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Chapter 572 – Sin City

Lan Xuanyu wasn’t the only one who knew about Sin City; his teammates knew about it as well. It could be said that they had heard of this place for a long time.

This place was known as a paradise of evil, a paradise for s.p.a.ce pirates. It was an independent planet and they didn’t know how it was formed, but without a doubt, this place was filled with all sorts of dangers.

“Are you afraid?” Deng Bo laughed.

Lan Xuanyu shook his head and said, “Team leader, we’re not afraid. But since we’re heading to Sin City, in order to be responsible for my teammates, can you tell us the details of this mission so that we can make preparations?”

Deng Bo nodded and said, “It’s time to tell you guys. Sin City is a very special place. If you think that it is just a place to hide evil and take in evil, then you’re gravely mistaken.”

Lan Xuanyu was taken aback. Whether it was education in the Federation or Shrek Academy, there was no detailed introduction to Sin City.

Deng Bo said, “Sin City is a special planet. Firstly, it is very big and even our Mother Planet. It is the largest planet that we know of, the planet where humans can survive.”

“And the most unique part of Sin City is its environment. We all know that the environment in the universe is ever-changing, and there are many different types of planets. There are even terrifying existences such as black holes. And where Sin City is, there is a very big problem with the s.p.a.ce around it. It exists in a special and distorted form. Only through a few special wormholes can one pa.s.s through this special s.p.a.ce. And these wormholes can only accommodate medium-sized wars.h.i.+ps at most, large-sized wars.h.i.+ps cannot enter. This is also the most important reason why Sin City is still alive. Otherwise, the Federation would have made a move on it long ago.”

“At the same time, Sin City has abundant resources and is extremely rich. Not only do they have many rare minerals, but they also produce all sorts of vegetation. The most delicious fruits and vegetables are almost all from Sin City. The life energy there is extremely rich. It is another place other than our Mother Star Luo Planet that can produce G.o.d-rank powerhouses. So, all of you must not think that this is only a place of evil. It is also a very beautiful place. Evil comes from humans and is not something related to this planet.”

Lan Xuanyu and the rest had never thought that Sin City would be like this. After listening to Deng Bo’s introduction, they suddenly understood.

It was no wonder that the Douluo Federation was unable to resolve the matter of Sin City. It was actually because large wars.h.i.+ps were unable to reach this planet and there was no doubt that there were G.o.d-rank powerhouses on it.

“Team leader, if we attack those wormholes and prevent wars.h.i.+ps from coming out, won’t Sin City become sealed off?” Qian Lei asked doubtfully.

Deng Bo’s expression changed slightly. “You must not say this out loud, otherwise, you will become everyone’s public enemy. What is a wormhole? It is a s.p.a.ce node in the universe. These s.p.a.ce nodes contain a very large amount of s.p.a.ce energy. Let’s not talk about whether attacking it will have any effect. If it really works and detonates the wormhole, it will cause s.p.a.ce-time turbulence. Then, the unlucky ones will not only be Sin City, but the entire galaxy. Who can bear this responsibility? So, this is simply impossible. Furthermore, how do you know that the Federation hasn’t locked down Sin City? It just hasn’t been announced to the public. However, this sort of lockdown can only reduce the impact of Sin City on the Federation as much as possible, but it can’t stop it completely. This is because until now, we still don’t know how many wormholes there are near Sin City that lead to the outside world. At the same time, Sin City can completely seal itself and go on independently, and sealing from the outside will hardly affect its internal operations.”

“Understood.” Qian Lei stuck out his tongue.

Deng Bo said, “The various factions in the Federation actually have spies on Sin City. Although this place is filled with evil, there are also large amounts of resources. Some of these resources are not available in any of the administrative planets in the Federation and are what we need. So, we must think of a way to get them out. Not long ago, our Tang Sect’s liaison was exposed and captured by Sin City. Our mission this time is to rescue them and bring them back to the Mother Planet.”

Lan Xuanyu took a deep breath. “Do you have any clues for this mission?”

Deng Bo nodded and said, “Of course. Firstly, we still have many contacts in Sin City. We have already found out where they are being held. Secondly, the overall management of Sin City is very lax. There are seven major cities and each of them is governed independently. So we are only facing one faction of them. As long as we are fast enough, we have a high chance of rescuing them.”

“I have already finished drafting a specific plan. All of you only need to follow me to complete the mission and provide cover and reconnaissance for me. I will carry out the mission.”

At this point, Deng Bo became serious. “In the entire process of the mission, I first require that all of you must abide by my orders. Everything must be done according to my orders. This is not only related to your safety, but also my and the captured liaison’s safety. If your mistake causes the mission to fail, then Shrek Academy will have to bear the responsibility. All of you must always remember that you are not only representing yourselves, but also Shrek. Understood?”

The seven people nodded at the same time and Lan Xuanyu said, “Team leader, don’t worry, we will follow your plan.”

Deng Bo nodded his head and said, “Next, I will have to remind all of you to take note of some things. We arrived at Sin City this time using our ident.i.ty as s.p.a.ce pirates, and our s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was registered in the s.p.a.ce Pirates Alliance. After that, when we go through the checks, all of you must not reveal anything. I will communicate with the other party. After we arrive, I don’t know how long it will take to complete the mission, but it will have to change according to the specific situation, so all of you must not be anxious. Also, Sin City is still a very dangerous place after all, you must be careful and be on your guard at all times. I know that all of you are outstanding students from Shrek Academy’s Outer Court, but all of you must remember that the human heart is sinister, and the people from Sin City are unscrupulous. Furthermore, there are other planets and other species here. You can feel them, but try not to come into contact.”

At this point, he paused for a moment as a cold light flashed across his eyes. “If you guys encounter danger, you must make a prompt decision. In Sin City, killing the enemy is not a big deal because there is no law here. Strength is law.”

To be honest, after listening to Deng Bo’s introduction, the seven of them, including Lan Xuanyu, were somewhat nervous. After all, they had never faced such a situation before. But while they were nervous, they also felt different degrees of excitement.

This feeling was very strange and filled them with antic.i.p.ation for this mission.

That was Sin City ! It was their first time on this planet.

“There are still two hours left before we arrive at the wormhole. Get ready to enter. We will be interrogated. You guys just have to do your own things. Leave the details to me.” Deng Bo sat back in the main control seat. His previous casualness and laziness had completely disappeared. At this moment, he was truly serious.

The cosmos’ starry sky was undoubtedly beautiful, but after seeing this kind of beauty for a long time, it also felt somewhat dull.

From afar, a tunnel of light appeared in their field of vision. Everyone subconsciously looked in the direction of the tunnel of light and saw a planet that resembled a vortex. It was magical and beautiful.

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