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Chapter 487: Walking Into a Trap

Light seeped out from all over Jubileus’s body.

Although the Four Hors.e.m.e.n of the Apocalypse attacked the vital points of Jubileus, to a G.o.d, there was no such thing as vital points. Their attacks were nothing more than pouring the power of judgment into her body.

As the power of ‘authority’ bestowed to the Four Hors.e.m.e.n by the Charred Council, the power of judgment was something that Jubileus could not control and resist. After these alien powers ran back and forth throughout her body, her immortal elemental body could no longer be healed and repaired. If it were before, it might have been fine. She could have used the power of the Eyes of the World to reverse time. But now that Bayonetta had awakened and was taken out of her body, the power of the Eyes of the World was missing and could not be used normally. This was the greatest result of the of the Four Hors.e.m.e.n.

Like a leaking balloon, endless holy light leaked out from the wounds on Jubileus’s body. She held her head with both hands and screamed, but she could not stop the leaking process. All the holy light and magic power in her body escaped uncontrollably into the atmosphere, causing her body to shrink at a visible speed.

The more the power that belonged to Jubileus leaked, the stronger the power of judgment that belonged to the Four Hors.e.m.e.n became. Before she could return to her normal size, there was a sudden bang, and a dazzling light appeared. A golden sun seemed to appear in the sky of Heaven, and her body completely exploded!

There was no scene of flesh and blood flying everywhere. All the fragments of Jubileus’s body turned into golden holy light the moment she exploded and flew in all directions. The entire explosion process was like a solar flare, and the burst disappeared in an instant.

Whether it was angels, demons, or humans, as long as they appeared in the Purgatory s.p.a.ce of Heaven, they all saw this golden flare…

The moment the flare disappeared, an immense and incomparable force spread out and engulfed all of Heaven!

The Four Hors.e.m.e.n, as well as Bayonetta and Jeanne, who were very close to them, spat out a mouthful of blood in the shock wave. Then they were instantly blown away and rolled for an unknown distance. Even Roy, Julia, and the others, who were farther away, were sent flying, as though they had been hit by a heavy hammer when the shock wave arrived a moment later.

The force of the shock wave spread throughout the entirety of Heaven, and as the distance increased, it slowly declined. This was the power of a G.o.d when they exploded, and its power was no less than a nuclear weapon with a yield of millions of tons…

During the process of being smashed flying, Roy did his best to protect Julia and the others. Looking at the scene after Jubileus exploded, he could not help but rejoice that he was not close at that time. The Four Hors.e.m.e.n of the Apocalypse suffered this explosion at close range, and even if they did not die, they would probably be severely injured.

The darkness and starry sky covering all of Heaven were blown away, and the sky above Heaven became incomparably clear again. Even the holy light that once permeated everywhere was now gone.

In the center of the explosion, only an enormous golden soul remained floating…

After being blown nearly five kilometers away, Roy and Julia finally resisted the power of the shock wave and stabilized their bodies. They looked up and saw the enormous golden soul in the distant sky.

To be precise, they did not see it because they were too far away, but they actually sensed it. The existence of this golden soul was too powerful!

When Roy activated his Radiation Perception, he saw that the soul was continuously emitting electromagnetic waves. Unlike any soul that Roy had seen in the past, Jubileus’s soul was still radiating light and heat even after being exposed.

Of course, only angels and demons could see and sense this soul. The humans who had unfortunately entered this place because of the fusion of the worlds could not see it. They could only feel that there seemed to be something very special and awe-inspiring in the sky.

The souls of G.o.ds were still full of pressure, even when exposed to the outside and at their weakest moment…

Roy knew very well that the Four Hors.e.m.e.n had only destroyed Jubileus’s body. Before her soul was eliminated, she had not completely perished, so he could not let her soul escape. It was enough for Mundus’s soul to escape once. If her soul also escaped, it would bring him endless trouble.

However, before he could rush toward the soul, it turned into a golden stream of light and flew toward him.

Roy was stunned for a moment before realizing what was going on. Jubileus’s soul was not targeting him but… Julia!

Putting himself in her shoes, what would he do if his body was destroyed and only his soul was left?

There were two choices: escape immediately, or find a body for the soul to possess as soon as possible!

Under normal circ.u.mstances, a body could not accommodate two souls. But a powerful external soul could eliminate the soul in the original body and then occupy it. This was the commonly known ‘possession’ phenomenon. Although the coordination and adaptability between the captured body and the external soul would be very poor, it was much better than exposing the soul in the air.

It had to be known that the influence on coordination and adaptability could be reduced through soul tuning in the future. As long as they survived the crisis, external souls could even abandon this body and look for a suitable body to resurrect in.

The above referred to the situation where the seized body was incompatible with the soul. Then, what if the original soul of this body was from the same source as the external soul?

When a.n.a.lyzing the advantages and disadvantages of clones in the past, Roy had actually considered a possibility—high-rank demons splitting soul fragments to create clones might not only be to increase their methods of hunting souls, but there was also a possibility that it was to save themselves. After all, demons traveled back and forth the Infinite Worlds, and they could die at any time if they encountered a strong enemy. If their souls could escape after their bodies were destroyed, then the clones they created could become a means to preserve themselves. This was like leaving a portion of your savings when gambling. Even if you lost, you would have the capital to make a comeback.

Due to the clone and the main body’s soul having the same origin, there would be no difference in coordination and adaptability. At most, it was just a slightly weaker body, and there was no other effect.

And Julia’s soul came from Jubileus’s soul fragment, which was equivalent to Julia being a clone of Jubileus. Now that Jubileus had lost her body and a ready-made clone was right in front of her, of course she could not abandon the near and escape to seek the far. Possessing Julia became her best choice.

Even though Julia was a fallen angel and used dark power, it was no problem for a soul with a divine spark like Jubileus’s. As long as she possessed Julia’s body, she could purify the dark power in Julia’s body at any time and restore her ident.i.ty as an angel.

Describing it was troublesome, but in fact, this judgment only took a moment in Roy’s mind. After understanding Jubileus’s intentions, he could not help but grin sinisterly.

Jubileus’s thoughts were quite beautiful. She clearly saw that Roy was already guarding Julia at her side, but she still rushed over without a care. Did she think that a demon lord like Roy could not do anything to her soul?

Indeed, the soul of the G.o.ddess of Light was full of infinite holy light power. Under the circ.u.mstances of releasing immense light and heat, no demon could devour such a soul. At least before becoming a demon king, no demon would dare to devour Jubileus’s soul. Roy was the same. The soul of a G.o.d was poison to him.

This was what she was relying on. Without the Four Hors.e.m.e.n of the Apocalypse stopping her, she could completely ignore Roy’s existence and directly ram her soul into Julia’s body.

However, just as Jubileus’s soul flew over and was about to reach Roy and Julia, something strange suddenly appeared in Roy’s hand.

It was a cube about the size of a basketball and looked like a metal box. There were some complicated patterns engraved on the metal box, and it floated above Roy’s palm, constantly rotating and changing angles.

When Jubileus’s soul flew over, Roy gently threw the metal box.

The moment it left his palm, the metal box suddenly opened, and the six sides separated into six iron plates. After Jubileus’s soul crashed into the encirclement of the six iron plates, they instantly closed together and enveloped her entire soul in the box!

Souls were originally intangible, and it was impossible for them to be trapped by an ordinary metal box. However, Jubileus found that her soul could not pa.s.s through the metal box and escape. Her entire soul was trapped in the box, filling up the whole s.p.a.ce.

Her soul slammed around in the box, causing it to shake violently, but she could not rush out no matter what.

“W-what is this?!” Jubileus shouted in panic in the box. A container that could trap the souls of G.o.ds was beyond her understanding.

“Hahahaha!” Roy spread his demon wings and laughed loudly in the air. “Stop struggling. This is a divine artifact specially made to trap your soul!”

Julia and Benia returned to their senses and looked at the metal box curiously. “Huh? Isn’t this your Horadric Cube?”

That’s right. This box was indeed an item that Roy had made in the past, the Horadric Cube. But in order to facilitate the separation of everyone’s Ouroboros Marks after obtaining the Möbius Mark, he had spent a considerable amount of souls to upgrade the Horadric Cube.

The current Horadric Cube was version 2.0, and Roy called it, hmm… hmm…

Kanai’s Cube…

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