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Chapter 457: Hope to Become a Demon King

“Argosax?!” Dante was shocked when he heard this. “That androgynous guy?!”

Why else would it be called the life of the main character? In his life, Dante had fought many powerful demons. Not only Mundus, but there was also this Argosax mentioned by Sparda. In his impression, Argosax was a demon made entirely of golden flames, and his appearance would change between male and female. He could be said to be the strongest enemy Dante had ever encountered. (Argosax has the longest HP bar in Devil May Cry history.)

After hearing Dante’s words, Sparda nodded. “Yes, Argosax is an androgynous demon. But when you met him, he should have been sealed, right?”

Dante nodded. Perhaps because he was truly lucky, all the powerful demons he had encountered, be it Mundus or Argosax, seemed to be incomplete beings in a sealed state, so he had survived and won without exception…

“I sealed Argosax!” Sparda said. “But you might not know that when I sealed Argosax, his strength might not even be one percent of his peak!”

“No way? Is he that strong?” Dante was extremely surprised. In order to defeat Argosax, he had expended so much effort, but Sparda actually said that he only had one percent of his peak strength?

Sparda looked at him. “That’s because Argosax suffered heavy injuries in the battle with Aesir! During the Antiquity War, he represented the demons and fought a legendary battle with Aesir. After that battle, both Archangel Aesir and Argosax suffered serious injuries. However, Argosax was relatively lucky. Although his strength fell dramatically, he managed to survive to recuperate and could use some residual strength. As for Aesir, his injuries were too severe. In the end, after the angels went to the other world, he completely perished.

“It is precisely because of the drastic drop in Argosax’s strength that he was slowly overtaken and replaced by Mundus. It can be said that the battle between Argosax and Aesir is the dividing point in the history of the Eternal War in this world. After Mundus replaced Argosax as the ruler of the Demon World, it was another historical period.”

When Cerberus heard this, she could not help but interrupt. “This is different from the history I’ve heard. What I heard was that Argosax once occupied most of the Demon World, and he and Mundus fought for the position of the ruler of the Demon World…”

“Hmph! That’s simply a lie made up by Mundus!” Sparda snorted coldly. “The end of the Antiquity War was ten thousand years ago, and Mundus came to this world about nine thousand years ago. When he came here, the Antiquity War was over. The Chaos Overlord Argosax he encountered was one whose strength had plummeted. He merely picked up a bargain.”

Seeing that Cerberus still wanted to say something, Roy waved his hand to stop her. “If you have any questions, ask later. Sparda, continue. What happened afterward?”

“It is said that after Archangel Aesir fell after the war, all of his power did not dissipate but condensed into a powerful angelic armament. This angelic armament is a divine artifact known as the ‘Eyes of the World’!” Sparda said. “I inferred this history by combining many legends of the two worlds. At that time, Aesir could no longer continue fighting, so he only existed as the manager of the human world in the other world. But later, he still perished. The Eyes of the World condensed after his death… Then the angels separated the Eyes and turned them into the Left Eye of Darkness and the Right Eye of Light. According to Aesir’s last wish, the angels bestowed the dark clan and the light clan one each…

“The reason why these two divine artifacts with entirely different powers formed is that Archangel Aesir’s power is Chaos power in itself! In the legends of the other world, Aesir is now known as the G.o.d of Chaos and has already been deified…”

“Chaos power?” Roy heard this sensitive term again and immediately asked, “What kind of power is it? Also, is Argosax called the Chaos Overlord because he also has Chaos power?”

“Yes!” Sparda nodded. “But the power at their level isn’t something I can see, so I can’t describe to you what kind of power ‘Chaos’ is. Perhaps it’s having the powers of both light and darkness at the same time…”

“No, no!” Roy shook his head.

Could it be called Chaos power just by having the powers of light and darkness at the same time? How was this possible?Let alone light and darkness, Roy now had all seven elemental powers, but he had not seen any qualitative breakthrough…

Demon Lord Mundus also had the power of light, but he had not become a Chaos Demon…

Why did Lilith plan for so long to create a Chaos Demon? If merely having the powers of light and darkness could allow you to be called a Chaos Demon, then since the Abyss was so big and had countless demons, why could no one find one or two?

Therefore, Roy felt that Sparda was wrong. Archangel Aesir and Argosax might not only have the powers of light and darkness.

Since one of them was called the G.o.d of Chaos, and the other was called the Chaos Overlord, it was obvious that their powers were very similar. If possible, Roy really wanted to find these two and see their powers… But Argosax’s strength had plummeted, and he had even been defeated and sealed by Dante. Roy could not see him even if he wanted to. Instead, he had his sights on the Left Eye of Darkness and the Right Eye of Light left behind by Archangel Aesir in the other world. These two divine artifacts might even be able to recombine into the Eyes of the World. Perhaps the Eyes of the World still had the information and characteristics of the Chaos power that Aesir once had…

Thinking of this, Roy could feel his heart palpitate. To be honest, he knew his own situation. He had discovered that after becoming a demon lord, his path to ascending seemed to have reached a bottleneck. He wanted to become a demon king, but he did not know how to go about it. Currently, he had made some deductions from known situations, and he knew that there were at least two conditions to become a demon king: one was to possess an immortal soul, and the other was to possess ‘authority’.

An immortal soul might not be too bad. After coming to the Devil May Cry world, Mundus had given him a look. Although his method of plundering others’ Ouroboros Marks to become an immortal soul was strange, it was still a way. But regarding authority…

Judging from some known demon kings, the indistinct meaning of the word ‘authority’ should be to grasp the power of a certain law and obtain the power of creation with the power of the law… But Roy had no idea how to master this power…

However, after hearing about the situation in the other world from Sparda, Roy suddenly realized that the power left behind by Archangel Aesir might be the opportunity for him to ascend to a higher level!

If he could obtain the Eyes of the World, not only could he experience the power at the demon king level, but he could also obtain more enlightenment about Chaos power…

While Roy was thinking about this, he heard Dante ask Sparda, “Old man, what you said sounds a little off topic. What do you want to say through these things?”

Sparda sighed. “What I want to say is that Mundus might be coveting the power of the Eyes of the World!”

“Huh?!” Roy looked up at Sparda when he heard this. He already regarded the Eyes of the World as his own. Hearing Sparda say that Mundus also wanted this divine artifact, he naturally felt unhappy.

“This speculation has a basis!” Sparda spread his hands and looked at Roy. “Because Balder is the last Lumen Sage, he is the holder of the Right Eye of Light. But now that he has saved Mundus’s soul, and Mundus is his collaborator, why wouldn’t I think in this direction?”

“Why does Mundus want the Eyes of the World?” Nero asked.

“He wants to become a true demon king!” Benia snorted coldly and revealed Mundus’s goal. “He isn’t a true demon king, but he has already acquired an immortal soul. If he can obtain ‘authority’ through the power of the Eyes of the World, then he can become a true demon king!”

Dante and Vergil looked at each other. To be honest, in the eyes of ordinary humans, they did not understand the power hierarchy of demons at all, including the hybrid Children of Taboo like Dante. In their impression, demons such as Mundus and Argosax were existences known as demon kings. But listening to Roy and this group of true Abyss demons, it seemed that the meaning of the term ‘demon king’ was different from what humans knew…

Ignoring Dante and Vergil’s doubts, Sparda began to ponder after hearing Benia’s guess.

“There’s another question!” Julia said. “If Mundus wants the Eyes of the World, then what does Balder want? He’s the holder of the Right Eye of Light. It’s impossible for him to cooperate with Mundus for no reason and offer the Right Eye of Light to achieve Mundus’s ambitions, right?”

“That’s right. Balder should have other plans!” Nero nodded in agreement.

Roy suddenly asked Sparda, “After Aesir died, how strong are the Heaven forces in the other world?”

“Seraph should be the highest level!” Sparda thought for a moment. “Compared to demons, seraphim should be stronger than ordinary demon lords, but I think it won’t be a problem for you to deal with them with your strength, including me…”

“Okay, let’s recruit demons!” Roy immediately decided. “Mundus has run away, so now we call the shots in the Demon World. In that case, let’s bring the demon army over. After we reach the other side, no matter what Mundus and Balder want to do, we’ll soon figure it out!”

“…” Sparda was silent. He was unable to make a decision now. When he sealed the spatial channel of the twin worlds, it was to prevent and avoid a new round of the Eternal War. Now that Roy suggested bringing the demon army over to fight, wouldn’t it mean that this war would restart early?

But if he allowed Mundus to leave just like this, who knew what would happen when he returned? What if the Eternal War became even more tragic?

After hesitating for a while, Sparda said, “Okay, but I think there shouldn’t be too many troops. It’s best if we can control the fighting to a small scale. It’s enough to block Heaven’s attack temporarily and buy us time to capture or seal Mundus.”

“Sure!” Roy nodded. But he thought that Sparda’s plan might come to nothing because it would probably not be so easy to control the situation after the real war began…

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