Starting With 3 S-Class Talents Chapter 545: Night Exploration of the Treasure Trove, Shocking Discovery

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Chapter 545: Night Exploration of the Treasure Trove, Shocking Discovery

Vincent looked at the figure blocking his path. He did not feel surprised at all. He smiled and asked, "I just killed a few lackeys who worked for the third prince. Is the third prince still willing to see me?"

The Phantom blocking Vincent's path looked at him with an expressionless face. He said in a deep voice, "The third prince saw every move you made previously! He ordered that according to the rules of the Human Race, one must show tolerance to others so that they can subdue all the talents in the world!"

Vincent sighed softly and smiled meaningfully, "Tolerance? The third prince's idea is really amazing!"

Vincent had always regarded the Phantom Race as the biggest threat to the Human Race. This was because the Phantom Race's ability was strange and their way of doing things was very sneaky, making it difficult for others to resist them.

The Demon Race, on the other hand, only knew how to invade.

However, the reason why Vincent did not think of a way to destroy the Phantom Race was that they could only replicate the Human Race's appearances and not their history and heritage.

Measurement, temperament, and perseverance were all unique labels of the Human Race.

However, it seemed that there was actually a Phantom that could imitate the Human Race on a higher level.

Vincent instantly felt a strong sense of danger. No matter what happens, the third prince had to be eliminated!

After making up his mind, Vincent said to the Phantom in front of him with a smile, "Then I'll have to trouble you to lead the way. We want to see the third prince!"

Kurt naturally did not have any objections. He nodded slightly in agreement.

The Phantom that was blocking the way still had no expression on his face. He just calmly turned around and walked toward the city gate.

Vincent and Kurt followed behind the Phantom full of curiosity. They could not help but wonder where the third prince was.

When the three of them reached the city gate, the Phantom suddenly stopped and tapped on the city wall.

The city wall then slowly opened, revealing a secret door that was as tall as a person. Vincent, who was following behind them, could not help but click his tongue in wonder.

The cities of the Human Race were only built to resist the invasion of the Black Hole monsters. Naturally, they had to be st.u.r.dy and reliable. It was impossible for the city wall to have any hidden mechanisms installed inside.

Since the Phantoms were imitating the humans, how could they have set up traps inside the city walls?

The Phantom who was leading the way turned his head and warned, "Follow me!"

He then took the lead and walked into the secret door.

Vincent signaled Kurt to be careful using his eyes and followed the Phantom into the secret door.

After pa.s.sing through a long and winding tunnel, Vincent finally entered a room. The bright fire lit up an extremely s.p.a.cious secret room.

There were tables and chairs commonly used by the Human Race in the room. At this time, a man who looked exactly like Vincent was sitting in the room.

"Justin, Kurt! Your performance today has successfully attracted my attention. I wonder if you two would like to seize the opportunity to become stronger?"

Vincent revealed an excited expression. He asked greedily, "Are you the third prince? I wonder what you mean by becoming stronger?"

"Of course, it's to submit to me, the third prince, Jerome of the Phantom Race! With my protection, the two of you can relax and cultivate without restraint. You can devour as many experts as you want. No one in the entire Phantom Race would dare to say anything!"

Vincent's pupils trembled slightly. He finally understood how the Phantoms became stronger. They were all cannibals who devoured each other for more power.

It was no wonder that no one was suspicious of Kurt when he swallowed the Phantom in the arena. On the contrary, he even attracted the envy of countless Phantoms!

From the looks of it, the entire Phantom Race seemed to be a very powerful ent.i.ty. All these clones had inherited some kind of power from the main body. Some were strong, some were weak, and some had their own independent consciousness.

Through devouring, the clones could slowly merge together. In the end, the entire Phantom Race could once again gather into a complete and extremely powerful ent.i.ty.

Vincent was able to grasp the secrets of the Phantom Race in only a short period of time. It is likely that the Phantom Race must have already grasped this common knowledge.

Up until now, the Phantom Race is still made up of countless Phantoms. Perhaps it was because a portion of the powerful clones was unwilling to wipe out their own consciousness, or perhaps it was because some of the Phantoms were still unstable, and devouring would only lead to disasters. Therefore, they set a rule that they could not easily devour each other.

Only a small number of Phantoms who held power could use such an efficient training method. Therefore, the conditions that the third prince offered Vincent and Kurt were truly a privilege. He had offered to them free training and the protection of the royal family.

After seeing Vincent hesitating for a long time, Jerome could not help but frown and ask unhappily, "What, the two of you are not willing?"

After noticing Jerome's mood, the Phantom that led the way earlier spread his arms and gave off an incomparably terrifying aura. He stared at the back of Vincent and Kurt like a tiger eyeing its prey.

"Level 60 creature!"

Vincent immediately sensed the danger coming from behind him. At the same time, he could not help but feel even more surprised at the strength of the Phantom.

A level 60 creature could only become a subordinate of the third prince. It could be seen that his status within the Phantom Race was not too high. Vincent did not dare to imagine the true strength of the Phantoms.

Vincent quickly cupped his hands and said to Jerome, "Please rest a.s.sured, Your Highness. We are willing to follow you!"

Vincent was secretly observing the entire room. He was thinking if he could use the Cosmic Threads to suddenly launch an attack, and whether he could instantly control Jerome and the level 60 Phantom behind him.

However, after some thought and consideration, Vincent temporarily gave up the urge to attack. This was because he had always felt like there was an even more terrifying and hidden aura in this dark room.

Before he was certain of the number of opponents in the room, Vincent did not want to reveal his ident.i.ty. He could only stay there patiently and wait for Gajero's arrival.

After hearing Vincent's answer, Jerome immediately perked up. He then laughed loudly and said, "Good! As long as the two of you sincerely pledge your loyalty to me, I can let the two of you display your talents to the extreme. I can also let go of the subordinates that were killed by you previously. Moreover, I will give the two of you even more rewards! As long as you have talent and strength, you can immediately exchange for corresponding benefits from me!"

Jerome then clapped his hands. The wall behind him opened once again. At the same time, a dazzling light instantly lit up from behind him, piercing so much that Vincent and Kurt could not open their eyes at all.

Vincent tried his best to avoid the blinding light.

First of all, he did not expect there to be another secret room. He did not dare to imagine how many rooms there actually were. Could it be that the entire city wall had been hollowed out?

What shocked Vincent, even more, was that the dazzling light did not come from magic or special abilities, but the purest aura of jewels!

As a high-level race, the Phantom Race too had a hobby of collecting treasures. This greatly exceeded Vincent's expectations.

After his eyes gradually adapted to the light in the dark room, Vincent put down his hands and looked up at the s.p.a.ce behind Jerome to confirm his previous judgment.

Behind Jerome, there was a tall mountain made of gold and jewelry.

Even when Vincent was collecting treasures for the Dragon Race back in the capital of Ultimate Evil, he had never seen so many treasures!

When Vincent looked at the gold mountain carefully, he suddenly frowned because he realized that the gold mountain was made up of ancient gold coins from the Human Race. It seemed that the Phantom Race had begun to steal from the humans!

Jerome looked at Vincent's expression as he stared at the gold mountain. He said with great satisfaction, "These are the treasures the infiltration team brought back from the Human World. They have now become the common currency of our Phantom Race. When we conquer the Human Race in the future, these gold coins will also be our bargaining chips to buy things in the Human Race! With them, you two can live a luxurious life that you have never enjoyed before. Since you two have pledged your loyalty to me, you can take as much as you want!"

Vincent looked away and asked Jerome, "As much as I can take?"

Jerome nodded calmly and said, "I have dozens of storage rooms like this. Even if you two can empty this place, I won't go back on my word! This is the reward you two deserve after pledging your loyalty to me!"

Vincent nodded and said to Kurt beside him, "Pack as much as you can!"

After Kurt heard Vincent's order, he strode forward and took a deep breath.

As Kurt's chest gradually expanded, he used a huge suction force to suck the countless gold coins into his mouth. Kurt's stomach was like a bottomless pit. In the blink of an eye, he had already swallowed half of the gold mountain, but he did not seem like he was stopping anytime soon.

Vincent also walked forward. He raised his storage ring and put away all the jewelry surrounding the gold mountain.

In the blink of an eye, the room became dark again. Only Jerome and his men looked at Vincent and Kurt with an awkward expression.

Jerome quickly put on a smile and said to Vincent and Kurt crazily, "It seems that the two of you have been through a lot. You are so greedy when it comes to wealth. However, I admire your greed. As long as you listen to me, I will make you even more greedy!"

Vincent looked at Jerome and also smiled.

He originally wanted to find an opportunity to kill the third Prince of the Phantom Race to avoid trouble. However, he changed his mind because he wanted to get all the treasures in Jerome's hands!

Vincent, who was destined to deal with all the races in the Black Hole for the sake of the Human Race, did not care about wealth and jewelry. However, when he saw the gold mountain earlier, he suddenly thought of an old friend, the fire dragon that slept on a pile of gold coins every day!

At the same time, Vincent had also come up with a full plan in his mind. It was a foolproof plan that could solve all the current problems involving Gajero and the Phantom Race at the same time!

Vincent looked at Jerome and asked curiously, "His Highness has given us so many benefits. I wonder what His Highness wants us to do for him?"

Jerome nodded and said somewhat arrogantly, "That's right. You've taken my benefits but you still know that you need to work for me. This proves that you haven't been blinded by greed. What I want you to do is very simple. You need to devour all the opponents above level 40 that you encounter next. Don't leave anyone alive!"

Vincent raised his eyebrows slightly and pretended to be surprised. He asked, "Your Highness wants us to eliminate all the experts partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion? But why don't you try to take them all under your command? Instead, you want us to kill the others?"

The third prince frowned slightly, and a hint of anger appeared in his eyes. Although he had already restrained himself, he still revealed strong killing intent.

Vincent stood on the spot without moving, quietly sizing up Jerome. He deliberately challenged Jerome's bottom line. He wanted to find out his true strength from his anger.

Vincent secretly heaved a sigh of relief because he discovered that the third prince only had the strength of a level 60 creature. He was not as powerful as Vincent had imagined.

If it really came to this, Vincent believed that he and Kurt would be able to deal with all the trouble that arose.

Jerome, who had been triggered by Vincent, once again displayed his unfathomable shrewdness. He suppressed the anger and killing intent in his heart and said to Vincent in a deep voice, "This city is my big brother's sphere of influence. This academy compet.i.tion simulates the Human Race. It was specially organized by him to select elites and expand his influence! The reason why I chose the two of you is not only because you two have the ability to destroy the compet.i.tion, but more importantly, both of you are outsiders. You haven't pledged your loyalty to my big brother in advance. Do you understand now?"

Vincent nodded and said with a smile, "Thank you, Your Highness, for answering my questions. Now that I understand the reason, I won't have any more worries. Your Highness, you can just watch our performance from now on!"

Jerome saw that Vincent did not show any fear. He could not help but show appreciation toward Vincent. He then said to the Phantom behind him, "Send the two of them out!"

The Phantom guard lowered his head and responded, "Yes!"

He then gestured for Vincent and Kurt to leave.

Vincent cupped his fists tactfully and saluted Jerome. He then left the secret pa.s.sage with Kurt.

After Vincent and Kurt had left the room completely, Jerome looked at the empty secret room in front of him and asked softly, "Sir Ian, what do you think of these two individuals?"

An old voice suddenly echoed, "Greedy and fearless. They are fools who only know how to chase after benefits despite having an enviable fortuitous encounter and extraordinary talent!"

If Vincent was still in the dark room, he would definitely be able to recognize this old voice. It was the voice that had spoken in the arena earlier!

After hearing this simple evaluation, Jerome was not disappointed. Instead, he replied happily, "Aren't such individuals suitable to be my chess pieces? Although their greed is beyond my imagination, one day, they will not have any value. At that time, I will definitely take back all the wealth that they took from me!"

"Your Highness has displayed an extraordinary ability. I am very pleased! But Your Highness must continue to bear with it and never reveal your ambition early!"

Jerome showed a proud smile and said confidently, "Don't worry, Sir Ian. I am only a chess player who plays chess in secret now. I will not get up on stage until the last moment!"

"I'm relieved to hear Your Highness say so!"

The old voice disappeared immediately, and the entire dark room fell into silence once again.

Vincent, who had returned to the city, strolled along the street with Kurt. He was in a good mood as he looked at the shops on both sides of the street.

Kurt looked around vigilantly and reminded Vincent in a low voice, "Mr. Vincent, there seems to be someone following us in the dark. Should we think of a way to get rid of them all?"

Vincent shook his head, smiled, and said, "No need. No matter who wants to follow us, let them continue to follow us! Now we only need to act as two nouveau riche who suddenly got a huge sum of money and enjoy ourselves to our heart's content. We'll only act at night!"

Kurt nodded and took the initiative to say, "Then I'll first determine the location of the individuals following us and wait until night to take them down in one fell swoop!"

Vincent shook his head again and said, "Don't always focus on those small characters behind us. We're going to do something big tonight!"

Kurt asked with a puzzled face, "What big thing?"

"You'll know when the time comes!" said Vincent.

Vincent deliberately kept him in suspense. He then pulled Kurt into a hotel, took out a few gold coins, and booked two luxurious rooms.

Late at night, Kurt, who was sitting quietly in the room, saw a door suddenly open on the wall in front of him.

Vincent strolled out.

Kurt stood up and asked again, "Mr. Vincent, what are we going to do?"

Vincent showed excitement and said with a bit of madness, "Didn't you hear what Jerome said during the day? He still has dozens of storage rooms! Of course, we have to empty all of them overnight!"

Kurt was stunned when he heard that. He did not expect Vincent to be interested in things that could only s.h.i.+ne. They were not even considered as basic materials. He followed Vincent into the s.p.a.ce tunnel with a puzzled face. They then walked all the way to the city gate.

"This is it! I want to see how much s.p.a.ce there is in this city wall!" said Vincent expectantly.

He then raised his hand and continued to open up the s.p.a.ce in front of him, leading Kurt into the inner part of the city wall.

However, what happened next shocked Vincent greatly, because there was no longer any s.p.a.ce in the city wall at this time. Even the secret pa.s.sage that they had walked through during the day no longer existed.

What appeared in front of them was not the bricks and stones that built the city wall, but the endless transparent mucus that was constantly squirming!

Kurt looked around and asked in surprise, "What is this thing? Why is it different from what we saw during the day?"

Vincent looked around carefully and muttered, "So this city was actually transformed by an even more powerful Phantom! We should be in his stomach right now!"

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