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Zhou Xifu and Mi Lai looked at Chu Chen at the same time.

Chu Chen’s expression was calm. He stared at his chin with his fingertips and said carefully, “I already felt that this matter was a little strange.”

“You’re referring to the recording.”

It wasn’t that Mi Lai and Chu Chen had a telepathic connection. Mi Lai had hired someone to pay a large sum of money to delete the recording. After it was restored, she would definitely look for someone to settle the score. However, that person had vowed that it was impossible for it to be restored.

Furthermore, he had gone to watch Xu Mo’s interview. Xu Mo’s theory was correct, but he did not leave any traces. Xu Mo was lying. However, he could not stand up and refute this matter. Otherwise, he would be admitting to it, he was the person who had deleted the recording.

Wasn’t this exposing everything that Mi Lai had done?

Therefore, even if he knew that Xu Mo was lying and deceiving the public, he could not stand up and refute.

Mi Lai was still very confident in the person she hired. She was more inclined to believe Xu Mo’s lies. Then, how was the recording restored?

“After discussing with Xiaomi, we both felt that someone obtained the recording before we deleted the backup computer on Cheng Youzhen’s computer. They didn’t go to restore the recording, but to return what they stole back.”

Chu Chen told Zhou Xifu what had happened, it also included his and Milli’s deductions. “Since the Xin ‘an company is open for business, it’s impossible for them to do something that violates professional ethics. Therefore, we can rule out the possibility that someone spent a lot of money on them to make them target us.”

It wasn’t that he thought highly of a company’s integrity, but there was no need for such a thing. Wasn’t this drawing hatred points?

“So, what you’re saying is that the white hat xin an company did it on purpose. They obtained the recording a long time ago, and after the incident happened, they restored the recording and used the Cheng Father and daughter to deal with Milai.”

Zhou Xifu valued xin an very much. Otherwise, he would not have spent so much money to maintain the security of his computer. He had been influenced and understood some basic principles, he knew that Chu Chen was right. “According to this calculation, the people who attacked me yesterday were them.”

“They are all experts in this field, aren’t they?”Chu Chen didn’t give a positive answer. Instead, he continued, “If they were the ones who attacked you yesterday, then what is their purpose?”

What was their purpose?

It was obvious that they wanted him and Milai to turn against each other!

Zhou Xifu’s gaze was cold and heavy. It had been many years, and no one had used him like this.

Keenly catching Zhou Xifu’s gaze, Chu Chen said casually, “It’s not just that.”

“What else?”

“I’m afraid that they have found something, which is why they spent so much effort.”Chu Chen’s words had a strong implication, but his eyes were filled with confusion, “They are certain that there is something very important in your computer. Moreover, once Xiaomi touches these things, you will definitely give Xiaomi a hard time, which is why they want to use your hands to deal with Xiaomi.”

Upon hearing Chu Chen’s words, Mi Lai’s eyelashes fluttered, but she endured it and didn’t look at Chu Chen. She couldn’t let Zhou Xifu know that she had already told Chu Chen everything about the deal between her and Zhou Xifu. Otherwise, Zhou Xifu wouldn’t be at ease with Chu Chen.

Chu Chen’s words really made Zhou Xifu’s gaze dim and unclear.

Only after she had discovered his secret, or at least understood his character, would she use such a tactic to sow discord.

As for his secrets, they could not be released to the public, or else they would take his life. This meant that this person was very likely to have a butcher’s knife hanging around his neck, and could take his life at any time!

Zhou Xifu’s hands on his knees tightened. “I saw the news. That Xin an company is owned by Yun Xiangxiang?”

“Yes,”Mi Lai admitted generously. “Yun Xiangxiang and I are compet.i.tors. I also did something to her previously. I’m afraid that she knows about this and wants to take revenge on me now.”

Instead of making Zhou Xifu suspect that she was using him to deal with Yun Xiangxiang, it was better to be Frank.

After a pause, he was not afraid that Zhou Xifu would overthink things. He continued, “Now that I’m in this state because of her, I definitely won’t be able to personally deal with her.”

The subtext was, either you do it yourself, or we can temporarily endure this.

If it were any other situation, Zhou Xifu would still be willing to endure it, but if he couldn’t, he would mess up the big plan. He would still listen to the rumors in the entertainment industry. He knew that Yun Xiangxiang was like the Sun in the sky, and even Mi Lai was avoiding her.

However, Chu Chen’s words made him feel like a fish in his throat. Yun Xiangxiang was too dangerous for him. Since she had already started to use his computer.

The person he had invited was almost unable to withstand last night’s storm. If Yun Xiangxiang came again..

Zhou Xifu didn’t dare to think too deeply about it.

“What’s the background of this Yun Xiangxiang?”He had already left this land for too many years. Other than some important connections, he no longer knew the country like the back of his hand.

“I’ve checked. She came from an ordinary family, but she was very lucky. Elder Min of Hong Kong looked at her in a special light and became the host of her wedding. However, he never provided her with any resources.”Mi Lai knew that Zhou Xifu had the intention to kill Yun Xiangxiang.

“Yun Xiangxiang has two good people by her side. I’ve tested her many times and found out that she can’t enter her body easily.”Mi Lai thought for a while and then added, showing her sincerity, “Ever since she got married, she hasn’t been in good health. She can’t even partic.i.p.ate in the second film of the lead movie series. No one knows where she is recovering from her injury now.”

“Of course, this is the result of our investigation. Mr. Zhou is very resourceful. You can find out on your own,”Chu Chen said cautiously.

p In case there was any information that they didn’t find out, Zhou Xifu would blame them

Mi Lai was happy that Chu Chen was so meticulous. She looked at him with a hint of joy in her eyes.

Zhou Xifu looked at the two of them, stood up and said, “I will investigate it myself.”

After that, he left silently without saying anything.

Mi Lai was too lazy to send him off, but Chu Chen sent him out.

When he returned, he said with a serious expression, “Zhou Xifu, don’t get involved with him again.”

“Back then, I had no other choice. I thought I could escape unscathed, but I didn’t know that I was in the wrong boat.”Milai’s tone was not regretful at all. She knew that even if she had to do it all over again, she would still choose to work with Zhou Xifu.

Otherwise, she would not have gotten to where she was today so quickly.

It was her fault that she was born in a bad era. Unlike the current entertainment industry, beauty was justice. With beauty, one could be willful and easily make a name for themselves.

“Let’s raise a sum of money to exchange for the things in his hands. In the future, we’ll part ways,”Chu Chen suggested.

“He wants 1.5 billion!”How could she get 1.5 billion for Zhou Xifu?

“All my a.s.sets over the years add up to a few hundred million.”

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