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Chapter 1225: Mission Of The Headquarters Building

If he were to give others a design plan, Liang Qingfan would hope that his plan would pa.s.s directly. It would be best if he did not make any changes.

As an architect, he was very confident in his own plan. Of course, he did not want the client to interfere and ruin his meticulously designed beauty.

However, Liang Qingfan could not wait for Boss Pei to make more requests.

That was because he felt that Boss Pei had the power to turn something rotten into something magical.

Even if Boss Pei’s true professionalism lay in game design, business, and investment, and other fields, and he did not have the relevant architectural knowledge, it could be seen from the series of projects such as Thriller Hostel and Sloth Apartments that Boss Pei could often see what Liang Qingfan, the architect, could not see from a higher level.

Such a high-level perspective could often give Liang Qingfan some inspiration and improve him further.

Pei Qian flipped through it briefly and found that Liang Qingfan’s plan was quite considerate. He only drew a sketch of the building’s appearance and briefly pointed out the key zones in the building. He did not elaborate on the details of the internal structure.

Obviously, Pei Qian could not understand the details…

Liang Qingfan gave three different designs, and these three designs had something in common.

For example: The main building was very tall, and the surrounding empty s.p.a.ces were designed with gra.s.s and gardens for beautification.

The design of the building was very strong. A large number of gla.s.s walls and unique shapes were used. It looked very suitable for high-tech companies;

There was an entertainment s.p.a.ce on every level of the building, deeply embodying the Tengda spirit.

Considering the location of Tengda’s headquarters, this building would definitely stand out after it was renovated. It would be quite eye-catching and would become a landmark building nearby.

Pei Qian fell silent after reading the three plans.

How should he put it? From all aspects, Liang Qingfan had completed the task perfectly.

No matter which plan he used, it would not feel strange to hang Tengda’s logo after the building was built. It would not be inferior to the headquarters of some other internet companies in the country.

However… This did not seem to be able to meet Pei Qian’s requirements at all!

For other companies, the two points of the headquarters building were the most important: the convenience of function and the uniqueness of style.

The headquarters building integrated the various departments together. It could make communication between the departments more frequent and convenient, increasing the efficiency of the employees.

The restaurants, coffee shops, and various entertainment facilities in the building were partly to adjust the working conditions of the employees and partly to make them work overtime.

On the other hand, the unique design and grandiose aura of the building could show the outside world the powerful financial resources of the company, making employees feel a certain sense of belonging and pride when they went to work. That was also part of the brand image.

All in all, there were many benefits to building buildings for wealthy companies.

However, Pei Qian did not care about these benefits at all!

Make communication between the various departments more frequent?

Increase employees’ work efficiency?

Make the employees work overtime?

Pei Qian did not want that to happen.

The only thing that satisfied Pei Qian was that there was an entertainment area on every floor.

However, this approach seemed a little old-fas.h.i.+oned because that was what Tengda had now. Some other large internet companies had also incorporated it.

Tengda’s employees were all seasoned veterans. It was no longer tempting for them to arrange for a small entertainment area on the same floor.

He had to intensify his efforts!

Thus, Liang Qingfan’s plans were not a problem according to the standards of ordinary companies.

However, it had not met his requirements at all!

If the demand and plan were misaligned, no matter how good the plan was, it would be useless.

Pei Qian had not set a rule for Liang Qingfan previously so that he could use his imagination without any restrictions. The main reason was that he did not want outsiders to guide the insiders.

After all, the headquarters building was not making money. It was not a big deal for Liang Qingfan to express himself freely.

However, from the looks of it now, Pei Qian still had to give some pointers and not be lazy.

That was because Liang Qingfan’s own plan was still considered from the perspective of an architect. Obviously, he did not really understand the actual use of this building.

After a moment of silence, Pei Qian said, “The plan is very good, and the building looks good.”


“It seems to be lacking in some creative ideas.”

Liang Qingfan was not angry at all. Instead, he was very happy. “Boss Pei, how do you think we should change it?”

Creative ideas were not as readily available!

As an architect, Liang Qingfan felt that he had been very active and relaxed when designing these plans. However, after completing the plan, he looked at it. It did not give off the bright feeling that Tengda’s other industries had.

He could only say that good ideas that pop up constantly like Boss Pei’s were a gift.

Ordinary people really could not make it.

Thus, Liang Qingfan stopped struggling and listened carefully to what Boss Pei had to say.

Pei Qian fell into deep thought once again.

How should he change it…?

For other companies, the building’s functionality and logo were the most important.

To Pei Qian, the functionality of the building was also the first priority. However, the specific function should be completely opposite to that of other companies.

The effect of the Tengda headquarters building should be to make it as inconvenient for the various departments to communicate, reduce the efficiency of the employees, and let the employees work as little overtime as possible.

Of course, he had to spend more money.

The question was, how to design this building to achieve these goals?

Pei Qian cleared his throat and said, “How about this? I’ll talk about a few key points first. Take note.”

“These key points are the most basic requirements. Satisfy these key points first, and then slowly consider the specific shape of the building.”

“First, Tengda’s headquarters should be as low rise as possible, not to develop higher and higher.”

Pei Qian had thought it through very clearly. The higher the building, the more conducive it was for communication between the departments. That was because the elevator would arrive between the departments. It was very convenient.

However, if the building was flat and expanded in a standard direction, the various departments could only use transport tools like balanced cars to communicate. Obviously, it would be very inconvenient and would naturally reduce the efficiency of communication.

Pei Qian would also try his best to allocate some departments that had connections to the two ends of the building. Want to collaborate? It’s alright, prepare to run out!

Previously, even though some departments were scattered in other places in Jingzhou, they could take taxis and were relatively faster. If they were all placed in the headquarters building, they would not be able to take taxis. They could only walk. It would be more inconvenient as long as the distance was far enough.

Apart from that, he could also take up as much s.p.a.ce as possible by laying the building flat.

If he built a building and turned the surroundings into a green land or garden, he might be able to use it in the future to build other buildings. However, if he opened the entire area and took up all of the land, he would only be able to buy other land in the future if he wanted to expand.

Wouldn’t that be spending more money?

Liang Qingfan quickly noted it down.

Indeed, Boss Pei’s design concept from the beginning was different from mine!

However, why should he level the buildings? Aren’t companies now pursuing skysc.r.a.pers to become city landmarks?

Many companies even began to compete on a higher level, proud of building the first tall building in XX City.

Yet, Boss Pei had done the opposite. He did not care about heights at all?

He was indeed different!

Liang Qingfan could not figure out why Boss Pei wanted to level the building for the time being. Tengda was not selling pancakes. However, he did not have time to think about it now. He had to listen to all of Boss Pei’s requests first. Then, he would combine them and a.n.a.lyze them together.

Pei Qian continued, “Second, the gaming entertainment area should not be scattered on every level. Instead, it should be concentrated.”

“The entire building is divided into two large areas: a work area and an entertainment area.”

“The entertainment area must also take up half of the building!”

“On top of that, we have to think of ways to increase the contact area between the work area and the entertainment area as much as possible so that it would be very convenient for employees to cross zones.”

“Er, to be precise, it should be very convenient to go to the entertainment area, but not very convenient to return to the work area.”

Placing a portion of the area on a single floor as an entertainment area was always insufficient.

That was because many large-scale entertainment projects could not be done on a simple floor.

Combining the entire entertainment area could allow employees to play one project after another after entering. They could not stop at all, so much that they completely forgot about going back to work.

In other words, they would be more immersed.

In fact, Pei Qian had wanted to set up a twin tower with two buildings, one purely for work and one purely for entertainment. That way, as long as employees mistakenly entered the entertainment building, they would immediately enter a sea of happiness and it would be very difficult to swim out.

However, on further thought, this way, the connection between the two buildings would not be close enough. It would not be convenient for employees to go to the entertainment building.

What if they found it too troublesome and did not want to go to the entertainment building?

Thus, he had to think of a way to increase the contact area between the work area and the entertainment area so that employees could easily walk through the entertainment area. If they were not careful, they would forget to come back.

Liang Qingfan scratched his head, feeling that Boss Pei’s request was a little abstract.

Increase the area of contact?

How should he increase it?

Make it very convenient to go to the entertainment area, but not too convenient to return to the work area?

Could it be that he wanted to create a one-way pa.s.sage? He could go directly to the entertainment area, but he could only take a detour if he wanted to return to the work area?

He found it even harder to grasp the specific shape of the building.

However, he did not say anything and continued recording seriously.

Pei Qian continued, “Third, the building must have multiple different entrances. Each entrance must be facing a different location in the building.”

“The entertainment area of the building has to face the subway station and the transport hub. It will be more convenient to enter from there but one has to detour to the work area.”

“The underground carpark…”

“If you go to the entertainment area, you can get an elevator.”

“However, if you want to go straight to the work area, you have to walk through an underground maze.”

In other words, there were only two ways to go to the work area after parking the car in the underground carpark: either take the elevator and pa.s.s through the entertainment area and endure all sorts of temptations, or walk a maze in the underground car park and take the elevator to work after finding the way.

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