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Chapter 1038: Being at a Disadvantage

In the palace, the hard ice melted quickly.

Li Xin’s mind was chaotic and mysterious.

The path begot nothingness, nothingness begot Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang begot Yin Yang, and Qi, Yin, Yang, and Qi begot all things…

The universe’s Yin and Yang and the 5 elements and 8 trigrams were entrenched in Li Xin’s mind.

“Faster, faster…” He growled, and his eyes sparkled like a long blade that was unsheathed. It seemed to be able to split mountains, block rivers, break through the heavens, and cut through all eternity.

He was incredibly confident. After refining the Dragons’ relic and devouring the power of the Small Dragons’ World, he could kill Ou Yangming countless times with one move. In fact, he was too arrogant at the moment. He was a bit too presumptuous to have this thought.

Just as the solid ice was about to melt and Li Xin was about to completely refine the Dragons’ relic

A loud shout came from outside the palace. “With me here, you can’t take this power away!” As the voice echoed, the palace shook.

At the same time, a scorching white light cut through the sky and flew toward Li Xin. It was the Heavenly Phoenix Fire.

The temperature of this white light was terrifying. Wherever it pa.s.sed, it left a finger-wide white mark in the air, and spiritual Qi burned fiercely.

After Ou Yangming became a Venerable One, the power of the Heavenly Phoenix Fire was strengthened and became mightier.

Li Xin’s eyes turned blood-red, and he growled, “You’re courting death…” A killing intent surged in his heart, and the spiritual Qi in his Dantian Lake poured into the hard ice like it was limitless. In an instant, the light from the Dragons’ relic shone brightly, illuminating the entire palace. The light was hot yet cold, contradictory yet unified, and the relic had been completely refined.

Without any movement, the light gathered and shattered Ou Yangming’s attack.

Li Xin grabbed with his right hand, and a dragon-shaped long saber condensed out of thin air. The light was dark and seemed to be able to absorb all the light in the world.

He closed his fingers and said softly, “Since it’s the Dragons relic, I’ll name it the Relic Saber. Relic Saber—a saber that has been left behind—are you willing to follow me to conquer the world and suppress all the worlds?”

The Relic Saber flashed with a black light and appeared to be happy.

Li Xin’s face was filled with joy. He laughed wildly, and his laughter rumbled with an indescribable grandeur. It was as if everything in the world was under his control and nothing could stop him anymore.

As his eyes flashed, a drop of blood essence seeped out from his palm. The blood essence was instantly absorbed by the Relic Saber. A feeling of being one with the saber appeared in his mind.

A person was a saber, and a saber was a person; a person was not a saber, and a saber was not a person.

If one were to really describe this, it would be similar to the saying of “it’s a mountain, it’s water; it’s not a mountain, it’s not water; it’s still a mountain, it’s still water”.

Nonetheless, at this moment, he had a deeper understanding.

Li Xin stood with his hands behind his back. The joy on his face disappeared, and he became ruthless. He quietly looked at the colorful clouds outside the palace and saw a figure slowly walking in. He had an ethereal temperament, and his figure appeared and disappeared between the colorful clouds. Both of them were wearing white clothes, but one of them was righteous while the other was evil.

“Outside the altar, I lost by a move. I want to win it back.” Li Xin looked at Ou Yangming.

“I’ve heard this from many people but in the end, they all died in my hands,” Ou Yangming retorted and argued with him.

“It’s different. Now, I’ve refined the Dragons’ relic. After killing you and devouring the powers of the Dragons and the Phoenixes, I can even achieve perfection in this life and attain the great path.” The corner of Li Xin’s mouth curled up, and his eyes were malicious. His handsome face was twisted, and he was unusually ferocious.

“What’s perfection? What’s the great path?” Ou Yangming questioned.

“Killing you is perfection, whereas killing all living beings is the great path.” Li Xin frowned.

“Those who kill to attain the path won’t end well. Previously, you’ve opened the secret realm with the blood essence of tens of thousands of living beings and used a Venerable One’s soul as an offering. You’ve been contaminated with too much karma, yet you still dare to say that you want to attain the path? The path doesn’t need to be attained; it’s in your heart.” The moment Ou Yangming finished, he spread out his palms, and a sharp and indescribable aura burst out from his body.

The light in his eyes was as sharp as knives and lightning. He coldly shouted, “Come and fight! As the ruler, I’ll suppress all enemies in the world!”

At this moment, Ou Yangming was dressed in white clothes that were as white as snow. He stood amidst the colorful clouds. He was majestic, domineering, and awe-inspiring, and his words could be the laws of the world.

He practiced martial arts, protected his nation, destroyed evil devils, and fought from the heart to protect his family and his promise. He did not want to retreat. He could not retreat, and he could not lose.

“Come and fight! Come and fight!” His roar reverberated in all directions.

At the same time, Ou Yangming slapped his wrist. The Blood Spear Dragon Slayer flashed with a cold light, and an unruly spear cry was heard.

With a step, the ground shrank into inches. His fingers gripped the long spear tightly, and many symbols jumped. As if he was fully charged, he suddenly thrust the spear in the air. This was the Path Intent Spear. This was a magnanimous sharpness. This was a tyranny that could not be blocked by anything in the world.

This was also the true path intent!

Under the spear, the color of the world changed. It was difficult to describe it, but wind and thunder surged.

This time, Ou Yangming did not test the waters anymore. He attacked with a killing move.

A spear-light shook the sky. It carried a sharpness that could pierce through the heavens as it advanced. Although this spear attack was not activated with the Big Avalanche, it was still frightening.

Wherever it pa.s.sed, the palace would collapse inch by inch, causing ripples to appear in the s.p.a.ce. It was as if an invisible and colorless lake had been pulled by a pair of large hands, causing the sky to shake.

Despite seeing such a fearsome scene, Li XIn’s expression did not change.

He said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “I’ve said it before. I want to win this move back.”

His white robe fluttered without the presence of wind, and a blood mist spread out from his body. It was dark and terrifying. The Relic Saber slashed fiercely at the spear-light. In an instant, the spiritual Qi in the palace exploded, and a streak of blood light instantly lit up. The red sky, the red palace, and the red sand and dust directly reflected half of the sky into red, which became the only color in this world. Looking from afar, it was as if he had entered a b.l.o.o.d.y world as if his eyes were covered with a layer of blood.

Li Xin looked as calm as a lake. As he raised a finger, the redness in mid-air suddenly condensed like a stream of flowing blood and headed straight for the spear-light that the Path Intent Spear had slashed out.

A white light versus a red light!

The tip of a spear versus the edge of a saber!

The first thing that collided was still their Qi momentums. At the point of collision, a crack appeared in s.p.a.ce, followed by many small cyclones appearing out of thin air. White and red electric arcs flashed. In the blink of an eye, the tip of the spear collided with the edge of the saber.

“Boom…” What kind of sound was that?

It was as if the universe had been split apart and as if a G.o.d and a devil were roaring in anger. It was ear-splitting.

The spirit beasts in the palace felt their heads sink. They became dazed, and their heads were blank as if they were in chaos. Blood flowed out of their 7 orifices. Some of them even swelled up like balloons. At this point, blood flowed out of every pore on their bodies. In the end, under the sound, they exploded with a bang and turned into clouds of blood mist.

Even outside the palace, waves of the milky way in mid-air rose up to 3 kilometers.

Just this sound alone gave off a powerful feeling that the sky was falling and the ground was splitting.

Below the milky way, King Kong’s expression changed. It waved his sleeve, bringing the 3 beasts back 333 meters and saying in terror, “Retreat a little further! This battle has reached a point where we can’t intervene. Anyone below the Venerable-One-level will surely die if they’re tainted by their Qi momentums!”

This was also the truth. This battle could be said to be the pinnacle battle in the entire Spiritual Realm so far.

After Li Xin refined the Dragons’ relic, he was already on the verge of taking that step.

As for Ou Yangming, he possessed the universe’s luck, the powers of the Dragons and the Phoenixes, and he had also transcended 9 Heavenly Thunderbolts.

“Pow…” The sound was not loud and was even subtle. As it spread, one could see that the spear-light was covered with densely packed cracks and could collapse at any time.

Ou Yangming’s pupils shrank indiscernibly. He muttered in his heart, “There’s always a time to calm down during major events!” With that, he made a gesture with his left hand, and a majestic spell was imprinted into the spear-light. Consequently, the trend of the spear-light’s collapse slowed down.

Having said that, it was at this moment that the corners of Li Xin’s mouth curled upward. He sneered and said, “You’ve been tricked.”

The sharp power within the saber-light increased explosively at an unbelievable speed, directly causing the spear-light to collapse.

It would be fine if that was all but the key point was that the spear-light closed in on Ou Yangming in an instant and slashed toward his body.

Not only did Li Xin want to cut off Ou Yangming’s body and soul with this move, but he also wanted to cut off karma and his fate!

Ou Yangming was not afraid in the face of danger. He gently exhaled a mouthful of turbid air and exhaled deeply. He said in a m.u.f.fled voice, “Solitary Thought Skill, the Voices of G.o.ds and Demons!”

A voice that was neither human nor demon, came out of his mouth. It carried an indescribable sharpness as it blasted out. At the same time, with a flash of thought, his golden mental power condensed into substance and turned into a barrier in front of him. He mobilized the power of his physical body. The muscles on his body were like dragons, emitting waves of m.u.f.fled thunder-like sounds.

The Voices of G.o.ds and Demons only managed to block for a breath before it was shattered. Even so, the strength of Li Xin’s attack was also weakened a little.

As for the barrier formed by Ou Yangming’s mental power, it lasted for 2 breaths before it smashed into his body.

“Boom!” A deafening sound reverberated in all directions. Countless ripples swept out with Ou Yangming as the core.

The palace began to shake violently. If one really wanted to describe it, it was as if a pair of large hands had lifted the palace up into the air. Rubble and pillars collapsed while crushed stones, spiritual wood, spiritual herbs, and everything else fell from the sky. They were so dense that it was as if a rain of gravel had fallen from the sky, connecting the world into one.

As the palace collapsed, the Dragons’ World began to shake.

Ou Yangming felt as if he had been hit by a force that could lift the sky. His body was sent flying out of control.

His internal organs were displaced, and he spat out a mouthful of blood essence.

He thought to himself, ‘After refining the Dragons’ relic, Li Xin became much stronger. This battle’s going to be difficult.’

His body was like a cannonball, directly smas.h.i.+ng the buildings behind him into pieces, and he fell into the milky way.

He secretly adjusted his Qi momentum and walked on the waves. The entire palace completely collapsed.

Li Xin let out a long howl and turned into a streak of red light that landed 333 meters away from Ou Yangming. He narrowed his eyes and said, “This power is truly wonderful. Don’t worry, I won’t let you die so easily.” To be exact, his strength at the moment was indeed half a level higher than Ou Yangming’s. At their levels, every slight difference in strength was actually a huge disparity. Therefore, Ou Yangming’s Path Intent Spear fell into a disadvantage.

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