Starting With 3 S-Class Talents Chapter 507 - The Root Of Governance, Looking For A Solution

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Chapter 507 - The Root Of Governance, Looking For A Solution

Faced with Winnie's question, Vincent could only answer ambiguously, "Good, Mosen City is doing very well! Not only are there no casualties, but everyone is in good condition too. They are in high spirits and are very energetic!"

He did not want to tell Winnie and Benjamin that he had almost taken over the entire Mosen City. Not only will this affect Winnie and Benjamin's mood, but it might also affect their cooperation in the future.

Therefore, it was better to wait for them to go back and find out about the changes in Mosen City themselves.

After hearing what Vincent said, Winnie felt relieved. She nodded and said, "With you there, everything would definitely be fine. I was too worried!"

Vincent smiled awkwardly and quickly changed the topic. He said seriously, "The current situation is very troublesome. There is a Demon World array in the underground of Imperial City. It can convert any energy into the aura of the Demon World for Ramirez to improve his cultivation. Right now, Ramirez is merging with the Demon World array. He created this black fog through the array. If he is allowed to continue developing the array, this black fog will cover every corner of Elf World sooner or later. At that time, the real apocalypse will come!"

When Winnie and Benjamin heard this, they could not help but look at each other. They were the only two elves there. They were clearly more worried about the life and death of all the elves.

However, the two of them were also the only believers of Gajero in the crowd. Therefore, they were very confused.

If they wanted to prevent the apocalypse from coming, they would have to treat the demons as their enemies and go against their own belief. However, if they continued to maintain their beliefs, then they could only watch helplessly as the elves are slowly eliminated from Elf World.

Was survival more important, or was belief more important? This was a very difficult choice!

Winnie and Benjamin really wanted to express their stance at that moment, but they did not know what to say.

Vincent suddenly said, "And the current Ramirez looks very strange. He seems to be brewing a bigger conspiracy, always mentioning that he will control the entire Elf World arrogantly. He says that he will rise higher than the G.o.ds someday. Unfortunately, I do not understand the Demon World array, so I cannot find out what he is doing!"

When Winnie and Benjamin heard what Vincent said, they exclaimed almost simultaneously, "He's talking about the G.o.d of the World!"

Vincent raised his head to look at Winnie and Benjamin, and asked with a frown, "What is the G.o.d of the World?"

Winnie and Benjamin looked at each other. Benjamin said somewhat nervously, "Long before the demons entered Elf World, when the elves still believed in the Seven Great Elf Kings, there were records in the ancient books stating that the Seven Great Elf Kings were the main G.o.ds who maintained world order and protected the elves. However, there was still a G.o.d above the Seven Great Elf Kings. He was known as the G.o.d of the World, the one who created the Elf Race and the entire Elf World!"

Benjamin continued, "Legend has it that after the G.o.d of the World created the Elf Race, he transformed his own body and blood into the Origin Divine Earth to provide land and energy for the entire world to operate. The Origin Divine Tree was once regarded as the emissary of the G.o.d of the World. Every elf who saw the Origin Divine Tree would praise the G.o.d of the World with incomparable devotion. It could be considered as accepting the gifts from the G.o.d of the World. However, after the elves change their faith, many books that recorded the myths of the Elf Race were completely lost. The legend of the G.o.d of the World was rarely known!"

Vincent could not help but ask in surprise, "Since this secret is rarely known, how did the two of you know about it?"

Benjamin said with a face full of shame, "The two of us once did a secret mission for the Demon Race. The mission was to deliver an ancient book that was sealed in the underground of Mosen City to Imperial City. Back then, we read part of it out of curiosity. It contained the records of the G.o.d of the World. That book also recorded that if one day, the land of the Elf Race was completely refined, then the world of the Elf Race would collapse. The G.o.d of the World would wake up from the destruction of the Elf Race and be reborn from the destruction. A new elf will then be created!"

Vincent's eyes widened when he heard that. At that moment, he finally understood what Ramirez was doing!

Vincent said angrily, "Ramirez, that b*stard. He wants to use the array set up by Gajero to refine the land of the elves and bind himself to it. He wants to return as the G.o.d of the World and use a higher divine spark to replace the dark divine spark that he had originally fused with!"

Winnie and Benjamin felt as though they had been struck by lightning. Their faces were filled with shame because they were equivalent to murderers. They had indirectly harmed the entire Elf Race!

At that moment, Ebenezer suddenly asked, "Master, since you have already discovered Ramirez's conspiracy, can you use the power of modification to reverse or stop the array that he fused with?"

When Winnie and Benjamin heard this, they looked at Vincent with antic.i.p.ation. If Vincent could do it, then he would be able to wash away their sins!

Vincent shook his head with a serious expression and said, "The array was personally built by Gajero. Only a level 85 creature is able to break it. It is impossible to stop Ramirez just by using the power of modification!"

When Winnie and Benjamin heard this, they felt as though they were struck by lightning and lowered their heads silently again.

Avril suggested, "If we can't stop Ramirez, then we might as well tear down Imperial City and force Ramirez to take the initiative to break away from the array and fight us!"

Vincent shook his head again and said, "I have personally appeared in front of him, but he has no reaction at all. He is bent on becoming one with the array! It seems that he is determined to be a coward this time. Let alone tearing down Imperial City, even if we dig him out of the ground along with the Demon World array, he would still operate the array quietly in front of everyone!"

Angelina also suggested, "Then can we throw Ramirez out of the Elf World together with the Demon World array?"

Vincent let out a long sigh, "The Demon World array is bound to the elf land. Earlier, we said that we wanted to dig the array out of the ground in a moment of anger. However, we can't do it at all! Ramirez is like a parasite forcefully binding himself together with the Elf World. As long as we are unwilling to destroy this world, we can't do anything to him. We can only watch him erode this world step by step and eventually replace it!"

Winnie sighed in despair, "Then what should we do? Are we just going to wait for the end to come?"

Everyone could not help but lower their heads when they heard that, and the atmosphere turned bleak.

At that moment, Vincent suddenly raised his head to look at Winnie and Benjamin. His tone was grave as he asked, "In the ancient books that you have seen before, are there any other contents? For example, how to remove the power of the G.o.d of the World whose vision has polluted the world?"

Winnie and Benjamin were stunned when they heard that. They shook their heads with even more self-reproach.

"At that time, out of respect for our faith, we only browsed through a small portion of the contents and did not read any further!"

Vincent immediately turned to look at Imperial City when he heard that. He said in a low voice, "Everyone, follow me into Imperial City. I will deal with the black fog inside, and you will be responsible for finding the ancient books related to the Elf Race!"

Everyone agreed and replied, "Yes!"

At that moment, regardless of whether the plan was useful or whether there was a solution to the problem in the ancient books, everyone had to try their best. After all, this was the last hope of saving the Elf Race!

Vincent took the Cup of Fate and rushed into Imperial City. Not long after, he managed to completely absorb the dense black fog above Imperial City.

Winnie and the others then entered Imperial City and began to search around the palace. They were looking for the whereabouts of the ancient book.

Vincent controlled the Cup of Fate. He was constantly moving around the city, absorbing every wisp of black fog that seeped out from the ground.

It was not until an entire day later that Winnie and the others walked out of the palace dejectedly. They looked at Vincent with tears on their faces. They blamed themselves and said, "I'm sorry, we didn't find anything. Looks like there's no way to stop Ramirez!"

Vincent turned to look at Avril and the rest.

Avril nodded solemnly and said, "We've already demolished the entire palace, but we couldn't find anything related to the ancient books. There's really nothing!"

When Vincent saw this, not only did he not show despair, but he also laughed happily.

"Great, looks like we have hope!"


Everyone raised their heads and looked at Vincent in surprise.

Whether it was Winnie, Benjamin, or Avril and Angelina who knew Vincent, they did not know why he was laughing.

Vincent said with confidence, "Whether there is a solution to the problem in the ancient book is just a guess of mine. It is not true. If Ramirez threw the ancient book away after he obtained the method to become the G.o.d of the World, it shows that his plan is unsolvable. We do not have the ability to change it. However, we have not found the whereabouts of the ancient book. This means that the ancient book was either destroyed by Ramirez or carried by him. Either way, it shows that the ancient book is so important that he did not dare to leave it behind. This also proves that there is indeed a way to stop him!"

Everyone's eyes lit up when they heard that. However, they still remained silent for a while.

Winnie sighed helplessly, "But the Orthodox history of the Elves has been cut off for so long, where can we find a second ancient book?"

She was very much in agreement with Vincent's train of thought, but the problem at hand was still there. Even if it proved that Ramirez's plan had a weakness, everyone still lacked the means to obtain information.

Nevertheless, Vincent still smiled confidently.

Angelina suddenly thought of something and said, "There's still a way! Because the inheritance of the Seven Great Elf Kings has never been cut off. Those believers who always believe in the Seven Great Elf Kings might still be carrying those ancient books!"

Vincent nodded and said, "That's right! As far as I know, other than the elves who came to support Devil Flame City and Serene Spring City, there are still a small number of elves who continued to stay in the Tias Mountain Range. They must have a more comprehensive understanding of the history of the Elf Race. And there is one elf who knows how to find them!"

Everyone became excited. They thought of the elf and replied in unison, "Horace!"

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