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Chapter 667 Quota

The crisis in the Longjing Base City was not kept in secret within the Xing-Jing Defense Line. The other defense lines were also paying attention.

After all, that base city was of strategic importance; once it fell, the entire Xing-Jing Defense Line would collapse. It had been a critical battle with over a billion lives at stake. All parties were interested in its development.

Once the Xing-Jing Defense Line collapsed, the other two defense lines of the Subcontinent District would also be affected. It could influence the entire world.

Command center of the Subcontinent District’s Sheng-Long Defense Line.

There were also Void State legendary warriors.

Over a dozen legendary battle pet warriors had been appointed by the Tower. The defense line connected nine base cities; the people from surrounding base cities were mobilized to those nine fortified base cities; each settlement had a population of one billion!

At the command center, people were stunned as they stared at the updates they had received.

The videos were being played on a large LED screen.

Legendary battle pet warriors died; wild beasts were going crazy. Fear, defeat, and turmoil!

The situation changed the moment Su Ping entered the picture. What happened next astounded everyone. “That guy…”

“The punk who killed Legend Abyssal Ocean with one punch…”

“He killed a Fate State beast king. That…”

The legendary battle pet warriors were thinking. Some of them were purely shocked while others were planning.

There was no doubt that Su Ping had a Fate State combat strength!

In the Tower, the Master was the only one at the Fate State!

When Su Ping paid them a visit and made a mess, many legendary battle pet warriors who had been outside that day were furious. They hoped that they could go back there and exact revenge. Still, the twelve Void State Warriors in the Tower had kept quiet about that matter. There were legendary battle pet warriors at the Void State that claimed they wanted to go and punish Su Ping… But later, something happened; they then decided not to bother about it.

The Tower had been shamed but decided not to make a big fuss about it. The legendary battle pet warriors had been smart enough to drop the matter.

That day, they had finally understood why that person had been able to leave the Tower safe and sound.

Only the Tower Master could have fought against that young man! At the current moment, internal strife would not benefit humankind.

“Lord Nie deserved to die…”

“I heard that the young man is from a place named Longjiang Base City, and that he defeated the Otherworld Heavenly King. However, Lord Nie excluded the base city from the defense line. He even told the base city to relocate…”

“Lord Nie finally realized he went after the wrong person. I cannot believe he was making this mess. He was burning his own fingers!”

“The Xing-Jing Defense Line will be fine. I wonder if we’re going to endure a similar strike here…”

The legendary battle pet warriors were worried. The Xing-Jing Defense Line was lucky enough to have someone with Fate State combat strength to protect it. The Xing-Jing Defense Line would be fine unless several Fate State beast kings came out from the Deep Caves at the same time and attacked them.

But that was unlikely.


The people in the Sheng-Long Defense Line were the ones who should worry because they were all at the Void State and they only had one Heaven Executor hiding somewhere. They would face a lot of difficulties if they encountered Fate State beast kings.

The legendary battle pet warriors felt their minds were laden with somber thoughts.

Even they had to worry.

After all, five legendary battle pet warriors had died in the Longjing Base City, within a matter of hours!

The people with whom they drank while at the Tower had become corpses.

Even Lord Nie had died. Who else would have the confidence to say that they could survive?

In the third defense line of the Subcontinent District.

Same as the others, there was only one Void State legendary warrior and over a dozen at the Ocean State.

“That person… is getting more and more horrifying.”

They were also watching videos from the Longjing Base City.

They watched attentively.

An old man wearing a cyan robe pulled a long face.

Sitting next to him was a girl with watery eyes and snow-white skin. She held a sword while she sat there quietly, but there was something about her that stood out.

That girl was not yet at the legendary rank but the legendary battle pet warriors present were eying the girl with admiration and respect.

The girl had an influential grandfather and she had been born with good talents that could guarantee her a promising future.

When I first went to his store… He was such a weak punk that I could pinch him to death with two fingers. He wasn’t even at the seventh rank… He would have died if it weren’t for the golden haired girl in his store!

He robbed us of our legacy. The fact that he could reach this state must be because of that legacy!

The old man’s eyes were glowing with hatred. He clenched his fists.

He was Yuan Tianchen. He had joined the Tower years before, but he had been working all around the Subcontinent District in the recent years. Many forces and base cities knew about him.

He had built up a financial group and a strong faction by leveraging his legendary rank. They aided him by collecting information as well as treasures.

Yuan Tianchen had been holding a grudge ever since he had almost gotten himself killed when he entered Su Ping’s store. He just felt sorry that he couldn’t get payback for it.

He later found out that Su Ping had killed a legendary battle pet warrior during the Supremacy League, to later go to the Tower and punch a Void State legendary warrior to death. Yuan Tianchen was becoming increasingly furious, but he wasn’t brave enough to seek revenge.

He could not believe that the current Su Ping was even able to kill Fate State beast kings!

Su Ping was almost as good as the Tower Master! If Yuan Tianchen met Su Ping again, he was sure that he would not survive Su Ping’s


If it weren’t for the fact that the wild beasts were striking the globe and they had to strive toward the same goal, he thought that Su Ping would have probably made the trip to find and finish him.

“That punk…”

Yuan Tianchen filed his teeth. He didn’t have the strength to kill Su Ping; he could only hopelessly watch him grow and develop!

He felt powerless but there was nothing he could do.

The only thing that made him feel better was that his granddaughter was not letting him down.

Su Ping had grabbed the legacy but his granddaughter had also taken a share!

His granddaughter had also acquired one of the slots to study at the top academy in the Interstellar Federation! She would soon be making the trip over!

It would not be hard for her to reach the legendary rank while studying there. She might even go beyond the legendary rank in the future! Even if she wasn’t fortunate enough to surpa.s.s the legendary rank, joining the academy would mean that she would have the chance to make many influential friends; that would become an invisible a.s.set!

Yuan Tianchen’s jealousy and anger faded away upon thinking about it. He turned around and looked at the girl.

The girl was sitting there quietly; it was as if she weren’t part of that world. But the fact was that she wasn’t as calm as she appeared.

Her fingers were strongly grasping the sword, and the knuckles were turning white.

She glared at the person in the video. It was as if she wanted to pierce that man with her gaze. She felt a rush of troubling feelings and pain.

She felt pain because of desperation!

Yuan Linglu could not reconcile with the fact that Su Ping had become much more powerful since the last time she had seen him at the Longtai Mountain!

She had reached the ninth rank and she could even fight against a legendary battle pet warrior!

She was merely 19 years old!

It was shocking enough for a person to reach the t.i.tled rank at the age of 19. She was a rare talent indeed!

But… she had still lost.

She had been outcla.s.sed by Su Ping.

Su Ping had killed legendary battle pet warriors as if they were nothing, and he had just slain a Fate State beast king. Killing her would be child’s play for him.

Back in the day, she would have been on equal terms to fight against Su Ping for the legacy. But, she was nothing compared to him at the moment.

Why am I still lagging when I’ve been working so hard?


For the first time, Yuan Linglu began to wonder.

Ever since she was a kid, her grandfather had told her she was talented.

She had always been better than her peers from the major families. She had kept the lead.

She had gone to the Valiant Academy, skipping grades and graduating ahead of schedule with the highest grades.

But she was losing nonetheless!

Suddenly, she heard a gentle voice. “Lulu.”

The girl looked at her grandpa’s amiable face. This brought a lump to her throat.

“Don’t overthink. You are amazing,” Yuan Tianchen comforted his granddaughter. “If everything is in order, those people should be coming to fetch you soon. Your future is promising. Don’t compare yourself to a punk like him.”

Yuan Linglu pressed her lips together.

Can I do that?

I don’t have to compare myself to him because I can’t win?

She felt how her confidence was crushed.

Yes, she could never compare to Su Ping.

She could go to that academy and go beyond the legendary rank. However, there might be better chances for Su Ping.

The girl lowered her head and whispered, “I understand, grandpa…”

Yuan Tianchen felt his heart ache. His hatred against Su Ping grew.

If it weren’t for that young man, his granddaughter would continue to force ahead with nerves of steel.

But Su Ping made a mess of things.

I do hope that something can go wrong in this strike… Yuan Tianchen thought.

He didn’t care about no anyone on the Blue Planet, other than his granddaughter. If his granddaughter went to that academy-along with his strength and the secret hideouts he had established-he believed he could live on, even if humans were defeated.

The Tower.

The mountain range was covered in snow.

The battles had disrupted the energy which had caused drastic weather changes. It was the month of July, but the snow had started in some places, while people were experiencing extremely high temperatures in other places.

Many small hills were floating in the air of that Mysterious Realm.

Each legendary battle pet warrior had claimed a hill for themselves and t.i.tled battle pet warriors would work for them on those hills. Many legendary battle pet warriors had left once war broke out, leaving several people behind to stay and guard the Tower.

There was a small cottage in the mountain hovering at the back.

Sitting in front of the cottage was a tablet, a sword, and a chessboard.

The tablet was covered in moss.

The sword had been plunged into the ground and the blade was broken.

The chessboard was covered in withered leaves and gra.s.s.

There was a pair of trees by the cottage and a swing was hung between the two. A kid was sitting on the swing and laughing. A fair-skinned young man wearing a white robe was standing next to the swing.

The young man was smiling while he looked at the kid.

All of a sudden, an old voice came from the cottage. “You two, come here.”

An old man with gray hair and simple clothes came out; he used a stick as an aid to move around.


The young man stopped pus.h.i.+ng the swing.

The kid did a tumble to get off the swing and chuckled. “Grandpa, today is the day we leave for that place, right?”.

The old man smiled. “Yes. They should be coming today to pick you up, if everything is according to plan.”


The kid clapped his hands. The young man just smiled but he was also looking forward to visiting that place.

“Zihuan, listen,” the old man said to the youth, “Take care of your little brother once you get there. You’ll get to see many people like you. You cannot be arrogant.”

“I know, Grandpa.”

The young man nodded. “Grandpa, the world is under attack and the formation is cracked. I believe many beasts have reached the Fate State. Will we make it? Should we ask those people for help?”

The old man answered, “How kind of you, but that’s not something you should be worrying about. I know what is going on in the Deep Caves; the wild beasts are trying to wipe out humanity to take over the Blue Planet but they will never get away with it. And it’s true that those people are coming. It would be the end of all the wild beasts if they lend us a hand.”

The young man nodded. “If one of them is at the Star Rank, him alone would be more than enough to solve our problem in the Deep Caves. They may even help in correcting all the hidden hazards that have been troubling us for years!”

The old man replied with silence.

The kid was bored by the topic. “Grandpa, can you tell if they’re coming or not?”

“Don’t worry. They will be here.” The old man patted the kid’s head, but the narrowed eyes suggested that he also had doubts.


The magnificent s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p plunged into the clouds. The devices were producing many data sets. “The number of wild beasts on this planet is what you would expect on a deserted planet.” “The same place, Mr. Fang?” “Yes. Let’s pay a visit to the Blue Planet’s leader.”

The s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p turned around and flew across the ocean toward a snowy region.

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