight.

In the production team.

After Xue Xi finished introducing herself, the host was stunned for a while. After waiting for a while, he realized that she had really finished introducing herself.

He grimaced. Other top students had introduced themselves at length. Why was this person so straightforward?

Hence, he could only ask, “Xue Xi, right? Did you also join the IMO?”

Xue Xi had long, curly hair and was wearing a white s.h.i.+rt. She looked scholarly. “…Yes.”

Before the host could speak, Xu Xinyao asked impatiently, “Can I ask how many points you scored?”

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