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284. Training Soldiers

Translator: Fan Translation Studio

“They are the people I respected the most in my heart, and I would never forget them in my life.” Xiao Baoshan said with a serious face.

Qian Qi was very excited when he heard this, drinking up the milk tea as if it was alcohol.

Qian Qi added, “They were killed by the people from the Beiqing State in the first place. F**king Beiqing, I dreamed that one day I could lead soldiers against them and beat their a.s.s.”

Baoshan did not say anything and only silently drank milk tea.

In his opinion, this opportunity was very slim since they were garrisoned the west, unless imperial court was deployed.

But after going to Beihui city, he knew that the court would send the princess to their hostile country and kill ministers who were brave enough to remonstrate to the court rather than declare a war.

Qian Qi added, “There was a irritating news recently. The imperial court saw that Heihe city had fallen and did not send soldiers to help. After Heihe city was lost, they sent soldiers to guard the Linglong County and did not allow refugees to enter the city, so that the refugees had to flee into the deep mountains. I’m afraid that Daqi fief will be in chaos sooner or later.”

Xiao Baoshan asked, “Why would the new emperor be so fatuous?”

“I think he might want to stabilize the political situation. If we don’t win, then we will give the Beiqing State a reason to continue attacking the south. Once they arrive at the capital city, his throne will not be maintained.”

Baoshan frowned, “How do you know without a war?”

“Yeah, he a.s.sumed that our country would be defeated even without starting a war. What was even more strange was that refugees were not placed in the city. Now, people on the side must not talk about life, lived in misery and suffering.”

Baoshan sighed.

Qian Qi had been observing him all the time. See Baoshan sighing, Qian Qi thought Baoshan must have felt depressed and asked, “What will you do if we have the chance to join the army again?”

Baoshan did not think about it, “Of course, pledge my life for our country.”

“Good!” Qian Qi slapped his thigh and added, “Then please follow me to a place. You’ll know when you get there.”

Baoshan was confused, “Where?”

“A place you will definitely love!” Qian Qi said.


Baoshan was still recovering, so he needed permission of the doctor Xiao if he wanted to go out. The doctor said he was almost healed, and the doctor has stayed here for a long time, it is the time for him to return to Zhongyuan Area.

So he would follow them to Baoning city first and then from Baoning city to the north.

Under the permission of the doctor, Baoshan went to greet Li Hongmei.

“Mom, I’m going out with General Qian.”

“Where are you going?” Li Hongmei asked anxiously.

Ye Xiaoxian and Baoshan were there, including Little Xun.

Baoshan said, “Baoning city, General Qian invited me and will come back in a few days.”

“Oh…” Li Hongmei said, “Then… then you go. You’ve been in the tribe for so long, and it’s time for you to go out. What’s more, you… your body is pretty much better. Go ahead.”

Li Hongmei looked at Ye Xiaoxian as she spoke.

Ye Xiaoxian didn’t say anything. Baoshan was here to talk about this, so he would definitely go out.

Baoshan also glanced at Ye Xiaoxian and told her, “I’ll be back in a few days.”

“Go, have fun,” Ye Xiaoxian smiled slightly.

He also greeted her, meaning that he cared about her thoughts.

They quickly cleaned up the carriage, grabbed a few clothes and went on their way.


The few women watched Baoshan leave at the entrance of the yurt and saw that their carriage was further and further away until it slowly disappeared from sight.

Li Hongmei then looked at Ye Xiaoxian and said, “I don’t know why. I have a bad presentiment that Baoshan will continue to travel far away from home in the future. Just like before, he will be gone for a long time.”

Ye Xiaoxian actually had the same feeling.

Baoshan usually stayed in the tribe, as if he had no sense of existence at all. When you see him, you would think that he would stay here forever and would never leave.

However, it was Qian Qi who came to see him. After chatting for a while, Baoshan decided to leave with him. If it wasn’t for something important, he wouldn’t have left in such a hurry.

Ye Xiaoxian suddenly felt empty and uneasy in her heart.

But she thought again that Baoshan was an independent person with his own mind. How could the women in their tribe keep him here?

Before this, he was willing to stay because his family was here, but in his mind, there might be something more important than his family.

Forget it, whatever it would happen, just let it be.


Baoning city.

Qian Qi, Baoshan, and the doctor Xiao went to see the Sixth King and the Seventh King first. The Sixth King had set up a banquet to entertain them, which was also to say goodbye to the doctor Xiao.

After the doctor’s leave, they talked about the imperial court and the war in the north. All of them were worried.

Baoshan then asked Qian Qi, “Didn’t you say you wanted to take me to a place? Where is that place?”

Qian Qi kept catching Baoshan’s interest. “No rush, no rush. That place is a bit far. It’s sort of late now and we’ll head over tomorrow morning.”


Baoshan could only wait.

That night, he stayed at the Sixth King’s residence and saw Xiao Baofeng.

Xiao Baofeng had been studying with the sons and daughters of the Sixth King. For living in other’s home and his humble background, he particularly strove in studying. Now, his knowledge had surpa.s.sed the Sixth King’s children.

The Sixth King was not jealous, nor was he suppressing Xiao Baofeng. Instead, he hired another teacher to teach Xiao Baofeng alone. The effect of one-to-one tutoring was even more obvious. The teacher said that he could be admitted to cultivated talent in less than a year.

When he saw Xiao Baoshan, he first bowed to Baoshan, “h.e.l.lo, brother.”

Xiao Baoshan smiled, “So polite?”

“Teacher taught me it.”

“It’s a little aloof,” Xiao Baoshan smiled, “You don’t have to be polite to me.”

But he did not dare to act out of the line. He usually had spoken and acted cautiously and didn’t venture in this residence.

Xiao Baoshan added, “How have you been?”

“I’m good. Everyone here treats me very well.”

Xiao Baoshan touched the head of him. He knew clearly how it felt to depend on other for a living. The more thoughtful he was, the more cautious.

However, there was no other way. The Sixth King’s residence was a royal palace and there were fewer rules in Baoning city. If they were in the capital city, there would be more rules.

“It’s really hard for you to do so, come out to study at such a young age,” said Xiao Baoshan.

When they entered the house and stayed alone, Xiao Baofeng’s eyes turned red. He asked, “How is mom, and sister-in-law? How about Baozhu and the rest?

“They’re all pretty good. Now they live in a better life in this year, and they have enough money on hand and enough meat on table. You are studying alone outside, it would be very tough, though. However, as long as you get over it, you will make a difference in the future, so you have to stick to it, anyway.”

Xiao Baofeng nodded and said, “I will.”

“Brother, what are you doing here?” asked Xiao Baofeng.

In his teens, he was already very sedate in talking and had his own mind.

Xiao Baoshan came over before and left quickly, but this time he came alone and obviously was for something.

Baoshan touched his head, “I have no idea for now. General Qian took me here for something. I guess we’ll see it tomorrow. Let’s have a good chat tonight.”

Xiao Baofeng immediately showed a cheerful look.


The next day, Qian Qi prepared a carriage early to pick up Xiao Baoshan.

There were a lot of desserts and pastries made by Old Mrs. Qian in the carriage. They said that they couldn’t buy them anywhere else.

In fact, Xiao Baoshan did not say that it could be made in their tribe. Ye Xiaoxian’s cooking skill was better than anyone else and the dessert she made was better than others.

However, Xiao Baoshan accepted it politely and decided to eat along the way.

The place Qian Qi was going to visit seemed very secretive. The two of them first went to an inn and changed their clothes. Then, they walked out from behind and all the way out until they got horses to pick them.

Riding horse all the way arrived at the foot of a mountain, they entered a prison and saw some prisoners in prison clothes working outside.

Xiao Baoshan was confused. Why would Qian Qi take him to this prison? Are there were some important criminals in the prison?

After entering the prison camp, Qian Qi took Baoshan into the barracks. The room was dark and all the prisoners were working above, so it was empty inside.

At the end of the room, Qian Qi touched some kind of mechanisms inside. At this moment, a wall slowly opened and Qian Qi said to Baoshan, “General Xiao, this is the place I want to show you.”

It turned out that there was a hidden spot inside the wall.

From the outside, it was a normal prison, but there was still a large s.p.a.ce inside, and one could hear the sound of training inside.

At a rough glance, there were seven or eight thousand people.

These people were practicing lineup. The people who trained them were just several capable generals of Qian family’s .

Little Black, whom was saved by Xiao Baoshan last time, was also there.

Little Black saw Baoshan and Qian Qi and immediately ran over.

“General Qian, General Xiao, you come here?”

Xiao Baoshan understood that they were training here so that they could develop their own army.

He was in a surprise. He didn’t expect there were so many people.

A war usually didn’t rely on numbers but on elites. As long as they trained well, 10,000 people could resist 100,000 people.

Qian Qi looked at Baoshan and smiled slightly. “This is why I told you that we can return to the battlefield. Speaking of which, the reason why we were able to develop so many soldiers is because of your wife. Thanks to your wife and the Seventh King organized this camel team together, we wouldn’t have had so much money to support this team.”

Xiao Baoshan felt a sense of pride in his heart.

Looking at these soldiers again, he was both excited and cheerful. This was the most exciting thing he had ever experienced since he got his memory back.

He desperately wanted to return to the battlefield, and it seemed he was belong to the battlefield.

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