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Chapter 761: Time to Pay

Fang Yi did not expect Xiang Huai to be so ruthless. He clearly would have been able to reduce Qian Xin’s sentence by giving Pei Ren a light punishment, but he actually did not go with that.

Was it just to avenge Xue Xi?

It’s true that this outcome would be the most advantageous to Fang Yi—after all, if Qian Xin was released, the G.o.d of Fortune Group would be returned to him. All the calculations and efforts she had made previously would be in vain. However, when she thought that Xiang Huai was doing this all because of Xue Xi, she felt her chest tighten.

Before Fang Yi could speak, Fang Ming had already recovered from the suppression he felt. He lowered his head and said, “We’ll do as you say.”

Just as Fang Yi was about to say something, Xiang Huai waved his hand and someone walked in. He grabbed Pei Ren and led him out.

Anger appeared in Pei Ren’s eyes. Just as he was about to say something, he saw Fang Yi showing him a calm expression. Only then did he suppress all his emotions and obediently follow the person out.

After he left, the monitoring team quietened down.

Seeing that his boss had no intention of leaving, Jing Fei recalled his boss’s words last night. Hence, he silently raised the next topic. “Then who is in charge of the G.o.d of Fortune Group now?”

Fang Yi looked at Fang Ming.

Fang Ming also pondered for a moment and probed, “The P9 and P10 from the military affairs department have important positions and can’t be transferred out for the time being. Other than Jing Fei and Zheng Zhi, the police department doesn’t have many P8s. In contrast, Fang Yi is more free. I think it’s better to let Fang Yi do it…?”

The moment he said this, Fang Yi looked at Xiang Huai.

She was the only person in the department who was a P10 but did not have a job! She looked like an inconsequential employee, but she also understood that this was because of Fang Ming’s existence.

As an esper, Xiang Huai clearly had a high position in the special department, but he still had to be monitored by three ordinary old men. No matter who it was, they would be unhappy.

Especially… Fang Yi knew Xiang Huai very well. This man had never been a disciplined person.

After accepting the special department post, he had been weakening the existence of the monitoring team. In the past, the monitoring team had had an extraordinary position in the special department. In recent years, they had only become a small department that could only control the internal rules!

As Fang Ming’s niece, Fang Yi had always thought that she had not been put in an important position by Xiang Huai because she had been implicated by Fang Ming.

This was also why she, who loved power, became even more obsessed with it.

However, it was also because of this that after the G.o.d of Fortune Group’s posting was vacated, she made Fang Ming suggest that the most senior Pei Ren take over instead of her.

Now that Pei Ren could not do it either, if she could… would Xiang Huai agree?

She looked at Xiang Huai uneasily and saw that the man was indeed silent. The face behind the black mask was hard to see, and she could not understand his thoughts.

After some time, Xiang Huai spoke again. “Sure.”

Fang Yi heaved a sigh of relief.


Joy appeared on her face as she stood up. “Boss, I’ll definitely do my best! Don’t worry!”

Jing Fei and Zheng Zhi were also stunned. What was going on?

Boss actually… agreed?

After giving this appointment, Xiang Huai did not stay for long. He did not even speak to Xue Xi and left the monitoring team.

As Xue Xi watched him leave, she felt a sense of familiarity.

Just as she was frowning, she suddenly heard the other special department members congratulate Fang Yi. “Sister Yi is in charge of the finance department now? You’ve been promoted!”

“Sister Yi’s parents died for the special department. Sister Yi is very popular here, so it’s not surprising that she has come this far. Sigh! Although I still feel that it’s a pity for Qian Xin…”

The matter of Qian Xin being detained had been discussed for a week and the popularity had finally dropped.

Everyone started discussing new intelligence:

“Actually, to be honest, Sister Yi is the only P10 in our police department. When Boss wanted to promote a new leader, he chose Jing Fei and Zheng Zhi instead. At that time, I felt that it was quite strange. Sister Yi is also qualified!”

“That’s true, but now that Sister Yi’s hard work has paid off… Hey, right, did you guys hear? That Mr. X from our department is actually Xue Xi!”

“What? Xue Xi is actually X?”

“X is a P9 as soon as she joined. This is unprecedented in the special department. It was so difficult for Fang Yi to get to her position, but someone can get in through the back door… Sigh! Boss is really muddle-headed!”

“That’s normal. After all, a hero can’t get past a beauty. Also, this time, Boss actually didn’t save Qian Xin in order to avenge Xue Xi. I suddenly feel a little disappointed…”


Listening to these people’s discussion, Xue Xi vaguely understood something.

Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly heard a cough. “Cough.”

Xue Xi turned around and saw Zheng Zhi standing beside her with a red face. He was stubbornly raising his chin and asking awkwardly, “Are you really X?”

Xue Xi: “…Mhm.”

Zheng Zhi: “…”

Zheng Zhi recalled his previous actions and the “retirement home” he had arranged for Xue Xi. Back then, he had even specifically instructed her to learn more from Mr. X. After all, X was a computer expert who could fight with Boss for one round. He instantly felt… awkward.

Just as he was thinking this, he saw Xue Xi stop and look at him. “Mhm, I treated me very well back then.”

Zheng Zhi: “…”

“I’ve also learned many things.”


Zheng Zhi fled!


From beside her, Jing Fei looked at him and laughed out loud. He said, “This is the first time in so many years that I’ve seen my son in such a sorry state. Every time he does something, he likes to stand on the moral high ground and teach others a lesson. It’s simply too infuriating! Sister Xi, I think he will definitely be too ashamed to see you after this!”

Xue Xi shook her head and continued walking.

Just as she took a few steps, she saw Qian Zheng and Xiao Xiao looking at her from the meeting room. It was obvious that they had also heard the results and their eyes were filled with smiles.

Just as Xue Xi walked over, she felt her shoulders sink. She turned around and realized that the black cat was already squatting on top of her. It lay on her shoulder and scratched its head before saying, “You guys can still laugh? Do you know what everyone is saying outside?”

Qian Zheng shook her head. “What’s wrong?”

Beside her, Xiao Xiao was eating some green tea leaves from the pantry. She frowned and continued eating them, then asked, “What’s wrong? Are we having a gathering?”


The black cat rolled its eyes at Xiao Xiao and jumped down from Xue Xi’s shoulder. It lay on the table and stared at the three of them. “Just now, I don’t know who’d spread the news that Fang Ming had suggested dealing with Pei Ren lightly to let Qian Xin off, but a certain boss was said to have been blinded by l.u.s.t and actually disagreed, insisting on severely punis.h.i.+ng Pei Ren. Everyone is saying that the boss has become a fatuous ruler! He did not do anything for Qian Xin, but he did something for Xue Xi! Qian Zheng, aren’t you angry?”

Did Boss just make a move?

Qian Zheng instantly bit her lip, but after a while, she shook her head. “Pei Ren hit Sister Xi and must pay the price! My brother’s matter is my brother’s matter. Why must we mix it up?”

Xiao Xiao also nodded. “That’s right! That’s too much!”

She ate another small mouthful of tea leaves and chewed them. She frowned. “But why did Boss appoint Fang Yi to the finance department?”

The black cat sneered. “Everyone is saying that Boss is shrewd one moment and muddle-headed the next. For Xue Xi’s sake, he really doesn’t even care about his reputation! Now, everyone is a little disheartened in private.”

It continued, “On the surface, no one dares to speak, but I just came from the staircase and overheard those people saying that Boss used to be the most protective, but now, he actually doesn’t care about Qian Xin and only cares about Xue Xi. It’s too disappointing.”

After saying that, it turned to look at Xue Xi. “Boss’s lifelong reputation has been ruined by you!”

Xue Xi: “…”

Everyone seemed to have misunderstood something. She frowned and said, “Those words must have been released by Fang Yi.”

They paused and looked at her. “What do you mean?”

Xue Xi said, “It’s to lower the teacher’s prestige and raise Fang Yi’s authority in the special department.”

The other two people and the cat looked at each other. Then, the black cat asked, “Then shouldn’t Boss take care of Qian Xin? Why didn’t he protect Qian Xin when he was in trouble?”

Xue Xi sighed and said, “I think the teacher is doing something big.”

“What do you mean?”

Xue Xi looked at the people outside the meeting room. Everyone was discussing something.

Xue Xi said, “If the teacher targeted Fang Yi the moment she arrived, what do you think the rest will think?”

Xiao Xiao shook her head. It was obvious that she did not like to use her brain.

Qian Zheng also looked at her blankly. “I don’t understand.”

Only Xitara frowned. “I understand!”

Both of them looked at it.

Xitara took small steps and explained the rules of the palace to them. “Most of the people in the special department have been here for a long time. They belonged to the special department of the previous generation. As the saying goes, the up-and-coming youngster will outstrip the older generation. Fang Yi’s parents were people who sacrificed themselves for the special department. There are old people in this department who have a lot of say. If Boss had put them in their place back when he had just taken over his position, it would have made those old people bitterly disappointed. Hence, Boss could only try his best to marginalize Fang Yi. However, it was also Fang Yi’s fault for giving Boss a reason to marginalize her…”

Fang Yi had made a lot of contributions to the special department, and because of her treatments, everyone owed her a few favors. Logically speaking, it was not unreasonable for her to be in a high position.

However, she had fallen in love with Boss and he did not like her. Hence, he did not want to see her, making her position in the special department awkward.

On the surface, it was like this.

But in reality, how could Xiang Huai be a sentimental person?!

If Fang Yi was really useful, why would he marginalize her just because she liked him? That was just an excuse.

The real reason was!

Fang Yi’s thoughts were not pure!

The black cat glanced at Xue Xi. She did not say the rest because Xiao Xiao and Qian Zheng would not understand if she did. Hence, she decided to save it.

She continued, “Fang Yi can’t be touched. Before her true colors are discovered by everyone, all the elders in the special department will feel uneasy if something happened to her. They will feel that Boss is only nurturing his trusted subordinates and ignoring the feelings of the elders…

“Hence, over the years, Boss has given Fang Ming a lot of respect. It’s to slowly develop and expand the special department under his watch. Now, our special department has become the department with the highest priority. Who doesn’t give us face when we’re outside? After that, Boss suddenly disappeared for a year. I guess it’s to give Fang Yi a chance to make a move. Now that Boss is back, he definitely has to rectify the last few restrictions within the special department!”

After the black cat finished its a.n.a.lysis, its eyes revealed joy. Its whiskers trembled. “Hehe, I think someone will be in trouble in the future. Perhaps Qian Xin’s matter is a trap!”

After saying that, it looked up and saw Xiao Xiao and Qian Zheng staring at it with widened eyes.

The black cat asked, “Do you understand?”

The two of them shook their heads in unison. “No.”

The black cat: “…”

Xue Xi’s eyes turned cold as she looked at the two of them.

Although the black cat was usually just a palace drama fanatic, it was actually very smart. What it said was what it thought.

It was just that some of the details were not clear.

However, after the black cat said this, Xue Xi realized that the Omnipotent Boss she thought of was not omnipotent. It turned out that the teacher also had to be meticulously managed and restricted.

The drawbacks of the special department were starting to show. Was the teacher planning to uproot those bad things?

Her eyes lit up.

She did not expect that she would witness a revolution the moment she joined the special department.

Since that was the case, it would be good to watch the show.

She immediately instructed, “So, no matter how others try to drive a wedge between us, don’t fall for it. Also, no matter what others say about the teacher, you guys shouldn’t say anything bad about him.”

She could not stop other people’s mouths, but she did not want to hear any slander from the two of them and the cat.

In the monitoring team.

After the others left, Fang Yi and Fang Ming spoke before leaving in high spirits.

She had finally reached her goals!

Just as she was thinking this, she heard a voice beside her. “Fang Yi.”

Fang Yi turned around and saw Jing Fei standing there. She lowered her eyes and pretended to sigh. “I didn’t expect Boss to punish Pei Ren in exchange for letting Qian Xin out. Sigh! Boss is really paying too much attention to Xue Xi. However, don’t be disappointed as someone who follows Boss. I think if something like Qian Xin’s situation happens to you, Boss will not ignore you.”

Her words were comforting, but the malice in them was obvious.

A cold glint flashed across Jing Fei’s eyes. He was a little angry, but he quickly suppressed it and smiled. “Fang Yi, I came here to remind you that it’s time to pay…”

Time to pay?

Fang Yi was at first stunned before saying, “Alright, I understand. I’ll go to the G.o.d of Fortune Group now and get them to transfer the salary for this month…”

After saying that, she walked forward.

She did not see Jing Fei’s eyes flickering as he stood behind her. His lips curled into a disdainful sneer.

Fang Yi, do you think it’ll be easy to take over the G.o.d of Fortune Group?


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