Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting Chapter 711 - – An Unexpected Academy Mission

Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting -

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Chapter 711 – An Unexpected Academy Mission

Ding Zhuohan said, “This is indeed a difficult choice. We all need our Sky Wing because it can directly increase our strength, but it is also very important to equip the wars.h.i.+p with ammunition. Cla.s.s leader, you are the Head Wing. Tell us about your decision, I will support you.”

“Same for me.” Bing Tianliang immediately expressed his support.

The others agreed.

Following the cla.s.s leader meant having meat to eat. This was already a general consensus.

Lan Xuanyu said, “My suggestion is to do both. Actually, I only considered this after exchanging the rare metals that can be used to make our Battle Armors. But because the storage s.p.a.ce in the Ring of Fate is limited, I don’t regret it. After all, making Battle Armors takes time, and so does my forging. No matter how many rare metals you give me, I won’t be able to produce Spirit Forged alloys in a short time.

“So, we can first use the majority of the rare metals we reaped this time to exchange for Sky Wings and ammunition to increase the overall fighting strength of our 33 Sky Wings battle team so that it will be easier for us to deal with the pirates next time. At the same time, we can keep a portion of the precious rare metals for me to continue forging. As long as we can keep up with our gains, I will not lack rare metals for everyone. This is killing two birds with one stone.”

Qian Lei said, “I don’t think there’s a problem. We’ll exchange them for ammunition first and get ten antimatter missiles.”

Lan Xuanyu said in annoyance, “Do you think that’s fruit candy? I don’t think we can afford ten, but it’s necessary to buy some. I heard that the Tang Sect still has many high-grade soul devices. I plan to take a look this time and arm our wars.h.i.+p to the teeth. As long as we can successfully destroy a pirate crew, we will be able to recoup our losses. Who knows, we might even be able to earn more.”

“I agree!”

“I agree!”


Very soon, the entire cla.s.s reached a consensus—after returning, they would first order the Sky Wings. Other than keeping the remaining rare metals for the wars.h.i.+p and forging, they would exchange the rest for weapons and equipment from the Tang Sect and increase the overall strength of the team without affecting their individual strength.

On the way back, Lan Xuanyu immersed himself in forging and continued to practice his Fuse Forging.

Although forging had a lot to do with talent and ability, it was more important to practice non-stop. This was a profession that required constant practice in order to attain enlightenment. To most people, this process was extremely boring. Learning knowledge was only one aspect, and one had to rely more on practice, unlike designing and manufacturing. Most of the time, one had to gain knowledge through learning and also needed inspiration.

Lan Xuanyu, who was already used to looking for feelings in the forging process, didn’t find it boring, especially with so many rare metals for him to practice with. He was in a good mood.

To a blacksmith, there was still a huge problem. The process of upgrading from Thousand Refinements to Spirit Forging would consume a large amount of materials. Once the forging failed, the materials would be wasted and the price of the rare metals were still as high. Under such circ.u.mstances, many blacksmiths would have to spend extra time to earn money to buy the materials.

Hence, in general, outstanding blacksmiths were groomed by large forces and they had to be supplied with materials at all costs.

Lan Xuanyu obviously didn’t need to worry about the materials forging anymore. According to Tang Le, he was considered to have stepped into the threshold of a rank 6 blacksmith and his success rate of Spirit Forging was already quite good. He needed to practice Fuse Forging on this foundation.

Even Spirit Forged metals that had yet to undergo Fuse Forging were good enough to make Two-Word Battle Armors, but if one wanted to upgrade his Battle Armor to the Four-Word level in the future, Fused Forged metals were indispensable. This was because the higher the rank of a Battle Armor, the greater the disparity between using metals that had undergone Fuse Forging and not undergoing Fuse Forging.

Time flew by quickly. When the wars.h.i.+p was about to enter the Mother Planet’s atmosphere, Bai Xiuxiu called Lan Xuanyu back to his seat.

The wars.h.i.+p was ready to land.

The 33 Sky Wings wars.h.i.+p landed silently in the Shrek s.p.a.ce Center. When the students of the Star War Experiment Cla.s.s breathed in the fresh air of the Mother Planet again, they became excited at the same time.

This was their first time piloting a wars.h.i.+p to carry out a mission! The feeling this time was completely different from the previous Sky Fighter mission. Although they were unable to complete the mission, their gains were greater than completing a normal mission. Everyone finally had their own Sky Wing.

After disembarking from the wars.h.i.+p, Lan Xuanyu asked the Tang Sect members to perform maintenance on the wars.h.i.+p. He then brought his team back to the academy.

On the way back to the academy, he called Deng Bo’s soul communication device.

“You guys are back? That was fast! The mission was completed?” Deng Bo was surprised when he received Lan Xuanyu’s call.

Lan Xuanyu said, “The mission failed and we didn’t manage to find any special minerals. Captain, I have to trouble you with something. We obtained some weapons and equipment this time and wanted to sell them to our Tang Sect. And then replenish our ammunition. If there’s a difference, we will just take less. What do you think?”

Deng Bo was taken aback, but he immediately realized something. “You guys fought?” His voice rose in pitch.

“En, we encountered a small pirate crew and fought a little. Don’t worry, our wars.h.i.+p didn’t suffer any losses, I can’t bear to lose it. This is our treasure,” Lan Xuanyu said quickly.

Deng Bo heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Alright, I’ll take a look at the wars.h.i.+p later and inform you.”

After ending the call, Lan Xuanyu’s lips curled into a smile, hoping that Captain Deng wouldn’t be frightened.

Lan Xuanyu had to go back and submit the mission first before making a trip to the Tang Sect.

The battle this time had made him realize how advanced Tang Sect’s technology was. The power of the antimatter missiles was simply too great, which allowed them to easily resolve the battle. Other than the antimatter missiles, Tang Sect definitely had other good stuff. How could he not look for them?

With the experience of dealing with the Purple Flame Pirates this time, their next battle would be even better. With sufficient resources, they would be able to support their 33 Sky Wings team’s rapid growth.

After hanging up, Lan Xuanyu immediately called Tang Zhenhua.

“Teacher, we’re back,” Lan Xuanyu reported to Tang Zhenhua.

“You’re back? Just in time, come to my office, I have something to talk to you about,” Tang Zhenhua said excitedly.

Lan Xuanyu was stunned. Why did the teacher sound so excited?

He got Tang Yuge to submit the mission on his behalf. The other students dispersed and went back to rest while he went straight to the Interstellar Center to look for Tang Zhenhua.

When Lan Xuanyu arrived, he realized that not only was Tang Zhenhua there, but also Ying Luohong and Teacher Xiao Qi.

Seeing these three people appear in Tang Zhenhua’s office at the same time, Lan Xuanyu was taken aback. “We aren’t going to hold a trinity trial, right?”

Ying Luohong said in annoyance, “You brat, don’t you know how to put in some good words instead of your trinity trial’s bulls.h.i.+t ? I have a good task for you guys to do.”

Lan Xuanyu was stunned. “What good news?”

Xiao Qi asked, “Did your mission go smoothly?”

Lan Xuanyu smiled bitterly. “It wasn’t very smooth.” He immediately recounted the process of the mission. Of course, he didn’t mention the battle with the Purple Flame Pirates.

After listening to his description, Ying Luohong frowned slightly and said, “This type of mission is just like that. It is relatively simple but there is a high chance of failure. This isn’t your problem. With the Tang Sect’s support, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to complete the next mission. At the very least, the Tang Sect wars.h.i.+p will save you a lot of time.”

Lan Xuanyu nodded in agreement and said, “Dean, what can we do?”

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