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Chapter 1083: Research Complete!

June 1st, Friday…

Meng Chang wore a mask,, and cap and came to the snack market in the old industrial zone.

At first, Meng Chang had completely lost his motivation. However, the little flame of hope in his heart burned again after talking to Boss Pei yesterday.

Thus, he came to inspect today.

After removing the wrong option, there were three options left: snack market, experience shop, and inspiration cla.s.s.

It was already Friday today. It was impossible to research the situation of all three industries within this week, but Meng Chang still felt that he had to hurry up.

The earlier the research was done, the earlier the publicity plan would be confirmed. The more money he burned, the more commission he would get.

It was not encouraging Meng Chang to adopt a conservative publicity plan but encouraging Meng Chang to come up with more risky plans.

That was because he should pursue a high commission without any worries!

All in all, after Boss Pei adjusted the contents of the agreement between the two parties, Meng Chang once again became pa.s.sionate about the commission!

Meng Chang was fully armed today and covered his face tightly, afraid that he would be recognized.

It was not that he had the burden of an idol, nor was he afraid of meeting fans on the streets.

The reason why he was so cautious was mainly to guard against Boss Pei’s employees.

Meng Chang had also reviewed his failures and realized that there seemed to be a huge shadow behind him. That was Boss Pei!

Take the publicity for Mission and Choice for example. Was changing the release date of the game something a human would do?

Boss Pei might have said that it was to clash with Fantasy Battle Remake after the incident but Meng Chang still suspected that it might be a cover. The real reason was targeted at him.

There were many similar situations.

Meng Chang felt that he had a pretty good grasp of the situation every time. However, his plan would always fail and be ruined because of some inexplicable and freaky combination of factors.

Once or twice was fine, but how many times had it been!

Was it possible to say that Boss Pei was not behind this?

Meng Chang felt that there must have been at least one or two failures that Boss Pei was messing with. His goal was to destroy his plan so that he could only get a basic salary.

Meng Chang had no evidence but he believed it firmly.

Therefore, there must be many spies of Boss Pei in the various departments.

Even the advertising and marketing department was not spared.

As the saying went, ‘success through secrecy, failure through leak of the secret’. It meant that the better the confidentiality, the higher the chances of success.

Therefore, Meng Chang decided to try his best to keep it a secret this time. He would definitely not let Boss Pei guess which project he wanted to publicize before the publicity plan was officially opened.

That way, the probability of getting a commission would definitely increase greatly!

Meng Chang pretended to be a curious pa.s.serby and walked around the snack market.

Many people in Jingzhou were very interested in Tengda’s new industry. Thus, many people were shopping nearby. These people were of different ages. Some of them were older than the locals. The uncles and aunties came to take a walk and take a look while they were at it. Some young people might have come all the way here to take a look.

Meng Chang hid his tracks very well.

According to the working period, the snack market would only be officially opened in two weeks. Thus, no vendors were moving in yet. There was still some finis.h.i.+ng work to be done with the renovations.

Even though the general style of the entire snack market had been confirmed, it was still very difficult to deduce whether it would become popular based on this.

Meng Chang walked around the food market twice but still had no clue.

It was very difficult to determine if it would become popular just by seeing these contents.

However, at that moment, his eyes lit up as he saw someone he knew.

Wasn’t that Li s.h.i.+ from Fu Hui Investments?

If not for Li s.h.i.+, Meng Chang would not have been in debt and would not have ended up in this state.

Strictly speaking, Meng Chang hated Li s.h.i.+ more than Boss Pei.

After all, Boss Pei gave Meng Chang the feeling that he was the ultimate villain in a movie. He might be hateful but he was powerful and filled with personal charm. On the other hand, Boss Li gave Meng Chang the feeling that he was a lackey under the antagonist. He might not be very dangerous but he was filled with evil tricks. He had to be wary!

It was easy to get past the King of h.e.l.l, but difficult to get through the little ghosts.

However, now was not the time to bear a grudge because Li s.h.i.+’s appearance would reveal some information.

Meng Chang temporarily put down his hatred and silently pretended to be an ordinary pa.s.serby who was strolling around. He followed not far behind Li s.h.i.+ and observed silently.

Li s.h.i.+ would not have come here for no reason. Something must have happened!

Meng Chang had long realized that Li s.h.i.+ and a few investors in Jingzhou had always been close to Boss Pei and followed Boss Pei’s lead.

Li s.h.i.+’s appearance near Boss Pei’s new industry… was definitely not a good sign.

Indeed, Li s.h.i.+ walked all the way to a shop near the snack market. He entered and chatted with the boss.

After chatting for about half an hour, Li s.h.i.+ seemed to be very satisfied. He came out with a smile and went to the next shop to continue chatting.

Meng Chang carefully maintained a distance from Li s.h.i.+ and stared at him from afar.

Why was he talking to these shop owners?

Obviously, he wanted to buy a shop!

There was no other explanation.

Meng Chang could not help but snicker inwardly. There was no need to look. He had eliminated another wrong answer!

This was Boss Pei’s usual trick. Meng Chang already knew about it.

Boss Pei did not have enough funds when he built the Thriller Hostel. It was difficult for him to build the entire Thriller Hostel, including the surrounding facilities.

Thus, Boss Pei purposely distributed the surrounding businesses to Li s.h.i.+ and the other investors in Jingzhou.

That way, they would have the surrounding facilities and the publicity work for the Thriller Hostel would be in place. Even though they would be able to split some benefits, everyone would be able to make more money.

Boss Pei was obviously trying the same trick again!

It was impossible for Tengda to buy all the shops around the snack market, so they deliberately left a portion for Boss Li and the other investors to buy.

That way, he would not have to fork out too much money. At the same time, he could firmly control all the surrounding shops. He could develop and unify the plan.

At that point, Meng Chang was basically certain that this snack market was going to become popular.

That was because Boss Pei had already arranged for Boss Li and the others to buy all the surrounding shops. Obviously, he had 100% confidence in this snack market.

At that time, even if Meng Chang’s publicity plan was done well, he would probably not be able to get a commission no matter how much money he spent.

That was because Boss Li and the others would definitely think of a way to make this place popular!

Under the favor of so many investors, even if he had to spend money, he had to make this place popular.

It could be said that seeing Boss Li partic.i.p.ate basically meant that this place could not be touched.

That was because Boss Li was not only Boss Pei’s puppet, but also an extension of Boss Pei’s will. He would also take the initiative to carry out Boss Pei’s intentions so that his interests would not be harmed.

Based on the previous cases, any project that Boss Li used was definitely the most important to Boss Pei.

To the business genius Boss Pei, ‘most important’ often meant ‘definitely popular’!

Meng Chang did not stay any longer. He immediately gave up on the snack market and took a car to the next location for inspection: Tengda experience shop across the Great World.

This was considered official business. He would take a taxi and obtain a reimburs.e.m.e.nt.

The two places were quite far apart and there was a little traffic on the road. Meng Chang only arrived at Tengda’s experience shop nearly an hour later.

This was the first time Meng Chang visited Tengda’s experience shop.

However, Meng Chang only took a look from afar before opening the door and getting into the car again after getting out of the car.

“Master, let’s go. I’ve changed my schedule.”

The driver did not ask any more questions. He stepped on the accelerator and drove off.

Meng Chang just got out of the car and scanned the surroundings before collecting the following information.

Tengda’s experience shop was opposite the GPL league compet.i.tion venue. It often welcomed players from all over the country. What’s more, it seemed like the GPL’s Spring Compet.i.tion Finals were about to begin.

Tengda experience shop occupied the most perfect spot in the entire shopping mall. The huge gla.s.s wall looked extremely impressive. It could even become a new landmark in Jingzhou City.

There were two huge screens outside the shopping mall that were undergoing construction. Once the construction was complete, these two huge screens would bring a huge visual impact to pa.s.sers-by. They might even be captured and posted online, causing a greater popularity.

Therefore, Meng Chang did not intend to walk in at all. He just glanced outside and knew that this was probably a wrong answer.

Be it the snack market or the experience shop, even if he racked his brains to think of a publicity plan and worked hard to reduce the popularity, he would probably only last for two weeks and get a basic salary.

Meng Chang would definitely not do such a thing that was not proportional to his gains.

“Boss Pei is too much. He might have given me four options, and they look like a lot, but at least three of them are wrong! I’ll work for him for nothing if I choose!”

“There’s still one last option, the authors’ inspiration cla.s.s.”

“I wonder if this option is also a wrong choice. At the very least, he should have given me some s.p.a.ce to show off, right?”

“Ai, Boss Pei, please have some compa.s.sion!”

The more Meng Chang thought about it, the more melancholic he became.

At first, he had thought that it was just messing up the publicity plan. How simple!

However, Meng Chang increasingly felt that this was an epic difficulty and impossible task!

What’s more, the difficulty of this matter would only increase as Tengda gradually expanded. That was because Tengda was such a unique company. Its every move would be seen by netizens, and any behavior would be repeatedly interpreted by netizens. Even ordinary publicity could have unexpected effects.

Meng Chang did not know what to do in the future. He could only take it one step at a time.

At four in the afternoon, Meng Chang walked out of the building where Zhongdian Chinese Network’s “inspiration cla.s.s” was located.

He had completed his research before work ended!

In fact, Meng Chang had not planned to be so fast. He had reserved at least three days according to his original plan.

He had planned to finish researching and finalizing the publicity project on Tuesday.

However, he did not expect the first two projects to be developed so quickly. He only took a look and walked around a few times before he finished them. That was why he saved so much time.

It might be a sad story but it was also beneficial: Meng Chang could quickly formulate a publicity plan during the weekend and push it out on Monday.

That would minimize the possibility of the secret being leaked so that Boss Pei would not have time to play tricks.

“It looks like I was given four choices, but there is only one choice.”

“I can only publicize this inspiration cla.s.s.”

“The copyright development plan for this inspiration cla.s.s is very big, but all the plans will only officially begin in two months. The free time in between gives me a lot of room to maneuver.”

“I want to think of a foolproof publicity plan for the next two days.”

“What’s more, this plan must be simple enough. It would be best if there’s no need for any preparation work. It can be placed directly on subway stations, bus stations, and billboards.”

“The fewer links there are, the lower the possibility of leaking information. The fewer chances Boss Pei has of playing tricks.”

“Yes, let’s do that!”

Meng Chang could not help but feel excited.

The first three options were very messed up. If he were to create a publicity plan, he would definitely get a basic salary. Fortunately, there was still the option of an inspiration cla.s.s.

Meng Chang felt like a person trapped in a huge formation. Danger was everywhere and difficulties were everywhere but Boss Pei still left a “life door” for him no matter what!

He could only depend on his own effort to seize this lifeline.

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