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Chapter 488: Be a Creator Once

Before upgrading the Horadric Cube, Roy mainly used it to trans.m.u.te souls.

In the system, different souls had different uses. As someone with a cheat, Roy naturally could not waste time deliberately nurturing the souls he needed. For example, ‘fallen souls’. Under normal circ.u.mstances, it required a person full of negative emotions, greed, and difficulty satisfying themselves to give birth to such souls. In order to obtain such souls, Roy could either search for such people one by one or fulfill his demon duties and personally tempt others to fall.

He did this in the beginning. But ever since he had the Horadric Cube, he could trans.m.u.te ordinary souls into the souls he wanted at will.

However, that was all the use of the Horadric Cube. The function of this item was relatively simple.

When Sparda mentioned how to separate the Ouroboros Marks from Mundus’s soul, the first thing Roy thought of was the Horadric Cube. He planned to expand the uses of the Horadric Cube. After all, synthesis and decomposition had always been a unified function.

Kanai’s Cube (Divine Artifact):

Soul Synthesis: Using low-quality souls, you can synthesize high-quality souls at will.

Alchemy Synthesis: Using various mineral elements, you can synthesize any metal and alloy that exists in the world.

Extract: You can extract the special powers contained in certain powerful objects and preserve them.

Decomposition: By a.n.a.lyzing any object placed inside, you can strip and decompose the object into any form.

These were the attributes of Kanai’s Cube after the upgrade. Because Roy’s definitions of the new attributes were rather vague, the system could expand them to the highest and best direction when upgrading Kanai’s Cube. This caused him to invest a considerable number of souls, almost all the souls he had obtained after coming to this world!

These souls mainly came from a few sources. One of them was the whip demons that he had eliminated in the whip demon lair when he was searching for Sparda. With the spread of the rabies virus, he had almost cleared out the whip demon lair. Just from this alone, he had obtained millions of souls. The second source was the souls obtained by the demons under Mundus before the battle with him. There were relatively few souls from this. The third source was the souls produced when the Demon World attacked Heaven and carried out the large-scale war. Among these souls, there were demon ones and angel ones, and the number was immense.

There were about twenty million souls in total, all of which he invested into the upgrade and transformation of Kanai’s Cube. Of course, after the transformation, the system gave it the definition of ‘divine artifact’.

So-called divine artifacts did not necessarily mean that they were something created by G.o.ds, but things with powerful functions that exceeded the normal threshold.

Roy’s Frostmourne was a divine artifact because this sword had unimaginable curse abilities, and Kanai’s Cube was a divine artifact because of its unimaginable alchemy ability.

After trapping Jubileus’s soul, Roy began to operate this new divine artifact for the first time.

His demon claws were placed in front of him in a hugging posture, covering Kanai’s Cube with his palms. And two streams of magic power connected to the cube, establis.h.i.+ng a connection with it.

At this moment, Kanai’s Cube was glowing with faint light as it changed angles at a constant speed, rolling like a ball.

In the magic cube, Jubileus was still screaming and struggling. But Roy ignored her and excitedly used the magic power connection to check what was in Jubileus’s soul through the a.n.a.lysis of Kanai’s Cube.

Huh? This is Balder’s soul? In the a.n.a.lysis results, the first thing Roy found was Balder’s soul. He discovered that Balder’s soul had already fused with Jubileus’s soul.

This fusion was either voluntary by Balder or due to being devoured and a.s.similated by Jubileus’s soul. But considering that Bayonetta came out in one piece, it was very likely that it was the former. Balder took the initiative to fuse his soul into Jubileus’s soul, thereby affecting her actions with his consciousness and beliefs.

But Roy knew that this effect might only be temporary. After all, although Jubileus’s soul was lacking, her soul was still the soul of a G.o.d and much stronger than Balder’s soul. As time pa.s.sed, she might no longer be affected by his remaining consciousness, and at that time, Balder would completely die.

There was evidence for this. Roy had once devoured the soul of the angel Uriel, and he had discovered the consciousness and memories contained in Uriel’s soul. But it was only for a short while. After the soul fusion was complete, he could no longer feel Uriel’s consciousness.

Now, the soul fusion between Balder and Jubileus was still incomplete, but it would probably finish soon. Roy pondered for a while and simply separated Balder’s soul through Kanai’s Cube.

The lid on top of Kanai’s Cube opened and spat out a small soul ball before immediately reclosing.

This small soul ball was Balder’s soul. Roy put it away first.

He had noticed earlier that when Jeanne pulled Bayonetta out, she was not in the form of a soul but still retained her original body. He originally thought that it would be the same for Balder. But since the Four Hors.e.m.e.n of the Apocalypse had destroyed Jubileus’s body, his body was definitely finished.

Although there was only the soul left, Roy found that there was still the power of the Right Eye of Light in Balder’s soul after a.n.a.lyzing. In other words, this divine artifact was probably bound to the souls of Balder and Bayonetta.

He thought that he might be able to extract the power of the Right Eye of Light by separating Balder’s soul!

If possible, he still wanted the power of Bayonetta’s Left Eye of Darkness. At that time, if he could synthesize the Eyes of the World again, then he might be able to control the power of time through the Eyes of the World!

However, if he wanted to obtain the Left Eye of Darkness from Bayonetta, he probably could not use force. Behind Bayonetta was the existence of the demon Rodin. Since Rodin claimed to be a clone of Mephisto, Roy had to be careful because he did not know what kind of thoughts Rodin had regarding Bayonetta. According to Roy’s understanding, Rodin should appreciate this woman very much. If Roy dared to hurt Bayonetta, then Rodin might fight him…

Of course, even if he could not force it, he had other methods… He would wait until he finished dealing with the matter at hand.

After Roy separated out Balder’s soul, there was only the soul of Jubileus’s main body left in the cube. After thoroughly a.n.a.lyzing her soul, he found that the composition of a soul was quite complicated!

In the soul, there were numerous particles! These particles were not things such as atoms, molecules, or cells in the conventional sense. They were invisible and did not exist in the macroscopic world, but they were not a mystical category such as elements. These particles were like tiny bubbles, with memory fragments wrapped inside. They were the miniature scenes of all the deep memories of Jubileus over the countless years.

Moreover, not only did every small particle contain memory fragments, but Roy also found the presence of world marks! Yes, a world mark did not exist in a soul as a whole but was engraved in every particle that formed the soul. In other words, if every small particle in the soul was taken out individually, a world mark could be found.

Perhaps this was the true reason why souls could be divided into many fragments at will. Because when they were divided, it was equivalent to stripping out a portion of the particles, and the particles that were removed all had marks…

Everyone had such a world mark. Whether they were an angel or a demon, an elf or a human, from the moment they were born, they had been engraved by the world they were in. The marks of angels came from the Ouroboros Mark of Heaven, and the marks of demons came from the Ouroboros Mark of the Abyss. As for the marks of humans, they should have been engraved by the worlds they were born in, and it was likely that they would also have such Ouroboros Marks.

Of course, for a G.o.d like Jubileus, the mark in her soul had already become a Möbius Mark, and it was also in every particle.

Roy guessed that this kind of code-like behavior was probably a kind of world law… For some reason, when he looked at the scene a.n.a.lyzed in Kanai’s Cube, he felt that he was not a cheat but a creator!

The perspective of the Creator when he created souls was probably similar…

After discovering the composition of souls, Roy felt a headache. How should he put it… If he were to pursue it in detail, the reason why angels and demons could see souls might be that these particles that formed souls were directly projected into the minds of angels and demons!

Yes, he felt that souls seemed to be more inclined toward objects of spiritual materialization…

The composition of souls exceeded his understanding. After being dumbfounded for a while, he decided not to think too much about it. Otherwise, he would easily become bald!

Although Roy’s demon body no longer had any hair…

Since he had a.n.a.lyzed the composition of Jubileus’s soul, it was relatively easy to separate out the marks in her soul. He only needed to take out all the Möbius Marks in every particle.

As Roy controlled Kanai’s Cube, countless tiny Möbius Marks were decomposed one after another. Then these decomposed Möbius Marks spontaneously gathered together and finally formed a large s.h.i.+ning mark.

He had obtained the ‘divine spark’!

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