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Chapter 1222: Big Dipper!

It had been proven many times that there was no such thing as craziest in the universe, only crazier!

Xia Fei had decided to disband Unrestricted Sect, the orthodox lineage of Spiritualists!?

His decision instantly silenced the entirety of Spirit Mountain. Those shocked and twitching faces well embodied the mental states of their owners. The countless eyes staring at Xia Fei found that they weren’t looking at some warrior, but a Fiend!

A few minutes ago, n.o.body had even known who Xia Fei was, but now, the entire Alpha Universe would never forget him! A young man so crazy that he would disband Unrestricted Sect, an absolute madman!

The Unrestricted Sect’s lineage had existed for eons. It was even older than the Spiritualist a.s.sociation, but it had been disbanded by Xia Fei at the slightest hint of displeasure!

This decision pushed the mood on Spirit Mountain toward the edge of absolute chaos!

“Are my ears hearing things right!?”

“No, it seems like Xia Fei is really going to disband Unrestricted Sect!”

“Crazy! This universe has gone crazy! There’s a human out there who dares disband Unrestricted Sect!?”

“You’re sure that Xia Fei is human!?”

After a short period of silence, the crowd exploded! No one dared to believe their eyes and ears. It was all too shocking! The equivalent to half of the universe exploding!

Let alone the others, Ulan himself was dumbfounded. He had put himself at great risk by joining Xia Fei in this battle up Spirit Mountain. Was the Unrestricted Sect that Fuchen cherished so much going to be disbanded, just like that!? And he would be one of the accomplices!

“Xia Fei! Hurry and take back your decision! Fuchen will go crazy when he finds out you disbanded Unrestricted Sect!” Ulan shouted at him.

“Absolutely not! I’ve always stuck to my word! If I say it’s disbanded, it’s disbanded! Nothing in this world can experience construction without destruction! I’ve thought about it for a long time, and I think I know why Fuchen let me take control of Unrestricteds! The Unrestricted Sect is br.i.m.m.i.n.g with scoundrels! There’s simply no value in its continued existence! Since Fuchen didn’t dare to take on the criticisms of the universe, I’ll do it! I dare to!” Xia Fei declared boldly.

Those were very blunt words, but they weren’t without reason.The Unrestricteds had already become the joke of the universe for driving out its own Sectmaster. It was just that no one had dared to say anything because of the sect’s power.

Xia Fei was very displeased by this sect made up of useless scoundrels, so he decided to disband it!

Eons of legacy? Rules of the ancestors!? Those were the most worthless things in Xia Fei’s mind!

There was a pack of ancient hermits of the Aurora Clan in the crowd, but when it came to psychological impact, Xia Fei’s crazy decision was still a huge blow to them.

“It seems like I’ve really gotten old. Do all young people act like this nowadays?”

“Did we come here today to help Xia Fei dismantle the Unrestricted Sect!?”

Wistful Zaifeng and the others were all very shocked. This situation was far beyond what they had imagined. It was like someone who had lived in the mountains for several thousand years, and when they finally came out, the entire world was full of skysc.r.a.pers! Their eyes were left bedazzled.

Suddenly, the oldest member of the Aurora Clan, Wistful Clotho, spoke up, his eyes twinkling, “No construction without destruction! Good words! It’s not just the Unrestricteds. I think our Aurora Clan also needs to change!”

Wistful Clotho was filled with emotion. Though he was a hermit now, he had also once traveled the universe, witnessing with his own eyes how the Alpha Universe had changed.

Wistful Clotho was the third head of the Aurora Clan, the only one who had borne witness to those old monsters from the opening era of the universe. For him, the universe had changed the most, and he also felt the changes the most.

The hermits were actually all rather tempted. The clan had never been this weak when they had been around. While the clan’s policy of being kind had preserved its people, it had also caused the clan’s will to fight to drastically decline.

While the hermits of the Aurora Clan sighed, Xia Fei was itching to start killing!

Pointing into the distance with a savage light in his eyes, Xia Fei roared, “Hei Wuji! Basalt! Lingxing! The Unrestricteds has ceased to exist! Today, I, Xia Fei will settle accounts with you! What you did to Fuchen, I will return tenfold, no, a hundredfold!”

All three were startled, their faces grimacing.

Hei Wuji remained the shrewdest of them all, snorting, “Hmph! You say it’s disbanded, so it’s disbanded!? You still haven’t proved if you’ve stolen that Golden Seal or not! Your words don’t count!”

Xia Fei smiled, and then he replied harshly, “I knew that you scoundrels would try and deny it! Let me ask you, who was it that brought up the internal affairs of Unrestricted Sect just now!? Since you think that this is an internal conflict between us, that means you’ve accepted the existence of the Sectmaster’s Golden Seal!

“Trying to conspire against me? The person who can do that hasn’t been born yet!”

Basalt and company paled instantly.

They just didn’t understand Xia Fei. In terms of ploys, even the three of them together were no match for Xia Fei! In this life, Xia Fei was the only schemer here! No one had ever been able to scheme against Xia Fei!

All of this had been accounted for in the meticulous calculations in Xia Fei’s brain, everything interlinked!

When Basalt and the others had said that they were trying to resolve an internal dispute with Xia Fei, they had essentially admitted that Xia Fei was the Sectmaster, and admitted that the Golden Seal was real! Otherwise, how could it be an internal dispute?

Everyone present had heard it! Regret it? Too late!

Hei Wuji frowned, and then said grimly, “You lured us into a trap, and then you threw everything else aside and disbanded the Unrestricted Sect! Was this all so that you could kill us!?”

“Correct!” Xia Fei brazenly admitted, unleas.h.i.+ng all of his killing intent. “As I already said, anyone I want dead will die! I will attain this goal at any price!

“Kids, remember this! Whether it’s scheming or brutality, I’m your grand ancestor!”

Xia Fei stopped wasting breath on these accursed scoundrels, and lunged forward, swinging the fiendish blade Nirvana!

“This strike is because you disrespected your master!”


“For bullying Fuchen into even going underground, you must all die!”


“Fuchen cares about the Unrestricteds, but I don’t!”

Like a madman, Xia Fei swung again and again, being as ruthless as could be against his enemies! His blade was merciless, as was his tongue!

The Skywing Wolves naturally followed Xia Fei without a word! Xia Fei’s enemy was their enemy!

Moreover, Fuchen had helped the Skywings, and the Wolves were quite purehearted. When they heard that Fuchen had been driven out of his sect by these people, their hearts exploded in rage! The Skywings didn’t care about much else, but they did care about their brothers! They loathed thankless wretches like these the most!

Since they loathed them, there was no need to waste time on talk! Just kill them all!

Ulan led his four junior brothers into battle. Ulan used all his strength to control the Plant Divine weapon Bittervine Sky Entangler, at the same roaring, “I’ve hated you guys for ages! It feels so good fighting you! So good!”

Ulan truly was uneasy and remorseful about the loss of the Unrestricteds, but his heart was unconsciously beating faster and faster. Ulan was more than happy to take revenge for his best friend!

Sure enough, there was no construction without destruction! Once the great burden of the Unrestricted Sect had been put down, everything became simple: just kill! Ulan had never experienced such a refres.h.i.+ng feeling before.

The hermits of the Aurora Clan and the current experts of the clan led by Wistful Heizus were being very cautious. While they were strong, they simply ensured that their side held the upper hand, rather than unleas.h.i.+ng their ultimate attacks.

After all, it wasn’t just the Aurora Clan that had hermits. Other clans had them too, and while the hermits of the Aurora Clan had appeared, the hermits of the other clans were still in hiding. Wistful Clotho and the others weren’t using their full strength, partially because they wanted to feign weakness.

Even so, Xia Fei’s side still had the firm upper hand in this battle. The Unrestricted Spirit Sect had never had many people, and Xia Fei’s unreasonable words had struck fear in the hearts of the warriors behind Hei Wuji. Most of them had chosen not to fight, and some of them had directly fled down the mountain.

It had to be said that Xia Fei’s words were truly quite intimidating!

Everyone understood that the soft feared the hard, the hard feared the domineering, the domineering feared the unreasonable, and the unreasonable feared those who didn’t care for their lives!

Xia Fei was precisely that sort of reckless and ruthless fellow! Unless one had a deep hatred for them, who would dare to play with their lives by fighting against Xia Fei’s group?

As one side weakened and the other grew stronger, it was soon clear who was winning!

Fuchen had been a very formidable figure, producing two excellent disciples in Basalt and Lingxing, and there was also his senior brother, Hei Wuji. Anyone else would have long ago fallen to Xia Fei’s impressive encirclement.

Alas, the outcome was inevitable. It was only a matter of time until Xia Fei completely finished off the Unrestricted Spirit Sect!

Zesyr Night clutched Cloud Night’s arm grimly. There was no saving her now that Xia Fei had put on such a splendid show, and her gaze was growing more and more pa.s.sionate. Most women liked heroes, but it had to be said that a somewhat wicked and somewhat bad character like Xia Fei was also very welcome. A true proper gentleman would probably be too stiff for most girls, lacking in allure.

Xia Fei’s side had already killed half of the disciples and grand-disciples who had rebelled, and the rest had been forced into a corner and were barely holding on. Fuchen would probably be grief-stricken by the loss of his disciples and grand-disciples, but what did Xia Fei care? He had never much considered the feelings of others.

But just when the survivors of Unrestricted Spirit were about to break…

There was a ma.s.sive rumble, and an enormously powerful spirit energy descended like an iron wall, isolating Xia Fei from the Unrestricted Sect’s people.

This wasn’t an ordinary skill. This was spirit energy given color and form! How pure of an energy was required to make this!? Only a master among masters was capable of possessing such pure spirit energy!

“All of you, stop!”


A white-robed elder descended from the sky, his eyes clear and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a transcendent aura.

“Big Dipper!”

“It’s really Big Dipper! The Chairman of the Spiritualist a.s.sociation!”

“No way! Even Big Dipper is here! Now things are getting fun! If Big Dipper wants to protect Unrestricteds, even Xia Fei won’t be able to do anything!”

The crowd was buzzing with chatter. Big Dipper was renowned as the strongest Spiritualist! Only the strongest Dark Spiritualist, Master Nan Shazi, or Fuchen in his prime, would be able to contend against him. He was a legend of the Alpha Universe!

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