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Chapter 486: The preciousness of water

This reason was very strong, and Qi Juan really had no way to refute it.

As the main investor and the biggest financier of this event, Qi Juan naturally requested not to be in the picture.

But Yun Xiangxiang knew that he was one of the main forces of this event’s publicity, so he definitely wanted to be in the picture in large numbers.

How could he hide it from Yun Xiangxiang? There were still so many eyes in the entire event organization, how could he blind these people?

It was true that he was chasing after Li Xiangling, but it was only when he thought about it with Yun Xiangxiang that they would have a topic to talk about. If it was really captured by a nosy person, no one would believe him and Yun Xiangxiang even if he said it out loud.

Yun Xiangxiang had debuted early in her career. Although there were negative news, there were no scandals. However, Yun Xiangxiang was now an adult, and the media would not let this chance go.

If the scandal between him and Yun Xiangxiang were to spread, Song Mian would definitely make him lose his mind!

How could he be willing to let such a good opportunity go.

Ever since Li Xiangling returned from France, she had been holed up in school. Yun Xiangxiang was as busy as a top. If he wanted to have a drunken relations.h.i.+p, it was not because of alcohol. He could not even ask Li Xiangling out.

Was it easy for him? It just so happened that he could not just casually run to school and cause trouble for Li Xiangling. He reckoned that he would be finished.

In private, he chatted with Li Xiangling. Every time he talked, Li Xiangling would kill him. He also realized that Li Xiangling was tactfully rejecting him.

After being hara.s.sed for too long, Li Xiangling directly ignored him. The charm of his eldest young master Qi was almost beaten by Li Xiangling to the point that he suspected that those people in the past had only pursued him because his surname was Qi…

Qi Juan’s depressed expression successfully pleased Yun Xiangxiang. Yun Xiangxiang happily dragged Li Xiangling away.

Of course, Li Xiangling thought about Yun Xiangxiang. After all, she now knew that Qi Juan was a good friend of her best friend’s boyfriend.

The special car drove from morning to dusk before reaching its destination. It still needed to get off and walk a kilometer on its own.

Because there was no suitable road for the car to enter within this kilometer.

“This place is so dry.”

“This road is so c.r.a.ppy.”

“I feel like we’re going to be sold deep into the mountains….”

Initially, because of the thoughts on the road, these people were filled with excitement. Thinking about it in the car, they also interacted with them.

Not a single signature was left behind, and everyone was promised a bracelet after the charity event ended. Everyone’s enthusiasm was high, and they were filled with antic.i.p.ation for the place they were going to.

However, they still started to feel down after coming here. It was not just the dry climate that caused the two of them to have nosebleeds.

Most of them were the skinny people that they saw along the way. The desolate village that they saw at first glance made it difficult for those who were mentally prepared to adapt to it.

“Everyone, hurry up. We can meet brother Jin once we reach the village.” At this moment, Yun Xiangxiang could only bring Lu Jin out to boost their morale.

Lu Jin arrived before them. He had received Lu Jin’s message an hour ago.

Sure enough, no one complained when they saw Yun Xiangxiang, so they couldn’t say anything more. Moreover, they would be able to see Lu Jin soon, which reignited their fighting spirit.

When they arrived at the village, Lu Jin and the people in the village were waiting for them at the village entrance.

Yun Xiangxiang recalled that this was the first time she had seen Lu Jin like this. He was dressed in very down-to-earth clothes. He wore loose jeans, a high-necked sweater, and a rough-looking suit.

It was close to December. Although it was dry, it was already very cold here. It was 10 degrees Celsius during the day and only 2-3 degrees Celsius at night.

Although he was dressed like a villager, with his good looks, he looked handsome no matter how he looked at it!

“Didn’t you say you would arrive at four o’clock?” Lu Jin asked with concern.

“I got delayed on the way,” Yun Xiangxiang answered after thinking about it.

In fact, some people couldn’t adapt to the weather, so they had some adverse reactions, which led to their travel being slowed down.

“It’s good that you’re okay,” Lu Jin didn’t ask further.

Then, he greeted the people in the village and followed the person-in-charge into the village.

The houses in the village could only be described as simple and crude to them, but this was because they knew they were coming, cleaned them carefully, and took out the best things.

Yun Xiangxiang felt that it was still alright. Some people who had never seen the house before could not stop their shocked and terrified eyes.

Some people even screamed when they saw the toilet. There were all kinds of situations. Fortunately, the person in charge seemed to have a grasp of these things and everything was under control.

It was too late today. They had been a.s.signed to a residence. Dinner had already been settled on the way here. However, many problems had arisen when they took a bath at night.

The reason was that there was a lack of water here. Every house actually had a water cellar. However, when they opened the water cellar, some of the better water contained weeds and leaves, and almost mixed with animal feces.

Some of the girls who had never seen such a scene cried directly.

The event manager had no choice but to comfort them. It was not over yet. The two female artistes screamed and ran out of the house.

The reason was that they saw two black rats and refused to go back to the room.

“You’re so calm.” Li Xiangling and Yun Xiangxiang were a.s.signed to each other. Li Xiangling brushed her teeth outside and came in. She saw Yun Xiangxiang had already changed into her pajamas and was spraying something on the bed.

“So what if I’m not calm?” Yun Xiangxiang thought and continued to spray. She answered without turning her head.

This was a mosquito repellent. There was a bug that liked to hide on the bed in this kind of place. After biting it, it would cause red b.u.mps all over its body.

Yun Xiangxiang was shooting “University Dream” , she had been hit by it. Fortunately, it was on her legs and body. It took more than a week for it to disappear. Otherwise, it would affect the progress of the shooting.

“Before I came here, I asked around about this place. It’s best not to touch the water in the water cellar,” Yun Xiangxiang reminded her.

“Why?” Li Xiangling didn’t think that Yun Xiangxiang it was dirty.

“The water in the water cellar is more precious than their family’s money. It takes a lot of effort to save up a bucket of water.” Yun Xiangxiang put down the spray in his hand. He turned around and said to Li Xiangling. “I’ve also heard of a custom here.”

“What custom?” Li Xiangling asked while wiping her face.

“Have you noticed that the size of the water cellar in every household here is different?” Yun Xiangxiang asked.

Li Xiangling patted her face and nodded.

“I’ve heard that when one marries his daughter here, it depends on whether there are many water cellars in the man’s family and whether they are big or not.” Yun Xiangxiang sighed softly. “The number and size of the water cellars have become the symbol of the rich and the poor here. You can imagine how precious the water in the water cellars is to them.”

Therefore, Yun Xiangxiang did not plan to take a bath. He just brushed his teeth and washed his face.

Fortunately, the weather was not hot, and they only stayed here for two or three days. It would be over after enduring for a while.

It was going to be winter soon. If the water in the water cellars was used by them, the residents would have to sweep the snow in the ravine to replenish it.

Yun Xiangxiang did his homework before coming here.

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