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Chapter 1223: Misaimed At My Brother Again

Meng Chang was very surprised after reading Qiao Liang’s reply. However, he felt like he had expected this.

Previously, he had only given Qiao Liang a simple explanation of the situation with the thought that he was in a desperate situation. He did not have much expectations about whether there was really something hidden behind this.

He did not expect Qiao Liang to really a.n.a.lyze something!

“Perhaps this is the so-called ‘the bystander sees more’?”

“It’s precisely because I’m in it and constantly thinking about the commission that I can’t think rationally and objectively. That’s why I can’t understand the deeper meaning behind this matter.”

“On the other hand, Qiao Liang, as a bystander, can think of some possibilities that I cannot discover based on his understanding of Boss Pei and his a.n.a.lysis of the game.”

Meng Chang would definitely not admit that he was stupid than Qiao Liang. Or rather, he felt that he was smarter than everyone in the world.

Apart from the unfathomable Boss Pei.

However, he had to admit that Teacher Qiao, a bystander, could see things much clearer.

Real smart people should not self-righteously refuse to listen to others’ suggestions. On the contrary, they should know that everyone’s ability has its limits. Sometimes, in certain fields, they would still require professionals in this field.

A monster like Boss Pei, who was proficient in all fields, strategizing, and planning far-reaching plans could not be treated as a model for imitation after all.

Meng Chang felt much better after figuring that out.

Qiao Liang’s words were like a straw to clutch at. Meng Chang, the person who had fallen into the water, had a new confidence in the Pei Family publicity method that he had summarized.

Perhaps it was not the Pei family’s publicity method that was problematic, but his summary of the Pei family’s publicity method was not comprehensive enough?

“Then… What are Boss Pei’s deeper intentions? Can you briefly reveal them?” Meng Chang could not hold back his curiosity.

Qiao Liang only replied after a while.

“I can’t make it too clear at the moment. I have to go back and straighten it out.”

“However, I can briefly explain the general direction: One is the personal experience that the game flow gives players, the other is the relations.h.i.+p between products and marketing. However, these two points might be the same thing at the end of the day.”

Meng Chang savored Teacher Qiao’s words.

Even though he still had no clue, it was obvious from Teacher Qiao’s point of view that Boss Pei’s violent interference in the publicity plan was obviously directly related to Meng Chang.

“Alright, thank you very much.”

“I’ll wait for your new video then.”

Meng Chang thanked Qiao Liang from the bottom of his heart.

Meng Chang’s att.i.tude towards Qiao Liang gradually changed without him knowing.

At the beginning, Meng Chang felt that Qiao Liang was a stumbling block because Qiao Liang could always interpret the deep meaning of Boss Pei’s projects through videos or other methods. He could make the projects popular quickly and make ducks and drakes of the reverse publicity plan that Meng Chang had carefully prepared.

For this reason, Meng Chang tried his best to divert Qiao Liang’s attention, but things always went against his wishes.

Now, Meng Chang was unknowingly on the same side as Qiao Liang. He realized that what Qiao Liang was doing was actually beneficial to him.

Qiao Liang lived up to his name. He was like a bridge, building a bridge of understanding for Boss Pei.

Borrowing Qiao Liang’s a.n.a.lysis, Boss Pei was no longer an indescribable, elusive, and helpless terrifying existence in Meng Chang’s heart. Instead, he had become a person who could try to understand and a.n.a.lyze even though he was extremely intelligent.

As Meng Chang’s understanding of Boss Pei deepened, he began to gradually master Boss Pei’s way of doing things and the deeper meaning of some seemingly bizarre actions. This in turn helped his publicity plan and summarized the “Pei family publicity method”.

When Meng Chang was shaken by the Pei family’s publicity method, he could use Qiao Liang to complete and correct it.

It was now a process of mending and correcting. The results might not be known but it at least gave Meng Chang some hope.

In any case, the commission for this month was gone. Meng Chang could calm down and wait for Teacher Qiao’s video. At the same time, he could organize and reflect on the Pei Family’s publicity method.

Perhaps the more correct interpretation of the Pei family’s publicity method was brewing.

September 17th, Monday…

Pei Qian sipped his coffee in his office as he read the work reports from the various departments.

When he saw the report from Tengda Games from Yu Fei, Pei Qian’s brows first relaxed and then furrowed again.


At that moment, he could not find a suitable word to describe how he felt.

Last Friday, Eternal Reincarnation was updated for the second time.

According to Pei Qian’s request, Eternal Reincarnation had updated the combat system that was supposed to be updated at the end of the month.

He had thought that this difficulty would make gamers so angry that they would jump. However, the feedback after the update was quite positive. Many gamers expressed that this combat rule was very novel. It completely exceeded their expectations.

“Sigh, plans cannot keep up with changes.”

“However, on the bright side, the worst case scenario did not occur.”

In fact, the combat system of Eternal Reincarnation should not have received good reviews so quickly. At the very least, he should have been scolded for a period of time in the beginning.

That was because the battle of Eternal Reincarnation was very difficult both in terms of system design and system design. Not only did the system design increase the strength of the monsters, but the new complicated mechanism also had an extremely high learning cost to players. It was not something that could be grasped after one or two days of suffering.

However, the bad thing was that the automatic parry mechanism of the demon sword that Boss Pei used to cheat had been exposed in advance because of the wrong update!

That was bad enough.

According to Pei Qian’s original plan, gamers would definitely turn the game upside down and find a weapon similar to ‘Pudu’. During this process, they would not be able to find it no matter how hard they tried. Coupled with the unfamiliarity of the new combat system and the suffering caused by the powerful monsters, they would definitely be gradually enraged and might even curse.

However, now, with the automatic parry mechanism of the demon sword, players were equivalent to having a calming pill. They knew that even if they kept dying, as long as they persevered in suffering and pushed forward, the demon sword would always bring them to pa.s.s.

This mentality was immediately different!

In other words, Meng Chang’s messed up dismantling plan and the loopholes that appeared during the dismantling process caused Pei Qian’s plan to make players suffer to go down. The originally good plan became fragmented.

However, on the bright side, he did not trigger the worst case scenario.

If they followed Meng Chang’s original plan, the outcome would be expected: They would update the scenes and monsters of Eternal Reincarnation first, but not the combat system. Thus, gamers would suffer hard and acc.u.mulate negative emotions. The topic of Eternal Reincarnation on the internet would also become very high and acc.u.mulate a lot of negative popularity.

Lastly, the combat system of Eternal Reincarnation was updated. The entire game’s experience suddenly underwent a world-shaking change. This novel combat experience would have the effect of turning something rotten into something magical. It would turn all the negative emotions that had acc.u.mulated previously into positive popularity. Players would express how good it was…

That would be terrible.

It would probably be like Dawn Games platform again: Everything was great before Meng Chang took the commission, but collapsed on the spot after Meng Chang taking the commission.

Eh, why say ‘again’? There was obviously a fundamental difference between the two publicity plans.

All in all, he had escaped this time.

Pei Qian’s forceful intervention had finally ignited the popularity that was supposed to explode at the beginning of next month, causing it to be dispersed to the second half of the month.

Both were explosions, but the latter was much less dangerous.

That way, Pei Qian’s bottom line goal would be to use Eternal Reincarnation to reduce Repent and be Saved’s sales. He should be able to achieve a free goal.

That was a blessing in disguise.

Pei Qian did not have any more requests for Eternal Reincarnation. The reason why he frowned was mainly because he saw the part in the report that Min Jingchao was in charge of.

This weekend, GOG’s new hero, Prison Keeper, was also released and received good reviews.

Logically speaking, this was not a big problem. However, the key was that it had severely affected the situation between GOG and IOI!

That was a little unacceptable.

Every time IOI lost some players, Pei Qian felt like his flesh was being cut off. His heart hurt!

Things had been a little strange ever since Eric returned from Dayak Corporation’s headquarters. IOI had started to spend money frequently. Obviously, they did not intend to continue playing with GOG. Instead, they were focused on earning money.

Pei Qian had been thinking about how to help his brother, but no matter how he thought about it, he had no good ideas.

They could raise the price together. The two brothers could indeed be scolded together, but how much more would Tengda earn? Pei Qian had long lowered the profits of GOG’s skin by working hard. Any increase in price would cause the income to increase rapidly.

However, if he did not raise the price together, he could only watch as his good brother left and never returned.

Pei Qian was in a dilemma. He could not think of a good solution. He could only hope that Dayak Corporation would be able to last for a few more months at the very least.

As long as he could think of a countermeasure in these few months, his good brother would be saved.

However, the Prison Keeper’s announcement intensified the conflict once again.

GOG was not under any pressure. Min Jingchao had nothing to do every day but browse the forum, look for interesting hero designs, arrange for the game content to be updated according to the prescribed order, and spend all his time studying the gameplay.

There were more and more players, and there were more and more heroes design reserves on the forum. The GPL league was becoming more and more popular. These factors had all formed a positive feedback. Min Jingchao just had to be careful with the helm, and GOG’s huge s.h.i.+p would be able to sail away.

On the other hand, IOI was completely different. Eric had to complete the performance indicators given by the higher-ups. Finger Games’ research and development team had also spent a lot of effort on the design of new skins and paywalls. There was even a certain divide within Dayak Corporation.

Under such circ.u.mstances, how could he concentrate on better content?

On top of that, IOI’s gamers were weak and little to begin with. They lacked a crowdfunding design mechanism like GOG’s, and various other problems. As time went by, Eric would only be able to turn the boat around even if he paddled desperately.

It was not a big deal for the new hero, Prison Keeper, to be released. However, it had become a landmark. It had become a shrinking point between the two games.

Due to the new version of GOG, the number of people online had skyrocketed. That meant that IOI’s days were definitely getting worse.

“What should we do? We cannot delay any longer. If we delay any longer, our good brother might not be able to take it at any time.”

“Once it collapses, there would be no turning back.”

“I have to quickly think of a way…”

Pei Qian frowned and fell into deep thought.

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