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Chapter 1226: Preliminary Plan for the Building

The underground maze and the entertainment area were both soft and hard approaches.

The entertainment area was meant to be a soft approach. They had to think of ways and means to lead the employees into the entertainment area. They would be tripped up by all sorts of fun things so that they would forget about returning to work.

If the entertainment area was located on one side of the transport hub, employees would definitely pa.s.s by the entertainment area first when they went to work normally. They would be tempted by all sorts of temptations.

However, he could not rule out some special circ.u.mstances. For example, what if his employees were to drive to and from work?

As Tengda’s headquarters, it was impossible not to build a parking lot.

Pei Qian’s att.i.tude was not only to build a carpark, but to build a huge one!

After all, the car park was not an office s.p.a.ce. The more parking s.p.a.ces and sizes there were, the more money would be spent.

What’s more, investment in the parking s.p.a.ce was basically a waste of money. He could not miss such a good thing.

However, if the employees drove to work and went upstairs from the underground carpark, wouldn’t the design be wasted?

What’s more, Tengda’s benefits were so good. There were also sufficient parking spots. There must be a lot of employees driving to and from work.

That was why Pei Qian came up with this idea.

Liang Qingfan noted this down seriously as well.

At the same time, as Boss Pei continued his requests, a brand new design began to appear in his mind.

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and added, “Lastly, we have to divide the building into several different areas. On top of the existing holidays, we have to arrange additional holidays in each area regularly.”


“This division must be justified, understand what I mean?”

Pei Qian felt that Tengda’s employees had too few holidays.

The System was quite strict when it came to giving eaves. Otherwise, Pei Qian would have long changed Tengda’s working hours to two days a week and five days of rest.

However, holidays could still be adjusted within a certain limit.

For example, he could give his employees two more days of paid leave or find a reason to take a day or two off on special holidays. There would be no problem.

Pei Qian wondered if he could use this building as an excuse to think of more holidays from the system.

It would be best if these holidays were long and inst.i.tutionalized. They would be more valuable than temporary holidays.

Liang Qingfan quickly recorded it down. After a moment of silence, he said, “Boss Pei, according to your requirements, my previous three plans did not match at all…”

“It’s no different from overthrowing and redoing it.”

“However, don’t worry, Boss Pei. I suddenly had a general idea!”

“I have a design that is especially suitable for your requests.”

Pei Qian was elated. “Oh? What style?”

Liang Qingfan said, “The Taiji Shape.”

As he spoke, he drew a simple sketch and explained it to Pei Qian.

“Boss Pei, look. The taiji diagram is circular, and there is a divination of the eight trigrams around it. The circular area of land is the largest from the perspective of taking up s.p.a.ce. It is very in line with your previous request to level the building.”

“At the same time, the work area and the entertainment area are separate, but the two zones have to be interacted as much as possible. This is very in line with the structure of the taiji diagram, black and white. White is Yang, which is the work area; black is Yin, which is the entertainment area.”

“The divinations around the taiji diagram can also correspond to the north, south, west, and other eight directions according to the specific divinations.”

“These can be seen as the eight entrances of the building. Four of them correspond to the work area, and four correspond to the entertainment area. The four entrances of the entertainment area happen to be on the side of the transport hub. Employees would be the first to enter.”

“The S-shaped arc in the middle can allow maximum contact between the work area and the entertainment area. The positions of these two yin-yang fish eyes can be designed as elevators. The work area has a regular elevator, and the entertainment area is the sightseeing elevator.”

“At the same time, this S-shaped arc can also be used as a central atrium. Just like in many shopping malls, it can be connected from the bottom up. On one hand, we can see different floors. On the other hand, we can also increase the lighting and make the interior of the building more abundant.”

Pei Qian tried to imagine the style of the building.

Looking down from the sky, it should be a huge taiji diagram. What’s more, there would be a clear division between the lines of yin and yang. It would be like a crack, used to increase the light within the building.

Liang Qingfan continued, “As for what you said, Boss Pei, it’s convenient to go to the entertainment area, but it’s more troublesome to return to the work area. It can be resolved appropriately.”

“First of all, at the center of the entire taijitu, which is the contact position of the waist of the yin-yang fish and the center of the central atrium area, we will make a scenic falls that divides the entire floor.”

“After that, we will make this arc position at the head of the yin-yang fish into two areas that are connected. We will arrange for the turnstile and the escalator to be in this place.”

“However, be it the gate or the escalator, they would be all one-way: from the work area to the entertainment area, walk through the gate and go to the same floor. You cannot walk through the gate from the entertainment area to the work area. You can only go to the upper floor or the next floor through the escalator.”

“The escalator connects the different levels of the yin and yang fish. It also symbolizes the balance of yin and yang and endlessness.”

“That way, it would be very simple to go from the work area to the entertainment area. However, it would take some effort to return to your original work desk.”

Pei Qian continued to imagine.

A scenic falls was made in the center, just like the cars on the city ring island, drawing everyone towards the head of the yin-yang fish.

From the work area to the entertainment area, they could just walk through the gate. They could go directly to the same floor. However, from the entertainment area to the work area, they had to walk the escalator. They could only go to the top or bottom floor.

In other words, it was easy to get to the entertainment area, but he could not return by the same route.

Yes, that sounded good.

Liang Qingfan focused his gaze on the underground area of the building. “As for the parking lot… according to the previous plan, the transport hub and main road are near the side of the entertainment area. Therefore, the bottom of the entertainment area is a normal parking lot. After parking here, you can take the elevator directly to the entertainment area. It’s more convenient.”

“Below the work area is the maze. If the employees want to find the elevator in the work area after parking, they have to enter the maze to search.”

Pei Qian nodded slightly. This was in line with his previous expectations.

Liang Qingfan continued, “As for Boss Pei, I also have a preliminary idea about splitting the building into several areas.”

“According to the positioning of the Bagua, there can be 24 solar terms”

“These 24 solar terms can divide the entire taijitu into 24 small fans.”

“Of course, according to this method, half of the solar terms will be at the entertainment area. These solar terms would be able to s.h.i.+ft their holidays to the work area. The specific arrangements will depend on you, Boss Pei.”

At that point, Pei Qian said without any hesitation, “Of course, we have to transfer the holidays from the entertainment area to the work area. That way, everyone will have two solar term holidays every year. The interval between each holiday is exactly half a year.”

There were 24 solar terms every year. One in 12 employees in the building were on holiday during each solar term?

It was amazing!

The number 24 made Pei Qian very happy. It was beyond his expectations.

The most important thing was that this setting could be related to traditional solar terms. It could also be related to this Tai Chi building.

That way, the possibility of convincing the system would greatly increase. After all, this was to promote and inherit traditional culture so that every employee could obtain benefits from traditional culture.

Pei Qian nodded slightly after hearing Liang Qingfan’s new plan.

“Yes, this plan is more in line with my requirements.”

“However… I have two small problems, or rather, suggestions.”

“First of all, the entrances are located around the building and represent eight directions. From the top of the map, it should be squarish. Even if the height cannot reach the height of the main building, it cannot be too short.”

“If these eight buildings are only used as entrances, it would be obviously a little too empty. We have to think about what else I can use for other than office uses.”

“The second is… the taijitu plus the eight trigrams formation might be more in line with the traditional concept of culture but I feel like it’s suppressing something…”

“Isn’t it a little strange?”

Pei Qian could not wait for this building to slightly suppress his luck and make Tengda’s luck worse. That way, the difficulty of losing money would plummet.

However, he was afraid that, as Liang Qingfan had said, the balance of yin and yang would be endless, and directly gather destiny. Wouldn’t it be a scam if he had success in one project after another in the future?

Pei Qian believed in science, but he still had to think about metaphysics sometimes.

Liang Qingfan nodded. “Yes, Boss Pei, what you said makes sense.”

“The first question is about the use of the surrounding buildings. I have to go back and think about it carefully. However, don’t worry, Boss Pei. Tengda’s headquarters is so big. It has a lot of capacity. I will definitely be able to think of additional uses for these eight entrances after sorting out the functional areas of the entire building.”

“As for the second question, there is no need to worry.”

“I will definitely not throw a taiji diagram at it rigidly. As an architect, I will try my best to add a sense of technology and modernity to the appearance while retaining the Tai Chi elements in the general structure and layout, so that tradition and modern elements can be combined.”

“In other words, this building would definitely not give people an old-fas.h.i.+oned feeling on the outside. It would be a very beautiful modern building rich in technology.”

“Perhaps you will only realize that it is actually a standard Tai Chi diagram when you look down from above.”

“I think this can also display Tengda’s philosophy to a certain extent: the integration of traditional culture and modern technology. We will not blindly throw away tradition and lose ourselves because we are conservative and refuse to change.”

Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, sure. Then, perfect this plan.”

“It’s mainly about the internal division, the number of floors the building has to be built, the size of the area, the overall price… etc.”

Liang Qingfan nodded. “Alright, Boss Pei. I’ll work on the details now!”

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