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Chapter 1084: Meng Chang’s Principle Not Touching Three Areas

June 3rd, Sunday.

Meng Chang leaned back slightly after operating the laptop in his residence. He seriously sized up his fruit of labour after more than a day of hard work and nodded in satisfaction.

Yes, it was perfect!

Of course, this so-called “perfect” was a conclusion that could only be reached from his perspective.

Meng Chang specially opened a celebratory can of Coca Cola to make himself happy.

Meng Chang’s residence might not be good, but this computer was an office computer given by Tengda. It had all sorts of configurations and could easily deal with this simple job.

This high-end laptop was equipped with a 1 billion color monitor and a 2K high refresh rate screen.This screen was already enough for professional film veterans.

However, there was only a simple PS program on the computer at that moment. The pictures inside were pure-colored backgrounds, and the theme content was made up of many words. It looked messy.

It was filled with similar information: Eternal Reincarnation was ranked 24th in the entire station, top five in the Fantasy Zone, and had a total of 370,000 recommendation votes…

The other books in the inspiration cla.s.s and their achievements were also included.

There were a total of seven books and the results of these books.

These contents were laid out on the poster in a messy manner, intertwined and complicated.

It was neither ugly nor outstanding.

Of course, Meng Chang knew the layout of the poster very well.

Generally speaking, the smaller the number of words on the poster, the better. That was because large and simple pictures would be more advantageous to form a visual impact.

The more words there were, the smaller the words would look. The audience might feel tired reading them or they might not want to look at these words at all. Naturally, the publicity effect would be greatly reduced.

Of course, there were also some unavoidable situations. For example, many museum posters often needed to use large amounts of text to introduce a certain exhibition product. The designer would deliberately make some adjustments when designing the poster, such as adjusting the size of the words, the combination of the words, the arrangement of the words, and so on, to make the overall layout of the poster more comfortable.

Meng Chang knew this but he deliberately did not do so.

He only threw all of these contents onto the poster and made some simple adjustments.

Most people could see the contents of the poster clearly but it would definitely not be beautiful.

The reason was very simple. Why should the poster look beautiful? Wouldn’t that be the opposite of the goal of reverse publicity?

He just had to make the poster look pa.s.sable.

The contents of the poster were finalized after Meng Chang pondered and understood a lot of relevant knowledge.

The results of the works in the inspiration cla.s.s were not good.

It was ranked in the top 20 of the entire station, ranked in the top five of the zones and had a total recommendation by only 300,000 readers… This was not considered outstanding data even within Zhongdian Chinese Network. Instead, it looked very shabby.

Those who did not read online literature might think that the figures were not bad, but as long as they had a deeper understanding of online literature, they would know that the figures were quite bad.

Thus, it played a role in bragging and criticizing.

The most important thing was that everyone would think that the person who made this publicity plan “did not understand the online literature industry” and was an outsider. They would not think that he deliberately messed up this publicity plan.

Meng Chang would have achieved his goal that way.

Meng Chang had put in a lot of effort in order to guard against leaks. He disguised himself during the research and went to Zhongdian Chinese Network in secret without being seen by anyone. He also secretly made the plan at home. He did not ask Zhongdian Chinese Network for internal data. Instead, he went to Zhongdian Chinese Network’s application to collect data that was available for everyone.

Even the publicity poster was personally photoshopped by Meng Chang.

Meng Chang would hand this poster to the people from the advertising and marketing department directly when he returned to work on Monday. He would ask them to immediately hang this poster on public transport stations, subway stations, and websites in some cities.

That way, it would be too late to change their publicity plan even if the advertising and marketing department had spies planted by Boss Pei. In fact, it would be much harder for Boss Pei to secretly interfere!

The more Meng Chang thought about it, the more he felt that his plan was perfect.

He saved the poster, took two sips of Coca Cola, and then prepared to head downstairs to eat.

Meng Chang decided to walk two more steps to the nearby food square to eat a buffet barbecue.

Tengda’s work meals might be very delicious and were all delivered by Fish-Catching Take-Out, but they were too healthy after all. Sometimes, they still had to be slightly sinful if they wanted to reward themselves.

“Would you like to understand more about the new interactive fitness experience, sir?”

Meng Chang was humming as he walked towards the food square when he suddenly heard a familiar sales pitch. A hand and a flyer appeared in front of him.

He wanted to dodge subconsciously, but he suddenly realized that the slogans of the gym today were different from before.

It used to be: “Do you want to understand more about swimming training?”

Today, it became: “Would you like to understand more about the new interactive fitness experience?”

There seemed to be a huge difference!

Meng Chang reached out to take the flyer and realized that the content of the flyer was different from traditional gyms.

There were many characters in Fitness Battle printed on the flyer. There were handsome or charming poses. There was also a rendering of a smart fitness drying rack.

There was a series of promotional text below, mainly introducing the smart fitness drying rack and the Fitness Battle game.

On the back of the flyer was the name “Star Bird Fitness” and a logo, as well as the exact location of the nearby Gourmet Square store. It also stated that the card could ent.i.tle them to a 50% discount, which was very good.

Meng Chang was stunned.

“What’s happening?”

“Isn’t the smart fitness drying rack Tengda’s product?”

“Wasn’t Tengda’s own gym named Deposit Fitness, not Star Bird Fitness?”

“Could it be… a business cooperation?”

This had nothing to do with Meng Chang but he still came to the bas.e.m.e.nt of the Gourmet Square by chance and found the location of the Star Bird Fitness.

It was super crowded!

Previously, Meng Chang did not have a deep impression of this Star Bird Fitness. However, he was very sure that this gym had not been so popular before.

However,one would realize that there were many smart fitness drying racks placed in the main hall from afar. Many members were experiencing it, and many people were watching.

A few customer managers even moved back and forth, introducing this brand new equipment and gameplay to new customers attracted by the flyers, and taking the opportunity to promote members.h.i.+p cards.

Meng Chang could not help but sigh inwardly. Boss Pei was really good at making money!

He was the one who made the publicity plan for the smart fitness drying rack. Naturally, he knew this product very well.

However, Meng Chang had always thought that the smart fitness drying rack was a home fitness equipment.

He had not expected Boss Pei to successfully sell this equipment to other gyms, and expand his business area from home to business!

Once this market opened, it would be another considerable income.

There were more than 10 gyms in the country. How big was the market?

He could only say that Boss Pei’s horizons were too broad!

Meng Chang had always thought of himself as a business genius, but he was still far from Boss Pei.

It was an indisputable fact even though he did not want to admit it.

At that moment, Meng Chang suddenly saw a familiar figure.

“Boss Li?!”

Meng Chang quickly dodged to the side to prevent Li s.h.i.+ from discovering him.

Fortunately, Li s.h.i.+ was chatting with the boss of Star Bird Fitness, Che Rong. There were many people in the gym, so he did not see Meng Chang.

It was obvious that they were very satisfied with Star Bird Fitness from the smiles on their faces.

“Boss Li is indeed behind this!”

Meng Chang could not help but feel like “as expected”. He also realized that his plan to make the smart fitness drying rack had failed. It was definitely not a coincidence, but an inevitability!

A project that was related to Boss Li was definitely a key project that Boss Pei was interested in. The chances of success were very high!

Meng Chang would not have made this publicity plan if he had known that Boss Li would be involved in the smart fitness drying rack project.

He could only say that Boss Li had hidden it too well.

If Meng Chang had not come to this Gourmet Square on a whim, he would not have b.u.mped into Boss Li and the boss of Star Bird Fitness. He would not have known about Boss Li’s relations.h.i.+p with the smart fitness drying rack.

“It looks like I have to set a principle in the future: not to touch anything that has to do with these three points!”

“I must not touch any Tengda project that Boss Li is involved in.”

“I must not get involved in any Tengda projects that are very much involved with games.”

“I must not touch any of Tengda’s marketing projects that burn money to give out benefits.”

“As long as I remember this principle, I can avoid most projects with high success rates!”

“In that case… the failure of publicity for the smart fitness drying rack should not be a coincidence, but was an inevitability.”

“In the future, as long as I strictly follow the principle of not touching any of these three points, the probability of getting the right answers would definitely increase greatly.”

“The plan for the inspiration cla.s.s this time should be alright. It won’t be affected.”

Meng Chang happily thought that he was one step closer to completely unveiling the mystery of Tengda and Boss Pei. He was also one step closer to obtaining a stable commission. Thus, he ate his buffet barbecue happily.

Li s.h.i.+ and Che Rong were chatting in Star Bird Fitness.

The smart fitness drying racks had already been delivered the day before yesterday. After a day of placement and publicity, the customer flow today had obviously increased!

This made Li s.h.i.+ and Che Rong grin because it meant that they were in the right direction. The new model adopted by Star Bird Fitness was indeed promising!

Li s.h.i.+ said, “I’ll discuss with a few other investors and invest a sum of money into Star Bird Fitness to open more shops. We have to firmly grasp this trend and distinguish it from other gyms in Jingzhou.”

Che Rong quickly nodded. “Thank you, Boss Li! However… won’t Boss Pei be angry if we open branches with such fanfare?”

Li s.h.i.+ smiled. “Don’t worry. Boss Pei can’t be bothered with such a small matter as long as the person-in-charge of Otto Technologies, Chang You, agrees.”

“Chang You is very supportive of our plan. I have already spoken to him about the priority supply. Star Bird Fitness’s model being successful means that he can sell the smart fitness drying rack to more gyms. He will definitely be very happy.”

“If you’re really worried…”

“How about this? I’ll talk to Chang You or the person-in-charge of Dream Realization Ventures. I’ll give some shares of Star Bird Fitness to Tengda. Wouldn’t that be good enough?”

Che Rong was elated. “That’s great! I feel more at ease now.”

Li s.h.i.+ said, “It looks like our previous plan was too conservative. A dozen smart fitness drying racks are not enough. Many people don’t even have the chance to use them.”

“When we open the new shops, we might as well do away with the equipment that few people use. 70% of the gym’s area will be filled with the smart fitness drying racks. We can order 30 or 40 sets at a time! We can also create a special members.h.i.+p card that can only use smart fitness drying racks and treadmills. We can give a discount and add a few props in the Fitness Battle…”

Li s.h.i.+ and Che Rong chatted as they walked into the gym. A magnificent blueprint seemed to be slowly unfolding as they pieced everything into place.

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