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1143 Chapter 1143

In the room, Ann was so quiet that it was depressing. Yun Xiangxiang looked at Song Mian quietly and asked uncertainly, “Is it him?”

“You are also suspecting.”Song Mian looked up at Yun Xiangxiang.

“I just think that this is not his style.”Yun Xiangxiang shook her head gently.

She did not have much contact with Lucifer, but from a few things, it could be seen that Lucifer’s power was not that small.

It was not that he was a gentleman and would not use such underhanded methods, but it was that the thorn in Lucifer’s flesh was song Mian. If he did not move, it would be fine, but if he moved, it would be a big move.

For example, back then, when he knew that song Mian had a special blood type, he worked with many parties to set up an inescapable net. If Yun Xiangxiang was not there, Song Mian’s life would have been in danger, or he would have been disabled due to the delay in treatment.

Then, there was the incident with Ai Li and the final collaboration with Tang Zhiyu. Although he didn’t succeed every time, he would make song Mian go all out, and at the very least, he would bleed a little.

This was Lucifer’s way of doing things.

Song Mian chuckled softly. His face, which was stiff, was a little soft. His hand held Yun Xiangxiang’s waist, and his forehead rested gently on Yun Xiangxiang’s shoulder. “Dear wife, did I mention that you have a pair of clear eyes?”

He could easily a.n.a.lyze a person’s personality and style of doing things from the things related to them.

“I’m a professional actor.”Yun Xiangxiang was quite proud. “A qualified actor must know how to interpret the characteristics of different characters in different industries.”

She was more sensitive than people in other industries when it came to capturing people.

“There’s another thing that doesn’t make sense.”Yun Xiangxiang looked down at Song Mian, who was holding her.

“Oh?”She tilted her head and looked up. Song Mian’s purplish-black eyes met hers. “Where?”

Yun Xiangxiang rolled her eyes. She didn’t believe that song Mian didn’t know about it. Song Mian must have known about it a long time ago. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed to interrogate Zongsheng.

“The suspicious point is zongsheng,”Yun Xiangxiang said after thinking for a while, “I don’t have much contact with Zong Sheng. There isn’t even any conflict on the surface. Zong Sheng wouldn’t have spread the news that I threatened him in private. Then, why is this person so sure that Zong Sheng will definitely attack me and my family?”

If it was a threat, it would be a little far-fetched.

Let’s talk about threats first. Zong Sheng and Yun Xiangxiang had no enmity. Unless he had planned to silence Zong Sheng from the start, a person like Zong Sheng would definitely be a hidden danger. No matter how clean he was, before he used Zong Sheng.., he should investigate Zong Sheng thoroughly.

However, if Zong Sheng was to be silenced, how could he use Zong Sheng’s words to frame Lucifer?

Once he wanted to frame Lucifer, he had to hand Zong Sheng over to Song Mian. In song Mian’s hands, it was impossible to silence him.

Moreover, there would be too many traces left behind by the enticement. For example, the benefits Zong Sheng obtained would easily expose himself.

Therefore, the other party used Zongsheng. It was absolutely impossible to use coercion and temptation. That was because he knew that Zongsheng had a grudge against Yun Xiangxiang.

This place was worth thinking about. In short, it was impossible for someone like Lucifer to spend time investigating Yun Xiangxiang’s side. It was a trivial matter with a person he did not have much contact with.

“This is similar to Xu Jing.”After Yun Xiangxiang said that, the corner of her lips lifted slightly, revealing a mocking smile.

From this, Yun Xiangxiang was sure that the person who attacked her son this time was the same person who tried to attack her before.

“Smart people are often fooled by their cleverness.”Song Mian suddenly lowered his eyes to hide the cold light in his eyes.

The more they did, the more they would be exposed. This person actually knew Lucifer and the symbol of the Gus family, which meant that he was not an ordinary rich man. His family background was deeper than they had guessed.

Yun Xiangxiang looked at Song Mian, and her eyes were as cold as ice. “Not many people fit these criteria...”

“Don’t bother to select them one by one. Since he wants the Gus family to get involved so much, let him reap what he sowed.”Song Mian let go of Yun Xiangxiang, clicked on the page again, and sent an email.

Yun Xiangxiang saw the recipient of the email. There was the surname of Gus, but it was not Lucifer. She guessed and asked, “You sent it to Lucifer’s father?”

“Since we have evidence, why don’t we just ask someone for an explanation?”Song Mian raised his eyebrows. “How could the heir of the song family be so easily schemed against?”

Liuliu was song Mian’s first child and his only child at the moment. He was also the eldest son. According to the ancient Chinese tradition, there was no problem with the heir.

She understood now. Song Mian directly asked Old Gus for an explanation, which was in line with the Chinese tradition of first acting first and then acting first. This was a tactful underground letter of challenge.

“Aren’t you afraid that he will really fight with you in a fit of anger?”This allowed the mastermind to achieve his goal.

After all, people of high status all cared about their reputation. The Geth family was also very big, and it was not inferior to the song family. This could be seen from Lucifer’s arrogant att.i.tude.

It was easy for song Mian to anger them if he asked for an explanation without any solid evidence.

“It’s very possible if it were any other time.”Song Mian closed the laptop. “It’s really the time when the Gus family is fighting for the position of the family head. Lucifer’s father is seriously ill, and he doesn’t have much time left.”

At this time, they were in a mess, and there were many forces competing for the position of the new family.

Lucifer’s brothers were not from the same mother, so it was impossible for them to be united. The song family had always been their strong enemy, so they would not choose to fight with the song family at this time. Otherwise, they would be digging their own graves.

Yun Xiangxiang nodded in realization. Therefore, when the old leader received song Mian’s “Letter of challenge”and looked at his sons who were fighting for the throne, he would definitely not choose to have a conflict with the song family, the best way for him was to send a powerful person to investigate this matter personally and give the song family an explanation.

“Who will he send?”Yun Xiangxiang suddenly thought of Lucifer.

“He will send whoever he doesn’t want to take his position.”Song Mian smiled.

“But didn’t the Gus family banish Lucifer?”Last time, Lucifer and Tang Zhili worked together and angered song Mian. The Gus family suffered a great loss.

“It will give him a chance to make up for his mistakes and return to the family.”Song Mian’s answer was meaningful.

Yun Xiangxiang knew that the sword that old Geiss had personally forged for Lucifer was no longer under his control, but it could no longer be destroyed. Therefore, old Geiss had to think of a way to make Lucifer submit to him forever.

If Lucifer wanted to become the family leader, the first step was to be recognized by the family. Otherwise, he would have to kill a lot of people in order to become the family leader.

Old Geiss used this opportunity to let Lucifer fulfill his wish. Then, when he was about to choose a successor, he sent Lucifer far away.


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