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Chapter 974: Boss Pei’s Last Trump Card!

Zhu Xiaoce was stunned.

He clearly remembered that there were not many similar discussions yesterday. They were only small-scale discussions and were not very popular.

However, after just one day, all sorts of discussions suddenly increased!

The release date of ‘Mission and Choice’ was already set. There were not many trailers released apart from some basic information. However, this did not affect the enthusiasm of netizens.

On the other hand, the game ‘Mission and Choice’ was not even complete yet. It was in a purely ‘speculation’ state. However, gamers had already guessed most of it based on their own intelligence. Some of them even connected it to the ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ to be released on April 14th!

What’s more, the discussion was still growing. It would be hard to say if this momentum could last for two days!

Zhu Xiaoce’s expression quickly changed from frustration to surprise, and then from surprise to astonishment.

“It’s only been a day. Why are there so many people discussing it?”

“If we only look at the effect of this one day, it’s really not bad!”

Huang Sibo looked excited as well. “I understand!”

“This is the brilliance of Boss Pei. It looks like he did nothing on the surface, but he actually did a lot!”

“The reason why we feel that the advertising and marketing department did not do anything was because we subconsciously used traditional publicity methods. However, this publicity obviously did not use traditional methods!”

“The traditional advertising method might be simple and direct, but it would be difficult to arouse the players’ sense of partic.i.p.ation.”

“Players who are interested would only understand it slightly. After that, they would patiently wait for the movie and the game to be released. They would not discuss it further.”

“Those players who are not interested would probably not deliberately understand these problems. If you want them to pay attention to it, it means that you have to invest a huge amount of publicity. That’s because the principle of diminis.h.i.+ng marginal effects is actually very bad.”

“Boss Pei’s publicity plan is an ‘interactive’ publicity method!”

“It’s just like how we solved the riddle for BE QUIET previously. This method can better stimulate players’ sense of partic.i.p.ation. It has a completely different effect from traditional advertising!”

“To put it in simpler terms, it is to set a trap through the ‘riddle man’ and wait for the attentive players to take the bait. Once these players take the bait, they will take the initiative to share it with others, thus achieving the effect of ‘running water’!”

Zhu Xiaoce also looked enlightened.

“Activate the players’ sense of partic.i.p.ation?”

“Eh, that makes sense!”

He carefully recalled the promotional plan related to Mission and Choice and suddenly realized that all the seemingly unrelated content had been linked together!

The advertising and marketing department had to keep the related projects related to Mission and Choice strictly confidential. No information was allowed to leak from the company. The game’s contents were not leaked at all.

The movie might have a fixed schedule and submitted information, it did not take the initiative to do large-scale publicity. Thus, most viewers did not notice it. Naturally, there was no widespread discussion.

Immediately after that, the advertising and marketing department began to spread the news bit by bit!

First, it was the large amount of resources to publicize the ‘cla.s.sic domestically-produced game compilation’. They had cleverly hidden ‘Mission and Choice’ in this compilation. On the surface, it looked like the money was not worth it and had no effect at all. However, it had actually played a scientific role.

The games in the “cla.s.sic domestically-produced compilation” had become familiar to gamers. “Mission and Choice” was once again dragged out to be tortured. The more gamers discussed, the more gamers understood the inside story.

Once this feeling of humiliation was stirred up again, it would provide the best soil for the release of Mission and Choice!

The second was to use the official platform’s exclusive interview to tie the concept of ‘incubation base’ and ‘domestically-produced cla.s.sic games compilation’ onto Tengda Games. A casual photo would cause gamers to fantasize about Tengda’s new game.

Immediately after, the Advertis.e.m.e.nt and marketing department made a feint and deliberately released fake news. They used “Fitness Battle” to cover “Mission and Choice”, causing players to fall into confusion once again.

At the critical moment when the players were arguing non-stop, Vinci Media’s G.o.dly a.s.sistance arrived. After the news of Mission and Choice was revealed, it was a decisive blow. All of the players’ previous doubts had become reality!

Throughout the entire process, Boss Pei was like a beauty whose face was half hidden. He would always leave a handkerchief, a token to the gamers. Their expectations increased as the gamers argued and doubted themselves.

In the end, they found an invitation letter instead of a handkerchief, a token, and a small flower.

Who would be able to resist the temptation of a beauty that they had always suspected existed inviting players to a pavilion on the mountain?

Thus, the publicity that had been laid out for such a long time finally came to an end. All the players’ eyes were on him!

What’s more, it was different from traditional advertising methods. Interested players would try their best to guess the game and movie’s content through various clues, while uninterested players would also be interested in the discussion of a large number of players.

The topic would continue to exist. In the next few days, there would be endless discussions about Mission and Choice. It would explode in a short period of time, forming a huge hot topic!

Compared to traditional advertising methods, the biggest advantage of this publicity method was that it was thrifty.

The gamers did not spend much money on publicity. They were willing to dig deeper and understand the information!

Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce’s review immediately made him feel that Boss Pei’s advertising was superb!

Meng Chang might be the one who made the proposal but anyone with eyes could tell that this was not Meng Chang’s style. Boss Pei must have given him pointers!

It was not that Meng Chang was stupid. The key was that Meng Chang’s brain circuit did not function that way. This idea was completely different from his habit.

It was just like what was written in some martial arts novels. The smarter a person was, the less they could learn.

Meng Chang was such a smart person. If not for Boss Pei’s guidance, he would never have thought of such a brilliant plan!

Moreover, strictly speaking, Meng Chang was smart but Boss Pei was not only smarter than Meng Chang but also wiser than him!

“In that case, Boss Pei is very confident in ‘Mission and Choice’. That’s why he dared to use such a small and risky publicity plan.”

“Even so, the problem of prenatal deficiencies in publicity still cannot be resolved very well.”

“This is especially so for the movie. The number of screenings on the first day and the number of seats on the first day are too critical. What’s more, it’s not something that can be improved just by the quality of the movie. It’s not like there haven’t been cases of high-quality movies dying because of insufficient publicity. The risk is still very high!”

Zhu Xiaoce raised new concerns.

At the moment, this plan was not perfect. The problem was that it was too idealistic.

Games were easy to deal with. Good wine needs no bush. It would become popular after a period of time. It was alright to wait for a few months. However, movies were different. If the initial publicity was not enough and the number of seats was not high, the cinema chains would further cut the screening. Then, the daily box office would continue to fall. It would fall into a vicious cycle!

This method did not bring enough popularity compared to traditional advertising methods.

That was because traditional advertising proposals were very intuitive. They would advertise everywhere and brag whatever they should. The more money they spend, the better the effect.

However, the publicity plan that Boss Pei was using now might save money, but the initial effect would definitely not be as good as the traditional plan. Its characteristics were that the users were loyal, partic.i.p.ative, and motivated. However, many pa.s.sers-by would not be attracted to it from the beginning.

This discussion had to continue to spread and form a trend before it could spread to the pa.s.sers-by.

If the game or movie did not achieve the desired effect, the chain of communication would break. That would be the end.

Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce were very smart. They understood the logic behind this after some thought.

“Therefore, the initial exposure is still necessary. Based on Boss Pei’s current plan, everything is perfect. The only problem is that the current discussion has not broken out of the circle.”

“If we let this discussion continue for three to five days, we might be able to break out of the circle. However, it’s obviously too late now…”

Zhu Xiaoce frowned.

Initially, he thought that he had made a comeback. However, on further thought, he realized that he had missed a crucial point: the initial popularity.

This could very well affect the success or failure of the entire project!

Huang Sibo nodded. “Yes… this is indeed a very serious problem.”

“However, there’s nothing we can do now.”

“I can only say that Boss Pei would definitely be able to think of the problem that we can think of. Boss Pei is probably already prepared.”

“Let’s do our job and wait patiently.”

The two of them discussed for a while but could not figure out how to solve this problem. They could only give up helplessly.

He could only choose to trust Boss Pei now!

At the same time, Meng Chang was lying in his residence.

He did not go to work today because he had completely lost the motivation to go to work.

Until now, he still could not accept this painful fact.

This month’s commission was probably going to be disastrous!

What difference would it make if he did not work for the next half a month? He would leave it to fate anyway.

If games and movies became popular, he would not get a single cent;

If the game and movie failed, how much commission he could get would depend on luck.

What’s more, Meng Chang had been working at a high intensity for half a month. He had overdrawn his pa.s.sion. Apart from being paralyzed in bed, he did not want to do anything else.


His phone rang just as he was lying on the bed.

Meng Chang stared blankly at the ceiling for a few seconds before reaching for his cell phone. He said weakly, “h.e.l.lo?”

Yu Yao’s voice came from the other end of the line. “Brother Meng, you didn’t come to work today. Are you feeling unwell?”

Meng Chang: “I’m fine. I’m just a little tired and need to rest.”

Yu Yao: “Yes, indeed. Brother Meng, you’ve worked hard this month. I have something to report to you. Didn’t you ask me to communicate with the various departments previously to keep the ‘Mission and Choice’ matter a secret?”

“Min Jingchao called to ask me if I should continue to keep it a secret just now. They have a new hero coming out. It has been dragged on for a long time. The players are waiting anxiously. It’s not good to drag on.”

“What’s more, the news about Mission and Choice has already spread. It shouldn’t be a big deal for GOG to produce a new hero, right?”

Meng Chang fell silent.

If he had asked two days earlier, his answer would have been no.

However, Meng Chang was already in a state of despair.

Players were like Sherlock Holmes, guessing most of the information about Mission and Choice. The movie was also dug out.

What’s more, the movie would be released this weekend. One or two more days wouldn’t make a difference.

Meng Chang felt like his heart was dead. “Whatever.”

Yu Yao nodded. “Alright, Brother Meng. Have a good rest. I’ll hang up first.”

After receiving an affirmative answer from the marketing department, Min Jingchao immediately arranged for his subordinates to update GOG.

“The new hero, ‘Skylark’ can be released!”

“Everyone, make the best use of your time. Don’t waste a second!”

Min Jingchao was very anxious because he could feel that this new hero was very important to Boss Pei!

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Boss Pei’s marketing plan was a product of acc.u.mulation. If other people’s marketing plan was to light a fire and start fanning crazily, then Boss Pei’s marketing plan was to first pile up a large amount of gra.s.s, bury the fuse, and wait for the sparks to quickly develop into a prairie fire!

However, there was a problem now. The fuse had been buried and sparks had been successfully wiped out. However, the fire was not enough and it was not burning fast enough.

If the fire could not be very big before, it might still fail.

It was time to test the various departments!

The role of “Skylark” was linked to “Mission and Choice”. He had intended to be Captain Qin Yi but was rejected by Boss Pei.

Thus, the “Skylark” this time was a female character in combat uniform.

Now, this new hero was finally coming in handy!

The update this time would affect the hearts of countless GOG gamers. Min Jingchao could also use this opportunity to help promote Mission and Choice. He would be able to help!

“This should be a key trump card that Boss Pei left for me, right?”

“Yes, it’s about time to show my hand!”

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