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Chapter 1171: Catkeeper, Attack!

He had to be cautious about the gaming platform. That was because he would make a killing once he went overboard.

In order to get a high commission, Meng Chang would definitely rack his brains to make the games platform lose money. Therefore, his opinions were still worth reference.

After some consideration, Meng Chang said, “First of all, this platform must try its best to cut ties with Tengda.”

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up.

Well said, Meng Chang!

That was absolutely right!

Pei Qian also realized that the reason why many projects became popular so quickly was mainly because they were related to Tengda. Users and customers naturally had a good impression of them.

It was the same for gaming platforms.

Wouldn’t gamers rush over to register if they knew that Tengda had created a gaming platform?

If other games merchants found out that Tengda had created a gaming platform, they would rush over immediately, hoping that their own games would be released.

What would he do if the game collapsed halfway?

Thus, it was very important to hide the ‘bloodline’ of the platform and not let everyone know that it was actually Tengda’s games platform.

Of course, the truth could not be hidden forever.

However, it was good to be able to hide it for a few months, a year, and burn more money during this period.

“Very good, continue.” Pei Qian nodded in agreement.

Meng Chang, who had obtained Boss Pei’s approval, was even more confident. Obviously, this meant that he had begun to enter Boss Pei’s field of thought!

“In order to ensure this, we cannot play Tengda’s games in the early stages. Instead, we have to play other companies’ games first.”

“Once the game library is relatively full, I’ll secretly set up Tengda’s games.”

Pei Qian nodded again.

That was indeed the case.

If he threw all of Tengda’s games onto this platform right from the start, wouldn’t that be admitting defeat?

First, he would play games from other companies to confuse gamers. That would keep him hidden for a longer time.

Once gamers did not think that this platform had anything to do with Tengda, they would pretend that Tengda had reached an agreement with this platform to play a portion of Tengda’s games.

A new platform had just appeared. There were many places to spend money. As long as one was courageous, they would definitely be able to burn a lot of money.

However, a new problem arose.

Wouldn’t it mean that the platform could earn some commission by publis.h.i.+ng games in other companies?

It was impossible not to earn a single cent. If the system did not agree, the platform would at least want 10%.

Then… wouldn’t it still make money as the number of games and users increased?

Could he think of a way to solve this problem?

Pei Qian asked, “Do you have any… special ideas about the specific rules and structure of this platform?”

Pei Qian felt that Meng Chang, who was aiming for reverse publicity, would definitely make some harmful suggestions to the platform, right?

Meng Chang was stunned. “Erm…”

“I don’t have any good ideas.”

“Make a community with a good atmosphere and let players share the creative content?”

“Or should we come up with a better rating, ratings, and recommendation mechanism?

Meng Chang could not understand what Boss Pei’s intention was either. However, since Boss Pei’s final goal was to make this platform profitable, he should definitely give a more positive answer, right?

That was all he could think of in a hurry.

Pei Qian was disappointed.

What the h.e.l.l are you talking about!

They were all suggestions for me to earn more money. What was their motive?

Forget it, forget it. It was obviously too difficult for him to ask Meng Chang this question.

He had to take it one step at a time and not rush for results. It was already very good that Meng Chang could say the first two points.

As for the last question, he would take it as an unintentional mistake.

Meng Chang’s heart skipped a beat when he saw Boss Pei’s disappointed expression. He realized that he had said something wrong.

However… What exactly was wrong?

What kind of answer did Boss Pei want?

Meng Chang probed, “Then, Boss Pei, what do you think we should do?”

Pei Qian sipped his tea slowly and pondered for a moment.

From the looks of the current situation, the gaming platform must be playing games from other companies. It was impossible for it not to make money.

The key question was how to make less money.

As long as he made less money, he could spend a huge amount of publicity funds, create more subsidies and activities, and create more losses through spending more money.

How should he decide on the split?

Set a low share? It might appear especially conscientious among the gaming channels and attract the pursuit of game manufacturers.

Set a high share of profits? If the platform became popular in the future, the game manufacturers would still send the game over. Wouldn’t that earn more?

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. He had to think about the future separately.

They would set a very high commission for the early stages and split it evenly. Other game manufacturers would definitely not come when they saw that the new platform was so dark.

Once the platform had a chance of becoming popular, he would lower the commission. He would only get 10% and earn less.

All the games on the platform would only get ten percent of the profits. That was the bottom line allowed by the system. It could not be any lower.

He could organize activities from time to time, subsidize some money to these game merchants, and give players some coupons out of his own pocket. Such a money-burning activity could also be considered.

However, this was still not enough. That was because these measures would only make less money, not less.

How could he not make money?

Obviously, taking the game down would not make money!

The more games they took off the shelves, the less money they would earn.

However, he could not casually take the game down. He had to have a valid reason.

It was definitely not possible to take down some outstanding games. It would be best if he could get rid of games with poor quality at the same time. That way, he could earn less money!

After some consideration, Pei Qian said, “I think we can do this.”

“All new games on this platform have a week of ‘trial period’.”

“Set the strictest test criteria for the game during the probation period.”

“A week later, collect feedback from players. If the feedback is not good, the game will be removed and not be placed on the platform.”

“During the trial period, the game also produced sales. For players who meet the refund conditions and propose a refund application, we will refund the game according to the normal process. For other players, we will refund half of the money for the game, and the other half will be refunded to the developer.”

In other words, the platform would not take a single cent from the games that were taken off the shelves during the trial period!

That way, many games that could have been uploaded to the platform to make money would have been eliminated. The income earned from the trial period would not be taken by the platform at all.

As for those games that had pa.s.sed the probation period, there was no other way. After all, there had to be games developed by other manufacturers on this platform. Pei Qian could not find a reason to reject these games.

However, on the bright side, these games must have been distributed through many other channels. Gamers might not necessarily come to such a new channel to buy them.

As long as he spent more money than he earned, there would be no problem.

Meng Chang nodded. “Good idea!”

Obviously, Boss Pei’s words were completely in line with the basic tactics of the “Pei family publicity method”!

Obviously, there would be a lot of negative effects in the short term. However, as long as he persevered for a period of time and welcomed a change in conditions, he would definitely be able to complete the twist!

Of course, Meng Chang could not guess how to reverse the situation now.

However, he smelled a familiar smell from Boss Pei’s operation.

The taste of the “Pei family publicity method”.

He only needed to follow the basic principles of the ‘Pei Family Publicity Law’ to formulate the publicity plan. There was a high chance that he could get a commission!

Pei Qian could not help but smile when he saw Meng Chang’s expression.

Obviously, he agreed from the bottom of his heart.

After this series of operations, the gaming platform should be able to burn money for a long time, right?

There was no software like Tian Yan Cha. So what if Tengda was the one who created this gaming platform half a year or a year later? He had already lost money.

Meng Chang asked, “Boss Pei, what should the platform be called?”

“Let me think about it.” Pei Qian fell into deep thought once again.

He had to think of a good name.

“Let’s call it ‘Dawn games platform’!”

Pei Qian’s original intention was for this game’s platform to turn cold in no time.

“Dawn” actually referred to the morning dew, which would evaporate in no time.

It would be too straightforward if it was called ‘Cool off fast games platform’.

Thus, Pei Qian thought of a poem: Man’s life is but the morning dew, past days many, future ones few.

It meant this platform would evaporate fast like the morning dew, disappearing in no time.

This name obviously contained Pei Qian’s beautiful hopes for this gaming platform.

Meng Chang savored the name carefully.

“Dawn Games platform…”

He knew that Boss Pei must have had a deeper meaning when he named them. Take Doubt VR, for example. The names had a very special meaning. They could even be linked to the publicity plan.

‘Dawn’ was a phrase that was widely used but he had yet to figure out the deeper meaning behind the name.

He would go back and slowly comprehend it.

Meng Chang stood up. “Boss Pei, I’ll go back and slowly consider the publicity plan.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Okay, go.”

“I’ll arrange for someone to settle the matters on the Dawn games platform. I’ll inform you when there’s news.”

Pei Qian began to think about who should be in charge of this Dawn gaming platform after watching Meng Chang leave.

Logically speaking, Tengda was indeed filled with talents in the game.

However, those were not talents that Pei Qian needed!

If he allowed these professionals to go, Pei Qian was afraid that the gaming platform would take off in a few minutes.

What’s more, this person could not be too famous. Otherwise, people would easily think of his relations.h.i.+p with Tengda.

Someone who did not know much about games and was not very famous…

There were some people like that in Tengda, but Pei Qian basically did not know them. They were not employees of the games department.

The unknown meant risk.

What if he was a hidden back-stabbing expert? Wouldn’t it be a headache if he was only exposed after he was sent to be in charge of the drawing fat gaming platform?

Thus, he had to get to know this person.

Pei Qian thought hard for a long time and suddenly thought of a candidate.

“Should I… send the catkeeper?”

“Little Tang doesn’t know much about games, and no one outside knows her.”

“What’s more, she has her own bad luck attribute. What if the gaming platform collapses?”

“Hmm… it’s perfect from all aspects.”

“It’s settled on her!”

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