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Chapter 649: Tai Bai’s Little Cla.s.s

As the name suggested, the Immortal Welcoming Hall was the place where the Heavenly Courts welcomed guests. It was located in the inner part of the Middle Heavenly Gate.

The Immortal Welcoming Hall was mainly used for receiving the famous Itinerant Immortals of the Primordial World who had come to seek refuge with the Heavenly Courts. Occasionally, it would be like this, as the place where the righteous G.o.ds of the Heavenly Courts would officially meet the Itinerant Cultivators.

The definition of itinerant cultivators was different. In the Primordial World, there were many independent Qi Refinement Warriors who did not have any sects to rely on.

In the Heavenly Courts, those who did not enter the Heavenly Courts’ immortal records could be treated as itinerant cultivators.

Li Changshou had to use the Immortal Welcoming Hall. The priest in charge of managing the hall was rather nervous. They ran back and forth, sprinkling water and planting flowers, making everything look grand and elegant.

An hour later, the G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit was the first to be attracted here. She looked around and was a little reserved.

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit cultivated the Great Dao of Fire. She liked to wear a red dress the most. Her figure was rather charming under the thin dress, but she was also a beautiful fairy.

The Heavenly General cupped his hands politely and said, “Please wait here. Lord Taibai Jinxing will meet you later.”

“Thank you.” The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit returned the greeting. She did not hesitate and sat on the nearest round chair.

When the Heavenly General went to wait outside the hall, the G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit heaved a sigh of relief.

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit felt an inexplicable pressure when she came to the Heavenly Courts this time.

The pressure was especially obvious. The moment she stepped into the Heaven Gate, she subconsciously began to think about how she should retreat if she was ambushed.

However, the conclusion she reached was irreversible.

The rich power of the Heavenly Dao, the Immortal Array, and the vast and endless Heavenly Might made the G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit want to retreat.

Her strength should not be considered low in the Primordial Three Realms.

In the Heaven Gate, patrolling Heavenly Soldiers could be seen everywhere. They were orderly and not chaotic at all. The Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals’ faces were full of calmness and composure, as if they were not only at the Dao Realm of the Perfected Immortal realm.

She walked out with the aura of a Heaven Immortal.

How many years has it been?

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit sighed in her heart. He recalled the respect and reverence that came from the bottom of his heart when the Heavenly General mentioned the word “Lord Taibai Jinxing”…


“Greetings, Lord Taibai Jinxing!”

“Greetings, Lord Taibai Jinxing!”

“Ah, there’s no need to be so polite. It’s been hard on you, generals. Rest for now.”

A conversation suddenly sounded outside the hall. The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit hurriedly stood up and greeted Li Changshou.

“Greetings, Uncle-Master Changgeng!”

“Yes.” Li Changshou smiled and waved his hand. “There’s no need to be so polite. Come and sit here.”

After saying that, Li Changshou and the G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit sat down nearby. They did not care about the guests or the guests.

He was using the face of an old immortal. There was a smile on his lips and a kind expression on his face. There was a hint of inquiry in his eyes, and he seemed to be saying that there was no need to be anxious.

A peaceful Dao rune spread out. A faint fragrance refreshed the heart.

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit realized that her Dao heart had relaxed. The pressure that she had felt in the Heavenly Courts had already disappeared.


How long has it been?

Why can’t I see through Uncle-Master Changgeng’s paper effigy?

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit had actually interacted with Li Changshou a few times. At that time, Li Changshou’s “permanent office” was under the painting of the Grandmaster of Heaven in the rear hall of the Sea G.o.d Temple in Anshui City.

At that time, the G.o.ddess of Golden Light secretly admired Zhao Gongming’s older brother. She also thought about the difference in their status and Dao realm. She did not dare to speak for many years.

Due to Fairy Yun Xiao, Li Changshou had successfully established the image of an “emotional teacher” in Jie School.

At that time, the person who accompanied Jin Guang was the G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit. Li Changshou had even given the G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit some tricks. Later on, the G.o.ddess of Golden Light finally got what she wanted and tried to become Dao companions with Zhao Gongming.

The outcome of this matter was filled with regret.

The emotions in the Primordial World were not child’s play. The two of them did not get along well and could not find a Dao companion. There was no need for them to live together, so they ended it.

The emotional experience of having his relations.h.i.+p with the G.o.ddess of Golden Light fail, made Zhao Gongming open up and feel a little restless.

Later on, Zhao Gongming and the G.o.ddess of Golden Spirit secretly developed feelings for each other and secretly became Dao companions. It had yet to be announced to the public.

The G.o.ddess of Golden Spirit was the Eldest inner sect disciple of Jie School. Her ranking was second only to Daoist Duobao. She was ruthless and did not talk much. She was hot-tempered and had many treasures.

The G.o.ddess of Golden Light was an outer sect disciple of Jie School. She was the only female immortal member of the ten Heavenly Lords. She was ranked outside the top hundred. She was the type of person who could attend the meeting between the disciples of the Saints of the Green Touring Palace.

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit was the disciple of Daoist Duobao. She was on good terms with Jin Guang and was more capable than her.

Therefore, when Li Changshou chose the topic, he said, “How is Senior Sister Golden Light recently?”

“He has already walked out.” The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit pursed her lips. “Moreover, Uncle-Master Gongming and Aunt-Master Jin Ling… Aunt-Master Jin Ling understands. She naturally won’t miss him.”

“Their personalities don’t match. This is indeed an unsolvable problem.”

Li Changshou shook his head and sighed. Seeing that the atmosphere had already been lifted, he asked, “Did you suddenly come to look for me because Senior Brother Duobao has something to tell me?”

“This is not…”

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit pursed her lips guiltily and glanced at the entrance of the hall.

She sent a voice transmission. “Uncle-Master, I’m here to seek help and to seek your guidance.”


Li Changshou looked puzzled. He smiled and said, “Are there any sutras that you don’t understand? I’m afraid I can’t guide you on that.”

“It’s not about cultivation. Yes…”

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit was originally a straightforward person, but at that moment, she was a little hesitant. She stammered for a long time before expressing her intentions.

As Li Changshou had expected, it was for the matters of the South Continent.

Previously, the G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit and Wen Zhong, the two leaders of the third generation disciples of Jie School, had been sent to the South Continent to collect information about the changes in the royal authority of the mortal world and find an opportunity to establish themselves in the South Continent.

That was considered a method for Jie School to deal with the Great G.o.d-Conferment Tribulation.

However, the G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit and Wen Zhong were both Qi Refinement cultivators. They were used to cultivating in the mountains. Even if they had astonis.h.i.+ng comprehension, were quick-witted, and went to the mortal world, they were still confused by the Three Dukes and Nine Ministers’ grand ceremony.

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit whispered, “I still don’t understand how the Shang Nation uses people and how the Great Tribulation works. Master had deduced that the Great Tribulation corresponded to the change of the mortal kings in the South Continent. In other words, there would be the rise of new kings and the retreat of old kings. However, the Shang Nation is like the sun in the sky now. Apart from the gathering of merchants, there are eight hundred va.s.sal countries! Who could say for sure who replaced Shang? Moreover, the Shang Nation is so powerful. How is it showing signs of decline? Is the change of royal authority the destruction of the dynasty, the seizing of power within, or a rebellion like the Sea Clan of the Four Seas? I’m really confused.”


Li Changshou clapped and laughed. The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit raised her hand and tidied her hair beside her ear. She was a little embarra.s.sed and blushed.

“Uncle-Master, don’t tease me…”

“Ahem, I’m really making things difficult for you, an ancient Qi Refinement cultivator who rarely enters the mortal world.”

Li Changshou smiled and said, “I know a little about the Shang Nation’s system. However, it’s difficult for me to explain it to you in a short while. Let me ask you. Do you want to think about which country will rise in the future, or do you want to ask how to establish yourself in the Shang Nation?”

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit smiled and said, “I want to understand all of that. It would be best if Uncle-Master can give me some guidance.”

“The heavenly secrets cannot be revealed.”

Li Changshou said slowly, “If you want to know about this, I can tell you in detail. However, before that, you have to figure out what’s the point of your standing in the Shang Nation.”

“Isn’t this similar to the Immortal Sects of the Middle Continent interfering in the mortal world of the South Continent?”

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit said seriously, “I want to have some influence in the Shang Nation first. It’s best if I can interfere with the Human Emperor’s judgment that is related to the Great Tribulation and is beneficial to Jie School when needed. Only by grasping the changes in the situation and understanding the direction of the Great Tribulation can we intercept that chance of survival in the Great Tribulation.”

Li Changshou hummed softly and smiled.

“Your thoughts are quite smart. However, if others hear about how the Heavenly Courts will affect the current human emperor, it will be a huge crime to provoke the Heavenly Courts.”

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit hurriedly said, “I just want to help Jie School survive the Great Tribulation. I have no intention of controlling the Human Emperor!”

Li Changshou waved his hand and gestured for her to not be nervous. Then, he sat there and fell silent.

He was thinking about how to mention Jie School and how many factors were pushed by the Heavenly Dao.

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit would really dare to ask him, the invigilator, to give her an answer.

If that was the case, he could make some arrangements.

“Huo Ling, this matter is not trivial. If I give you guidance alone, others will say that I’m biased. In that case, I’ll make an arrangement. Three days later, I will descend to the mortal world and explain to the two third-generation disciples of Chan School and Jie School a series of questions about the mortal world in detail. Even if you want to play chess, you have to set the rules in advance. There should be a huge matter that will be announced later. I need to go to the Jade Emperor to confirm it.”

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit hesitated and asked softly, “Uncle-Master Changgeng, should we bring the disciples of Chan School along?”

“Of course.” Li Changshou smiled and said, “Justice is the Heavenly Courts’ pursuit.”

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit wanted to say something but hesitated. She felt that not only did she not obtain any benefits from her Uncle-Master during her trip to the Heavenly Courts, but she had also helped Chan School to a certain extent…

Forget it. It would be much better than me and Junior Brother Wen Zhong wandering around like headless flies.

Since they had the same starting point as Chan School, what was there to be afraid of?

Just fight.

“Thank you for your guidance, Uncle-Master!”

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit stood up and bowed. “Then I’ll go to the mortal world to wait.”


Li Changshou said warmly, “Three days later, at noon, I will naturally appear in the Shang Nation. At that time, I will bring one or two good friends and the ancestors of the Shang Nation. However, I will only introduce the mortal situation to you. I will not give you any hints.”

“Yes, I understand!”

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit agreed and bade Li Changshou farewell.

Li Changshou also reminded her not to forget to report this matter to the Jade Void Palace. After all, it concerned the teachings of the sect. No matter how small the matter was, she could not make a decision easily.

The G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit agreed with a solemn expression. There was a little antic.i.p.ation in her heart. She hurriedly bade farewell and left the Immortal Welcoming Hall.

Li Changshou did not delay any further. He rushed to the Lingxiao Hall and reported to the Jade Emperor.

The Jade Emperor naturally had no objections.

It would also help Chan School and Jie School understand the composition of mortal power.

Previously, the Jade Emperor had gone to the Purple Cloud Palace to meet the Dao Ancestor and invited the Dao Ancestor’s decree to protect the innocent living beings in the Great Tribulation.

The Dao Ancestor’s decree was currently in the Hall of Enlightenment. As long as the time was ripe, it could be issued at any time.

“Changgeng, do you think the timing is appropriate?”

“It’s not appropriate to make a big fuss this time. It’s equivalent to sending a message to Jie School and Chan School in advance.” Li Changshou pondered for a while. “This decree should have the best effect before the killing tribulation really erupts.”

“Then listen to Changgeng.” The Jade Emperor smiled and agreed. He then asked Li Changshou in detail about the “lecture” about descending to the mortal world.

Marshal Quan Dong might be late, but he would never be absent.

Hence, three days later…

Li Changshou’s paper effigy appeared near the South-Heaven Gate. He rode a white cloud and landed on the mortal world with several figures.

Standing beside him were naturally the Jade Emperor’s incarnation and Marshal Quan Dong. Behind him were Long Ji and Youqin Xuanya. The group restrained their auras and slowly descended towards the Shang Nation.

Li Changshou deliberately revealed a wisp of his aura and quickly responded. Several streams of light flashed from two corners outside the city and turned into two men and two women.

The people from Jie School were naturally the G.o.ddess of Fire Spirit and Wen Zhong.

The people from Chan School were Yang Jian, who was dressed in casual clothes, and a female immortal from the Jade Void Palace who was not important to Chan School.

The two of them came from two directions. After meeting, they immediately bowed to Li Changshou and addressed him as Uncle-Master.

Li Changshou answered with a smile and took the initiative to introduce Marshal Quan Dong, the “senior expert of the Primordial World Order” beside them, as well as Youqin Xuanya, the founder of the Shang Nation.

Quan Dong had seen many scenes. He only smiled and nodded, allowing Li Changshou to tease him.

However, Youqin Xuanya…

She seemed to be a little nervous. After Li Changshou introduced her relations.h.i.+p with the Shang Kingdom’s royal family, she took the initiative to explain.

“I entered the Ren School to cultivate when I was young. The ancestor of the Shang Kingdom is only my nephew.”

Seven to eight pairs of eyes gathered and waited for Youqin Xuanya to continue.

Youqin Xuanya nodded seriously and walked behind Li Changshou. She did not say anything else.

Li Changshou could roughly understand poisonous thoughts. What she meant just now was actually…

She had never married anyone before.

“Let’s go.”

Li Changshou flicked his horsetail whisk and said, “Let’s each transform into a mortal and walk around the city. I will explain the system and official positions of the mortal dynasty in detail. You can also report what you heard today to your senior brothers and sisters. Speaking of the Shang Nation, I have to start from the rise of the ancient human race…”

At the same time, in a remote wine house in the city…


In the elegant room on the top floor, a young “swordsman” sighed softly. He downed the wine in his cup and looked out the window.

An immortal had become like this in the mortal world. Seriously!

Li Jing sighed again. He looked at the sword standing by the table and thought about everything that had happened. For a moment, he felt depressed.

After he left the Immortal Du Sect to roam around, he first returned to Chentang Pa.s.s and expelled, sealed, and killed the demon kings outside. He stayed in front of his parents’ graves for three years to mourn.

Li Jing recalled Lord Taibai Jinxing’s reminder and pondered about the way to “feedback to the hometown of an immortal cultivator” and “become stronger to protect the hometown”. He would do chivalry near Chen Tang Pa.s.s and punish evil.

Originally, he could be considered carefree. He was famous within a radius of thousands of kilometers of Chentang Pa.s.s and was finding the opportunity that the elders in the sect had mentioned.


He really encountered it.

It was a rainy afternoon. Li Jing stood quietly on the treetop of the bamboo forest, hiding his figure and waiting for a group of robbers to appear and commit murder.

Unknowingly, the female general rode past him on a horse.

At first, Li Jing did not care about that matter. He only felt that the young girl’s facial features were rather good-looking.

After that, he began to think of that young girl.

When Li Jing regained his senses, he realized that his Dao heart had been affected.

He was deeply in love.

Who is she? Is she a female general guarding the border, or does she just like to dress like that?

For more than half a year, Li Jing had been searching in the vast sea of people. Every time, he seemed to have found some clues, but the clues would always mysteriously disappear.

Until yesterday, when he arrived at the capital of the Shang Nation, the most prosperous place in the human world, a thought arose in his heart.

If he could not find that beautiful lady here, he would sever his memories and return to the mountain to cultivate for a hundred years before coming to the mortal world to adventure.

“Ah, let’s continue looking.”

Li Jing looked out the window again. In fact, he slowly expanded his immortal senses and searched every corner of the city. He did not let go of any possible figures and tried his best to find his marriage!

“Lord Taibai Jinxing?!”

Li Jing shuddered and his drunkenness dissipated.

The flames of hope burned in his eyes. He threw down a few coins that were commonly used in the Shang Nation and turned into a stream of light as he rushed towards the west city gate!

The instructions of the Immortal Du Sect’s elder were still in his ears. This time, he wanted to show Lord Taibai Jinxing the essence that he had comprehended through the ancient books left behind by Lord Taibai Jinxing!


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